Original SWAT Kats Story

MegaKat City’s Sailor Scouts

By Brittany (Bri Bri)

  • 3 Chapters
  • 10,019 Words

(Unfinished) The SWAT Kats thought that they were the only ones that can protect MegaKat City. But they were wrong. They meet five pretty suited soldiers, the Sailor Scouts.

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Author's Notes:

This story places the SK girls in the roles of the Sailor Scouts, with Callie as Sailor Moon.

Makes sense if you have seen Sailor Moon, but not as much if you haven’t.

(Would make cute fan art, I think… ~Barbara)

Chapter 1

“Hold on!” Sailor Jupiter said as she ran over to the two stuck cats.  “Scouts, keep that thing busy!”

“Right!” the others said as they kept the thing busy.

Sailor Jupiter looked at her pals covered in goo.

“Uh, how do I get you two out?” she asked.

“I don’t know!” Sailor Moon answered, annoyed.

“OK, um, Jupiter Thunder…”

“NOOO!” Sailor Moon screamed.

“Why not?” Razor asked.

“Do you want to be a electrocuted French fry?”


“I have proven my point.  Jupiter, why don’t pull us out?”

“OK,” Sailor Jupiter agreed.  She reached for Razor’s hand and she took it.  She started to pull hard.  “Geez, why kind of crud is this?”

About five seconds, she got the cat out.

“You OK?” she asked.

He nodded.

“OK, now let’s get Sailor Moon.”

They both grabbed her hand pulled hard.  Sailor Moon was started slip out of the goo.  After two seconds, she was free.

“That was disgusting!” Sailor Moon complained as she got the excess goo off her.

“You alright?” Razor asked.  He noticed that she looked like she was in pain.

“Yeah.  I’m fine, but that ugly thing isn’t,” she replied as put out her hand and a scepter with a heart appeared.  “Girls!  You better move unless you want to be moon dusted!” she warned them.

They all heard her warning, and they jumped out of the way.

The monster looked at Sailor Moon and wondered what she was going to do.

“Moon Spiral, Heart Attack!” she shouted.

A huge heart came towards the monster, and the heart smashed right through the creature. The monster screamed in pain as it turned to dust.

Sailor Moon put down her arm and signaled the girls to go.

“Come on,” she said.  “We better get home.”

“Hey wait,” Razor called.  He put his hand out for her to stop.

She paused and looked at him.

“Who are you?”

No answer.

“How long have you’ve been here?”

“I thought you already knew my name,” she said.

“Well, I meant your real name,” he said.

“That you don’t need to know.  And, I have been living here.”

“Why didn’t you ever help us before?” T-Bone asked as walked towards them.

“Those weak villains are not our concern.  Our job is the Nega-Verse, not yours,” she said.  “Besides, where would you guys be if we start fighting?”

She turned around and left.  The girls followed.

“Callie, I thought I would never hear you talk so mean to the SWAT Kats,” Callisto gasped.

They were too far away for the SWAT Kats to hear.

“Yeah, I know, Cal, that was pretty rude.  And, you are always nice to them,” Ann said.

Callie looked at everyone else and they too had the same look saying, ‘I have never heard you talk to them like that before.’

“The reason I was so rude to them because I didn’t want them to get suspicions who I really am,” she said.

But, she had wished she had never have been so rude to them.

“Why, they still wouldn’t know who you are,” Felina said.

“Razor said I looked familiar and he felt he knew me,” Callie said. “So, I decided to act like someone else so they wouldn’t think that Callie Briggs is Sailor Moon.” she explained.

“Well, I still think that was rude,” Laura said.

Everyone else nodded.

“Yeah I know,” she said.  “Hey, we better get back home.  Knowing the SWAT Kats, they will be at my door since the fight was right next to my apartment.”

“OK bye” they all said as Callie ran off.

* * *

“Can you believe that Sailor Moon?” T-Bone asked.  “She was pretty mean.”

“I think there was a reason why she acted that way,” Razor spoke his mind.

They were walking up the stairs to see Callie.

