Original SWAT Kats Story


By Burst

  • 5 Chapters
  • 5,902 Words

Crime in Megakat City has gone down. A normal day passes and, at sunset, the whole planet is turned upside down. A horrifying broadcast sends the Earth into total chaos.

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Author's Notes:

Summary: A new space station called O.G.E.C. ((pronounced Ojec)) is operational and Dark Kat has gotten control of it. A space cannon capable of annihilating an entire city is part of its primary design. Can the SWAT Kats stop Dark Kat?

Author’s note: This is a multi chapter story. Please E-Mail me at: BurstSK@aol.com with *ANY* suggestions or comments. Even if it’s negative comments… I need all the help I can get…

Chapter 1

Command Established

It was a calm day in Megakat City. The sun was setting, causing the sky to turn a bright orange. A lone burly kat was sitting atop a mass of junk. He sighed, thinking how boring the last month had been. Crime was down. He was happy no one had been endangered.

“Chance??!! Where are ya, buddy??” came the voice of his long time friend and partner Jake Clawson.

Chance turned and looked behind him. “I’m right here!” he yelled, seeing his friend. He hopped down to greet him. “Well, yer back early!” he said, patting his friend on the back and causing him to drop one of the grocery bags he was holding. Chance’s face turned red. “Oops..” he said as he grabbed the bag.

“Yeah, it was weird… almost no traffic,” Jake replied as the two walked back to the garage.

Chance sat the bag on a counter. As he unloaded it, he thought what to make. “Hmm, how ’bout pizza?” he asked his partner, who was shoving a six pack of milk into the fridge.

Jake looked up. “Uhhh… sure! Sounds good. This time I remembered the peppers.”

Chance smirked. “Alright! This’ll be good.” He began to search cupboards for pizza ingredients. __________________________________________________________________

Dark Kat loomed over his Creeplings grinning at the Earth below. “Soon I will have it all…very soon..” He laughed evilly as his Creepling laughed along with him. He sat at the head of what looked like a spacecraft. “Hard Drive!!!? Get up here now!!!” he yelled into an intercom. Dark Kat chuckled, imagining himself as ruler of an entire planet.

Hard Drive’s ears perked at the deep voice. “Yes sir??” he said into an intercom on a watch.

Dark Kat’s voice immediately replied, “Get up here!!! I am about to announce my plans…”

Hard Drive sighed and zipped towards the deck.


Chance brought the pizza into the living room. “Here we go!” He set it down on the table and turned on a Scardey Kat marathon that was starting. He smirked as he sat watching. Just as he put the pizza in his mouth, the T.V. began to get staticy.

“Hey!!What the??”He yelled as the image changed from a Kat being blown up to a dark, ghastly image.

Jake’s mouth dropped. “Oh my God…” were the only words that came to him.

The pizza dropped from Chance’s hand as he saw the image of Dark Kat standing in front of the Earth.

“What’s that psycho up to now??!!” Chance yelled at the image.


Dark Kat grinned as he stated his plan. “I am Dark Kat. I have constantly attempted to destroy Megakat City. However, all my plans have failed due to intervention by the SWAT Kats!!” he roared as he smirked. “Now.. the whole Earth is mine. I can destroy anything that stands in my way. SWAT Kats, I dare you to attempt to stop me.”

He turned and nodded to Hard Drive. Hard Drive pressed a few keys and the view switched to an outer camera.

Dark Kat began again. “I now have control of the space cannon O.G.E.C. It is equipped with an Orbital Gravity Enhancement Cannon or O.G.E.C. for short.” The view switched to a forest in North America. Dark Kat’s evil voice was heard again. “This is a sample of its power…. Hard Drive!! Fire the cannon!!!!”

Suddenly, a blinding crimson light filled the sky. In an instant, the forest was hit by the crimson laser. The forest was annihilated. There was a huge crater where the forest had been.

The screen switched back to Dark Kat. “I now rule the Earth. Anyone who stands against me shall be destroyed.”

The screen faded to Scardey Kat.

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