“What do you mean?” T-Bone asked.

“Well, I said she looked familiar and by the expression on her face, she was worried.”

“Worried about what?”

“I don’t know.  Like she was worried that I would find out something.  Like who she is?”

“There is a reason for her rudeness.”

* * *

Callie looked up at her window.  It was pretty high up.

“Here goes nothing,” she said to herself.

She bent her knees and her head was up concentrating on her target, her window.  Then, in five seconds, she leaped up to her window.  She reached it and grabbed the edge.  She would have fallen, but she kept a good grip on the edge.

She pulled herself up. She opened her window and went through.  She fell on the floor.  She quickly got up.

She shut her eyes and concentrated on the uniform.

Then her uniform faded away, and she was back into her normal clothes. She had a hard time seeing because she couldn’t find her glasses.

She cautiously looked for her purse.  She found her purse quick.  She put her brooch in her purse.

She jumped at the sound of her door knock.

She ran to it (almost tripping) and opened it.

It was T-Bone and Razor.

“Hey, Cal,” they greeted her.

“Hey. I saw you guys fight that person out from my window,” she said.

“You did?” T-Bone asked.

“Yeah, well, sort of.  I couldn’t find my glasses at the moment.”

“You find them, yet?” Razor asked.

“No,” she said.

I wonder where I put them anyway, she wondered.

She didn’t need her glasses because, when she was transformed, the uniform allows her to see.

Uh oh, I must of left them at the park, she thought.

“You need help finding them?” T-Bone asked.

“Uh, sure,” she said as she allowed them in.

They walked past her.

They could find my extra pair of glasses, she thought.

She followed them and then she tripped on something.  She stumbled a little bit.

The guys turned around.

“Are you OK?” Razor asked.  As he walked over to her and took her hand, he started to guide her to the nearest chair.

“Yeah, what did I just trip on?” she asked as she was guided to sit down.

“A shoe.”

“Oh.  If the room is a mess, I apologize,” she said.

“Nope, the room is clean.” T-Bone said as he looked for her glasses.

Razor started looking too.  “Found them.”  He walked over to Callie and put the glasses on her.

Callie’s blurred vision was changed to crystal clear once her glasses were on.

“Oh thanks.  That is a lot better,” she thanked them.  She stood up.  “Hey, I thought I saw five other people with you on the street.  Who were they?”

“These girls that actually fought the monster,” T-bone answered.  “But, the leader Sailor Moon was really rude.”

“But, she may have her reasons,” Razor added.

“You think?” she asked.

“Yeah, she was shocked when I told her that she looked familiar.  And, I also noticed she didn’t look like she liked what she was doing,” Razor said.

“Huh?” the other two asked.

“When she was fighting, she looked like she didn’t want to fight.  I don’t know, like she had no choice.”

Whoa he’s fast, Callie thought, amazed.

“That may be it.  Why don’t you ask her if you ever see her again,” she suggested.

What am I doing?! Oh great, Cal girl!  Now when they see you again, they are going to ask questions, she yelled to herself in her mind.

“Maybe we should,” Razor agreed.

Great! Well it’s too late to change that plan, she said in her mind again.

“Well, we better go.  See ya, Callie.”

“Bye,” T-Bone said.

“Bye,” she said to them as they walked out the door.

When the door shut, Callie walked to her bed and plopped on it.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid,” she growled to herself with her face in her pillow.

She got up and picked up her transmitter.  She turned it on.

“Hey,” Ann greeted as her image came to her screen.  “What do you need, Cal?”

“Hey, Ann?” Callie started.  “You left your purse at the park, right?”


“Well, can you pick up my glasses and take them with you at your house?  I’ll pick them up at your place tomorrow.”

“Uh sure.”


“No problem.” Her image disappeared.

Callie put down her transmitter and she looked at the window.

She saw the Turbo Kat fly off.

“Sorry,” Callie said quietly.  “Sorry, that I was rude and I never told you two my secret.  And, sorry for not helping you when you were in danger and when I could’ve helped.  And, Razor, you were right, I had no choice.  Sorry.”

*    *    *

Callie looked out the window and gazed at the full moon.  It was all tinted light blue.

I wonder why I can’t transform and fight here?  I can always help the SWAT Kats in their battles, she wondered.

Then she finally remembered that she had no business fighting weak villains.  She doesn’t have to since the SWAT Kats fight them.

And besides, my job is the NegaVerse.  I have to protect the world from them, she said to herself in her mind.

She took her eyes off the moon and stared at the street.  She gasped at the sight of a strange creature in the street.  It looked like a cat, but she had a feeling it wasn’t.

Then she jumped at the sound of her phone ringing.  She walked over to it and answered it.

“Hello?” Callie greeted.

“Callie, there is major trouble here.”  It was Felina’s voice.

“Yeah, I know. And, I don’t have an it’s one of the SWAT Kats’ enemies.” Callie told her.

“I have the same vibe too.  I believe it’s the NegaVerse.  They’ve came back for another fight.”

“Call the other scouts and tell them we will meet them at the park.  I’ll call Sailor Venus.  OK?”

“K, bye.”

“Bye.” Callie hung up the phone.  And reached for her transmitter in her purse.

She found the SWAT Kats’.  But, it wasn’t it.

Then she finally found it.  It looked like a watch, but it had a small screen and there was yellow crescent on the top.

She talked into it, “Callisto, you there?  Callisto?”

Then Callisto’s face appeared in the screen.  She looked exactly like Callie, but she had a beauty mark and her hair was straighter and she had no glasses.

“Yes, Callie, I am here.  What did call for?” she asked.

“We need you in the present here.  The NegaVerse is here.” Callie told her.

“Alright, where are we meeting?”

“The park.”

“OK, be right there.” The screen turned blank.

Then Callie ran over to her dresser and opened the top door.  She pulled out a red heart-shaped brooch with golden wings and a golden crescent in the middle.

She took her jacket off her bed, which Jake and Chance got her for Christmas.  It was a black leather jacket.  She put it on and she ran out the door of her apartment.

After ten minutes, she was finally at the park.

And, there were the others, Ann Gora, Felina Feral, and the Professor from the museum.

Callie joined her friends.

“Can you believe that the NegaVerse is back?” she asked with a little bit of annoyance in her voice.

“I know the feeling,” Callisto’s voice spoke.  Then a light shone brightly and a figure walked out.  Callisto was in her medieval dress.  “I like the peace and quiet.”

“And, I like the normal life too,” Ann spoke. She was wearing jeans and a white T-shirt.  “I really wish that they could give up.”

“Yeah, but we had our break, and now it’s back to fighting,” the Professor Laura spoke (I forgot the name to the professor so I made up one!  Sorry!). She looked tired and she gave the look that she wanted to go back to bed.

“We are going have to get used to it,” Felina said.  “We won’t be getting much sleep since we have to fight and we have to hold our jobs.”

Everyone groaned at the word ‘job.’  It was true, now they have to fight and still attend to work so that no one can get suspicious.

“Well,” Callie spoke.  “It’s time to transform and kick some Nega-creep butt.  Ready?”

“Yeah!” they all agreed.

They all raised their hand.

“Moon Cosmic Power!” Callie shouted.

“Venus Star Power!” Callisto shouted.

“Mercury Star Power!” Ann shouted.

“Mars Star Power!” Felina shouted.

“Jupiter Star Power!” Laura shouted.

With lights surrounding them and glowing ribbons covering them.  Less than a minute, they were all transformed into Sailor Scouts!  (Everyone should know what the uniforms look like)

“Well, where should we start looking?”

“Main Street,” Callie answered.  “I saw some strange creatures going past my apartment.”

“You saw them?” they all asked.

“What did they look like?” asked Ann.

“I’ll tell you on the way there,” she said.

* * *

In the sky…

“Boy, it’s sure a great night,” Razor said as he looked at the moon.  He and T-Bone were taking the Turbo Kat for a test drive.

“Razor, why are you spacing out at the moon?” T-Bone asked while he was driving the jet.

“I don’t know.  I just never saw the moon so big before.  Once I had a dream that the moon was huge just like this and a pretty girl was standing in front of it. T-Bone, I wish you could’ve seen her.  She was beautiful.  She had this long blonde hair up in two buns and there were big strands of hair going down from each side.  And, she was wearing this long white dress,” Razor responded basically to himself.

“Um, OK?” He heard the trouble radar beeping.  “Razor, bud, continue thinking about your moon princess later.  There is trouble around Main Street.”

Razor snaps back to reality.  “Huh? Oh right. Let’s go.”

They drove off to Main Street.

Five minutes later, T-Bone and Razor put the Turbo Kat on top of an apartment.

They were in the middle of the abandoned road searching for the problem.

“T-Bone, do you see anything?” Razor asked as he looked at the left side of the road.

He waited for T-Bone’s answer.

“Nope, there’s nothing,”  he said as walked over to Razor.  “Might as well…” he paused.

Then there was a strange laugh.  It sounded like a pet cat.

“Who’s there?” T-Bone demanded as he got his mechanical glove ready for action.

Razor did the same.  “Well?”

“You stupid mortals, ha ha,” the voice chuckled.  Then it stepped out of the darkness.

“What the?” Razor blurted out.

The creature had a female figure, and it was a cat.  Except it had no fur; the skin was tinted purple.  It had bright yellow eyes that glowed.

“What are you?”

“I have no name.  But, I may know who you are.” The creature starred coldly at the two cats.  “You must be the SWAT Kats.  You weak little kitties don’t have a chance.”

“Oh really?” T-Bone said.  “Well, we are going to send you to the kitty litter box.”

“Pish posh!  Your threats are just as weak as you!” it said with a giggle.

“Oh yeah?” Razor asked sarcastically.  Razor put out his hand with the glove.  “Bite this!” He shot a mini missile at the monster.

The creature put out her hand and then glob shot out from its arm and hit the missile.

The missile fell to the ground.

“Hey, what did it do to the missile?!”

“Disabled it!” the creature replied as it shot out some goo at the guys.

The glob was about to hit them.

“Sparkling Wide Pressure!” someone shouted.

Then a ball of electricity flew at the glob and electrocuted it.  The goo plopped onto the ground.

“Who did that?” the monster demanded as it looked around.

T-Bone and Razor were looking too.

“Over here!” another person shouted.

The guys and monster turned to the direction of the voice.

And, there were five female suited warriors.

“We are the ones you are searching for!”

“Oh?  Then who are you?” the monster asked, interested.

“I’m Sailor Venus!”

“Sailor Jupiter!”

“Sailor Mars!”

“And Sailor Mercury!”

They each stepped forward when they introduced themselves.  Then the last one stepped forward.

“I am Sailor Moon!  Ally to good, enemy to evil like you!  What gives you the idea of attacking someone that has nothing to do with our battles?” she asked furiously.

“You are the ones I have came for.  And, I been waiting for you.  I got bored and decided to play,” the creature said as it jumped towards them.  “Let the games begin!”

The girls jumped different ways.

Sailor Venus jumped towards the monster.

“Venus Love Chain Encircle!” she shouted.

Then a chain of golden bright hearts wrapped itself around the monster.

“Why, you little!” the monster shrieked.  Then the monster broke loose.  “I know,” it said to itself.  The monster turned to the two guys who were watching.  “He he,” it giggled.  Then it lunged toward them.

“T-Bone we better move!” Razor yelled.

They jumped opposite ways.

But, the monster used its arms; the arms stretched far and grabbed the cats at the same time.  And, the arms went back to the body.

T-Bone and Razor couldn’t get out.

“What are you girls going to do now since I got your little weak heroes?”

“Mercury Bubbles Blast!” yelled Sailor Mercury.

Then, a fog appeared.  The monster couldn’t see.  Then, it felt the its hostages were being pulled away. The monster lost its only way to win.

The fog faded.

Sailor Moon had Razor, and Sailor Mars had T-Bone.

“Way to go, girls!”

“Hey you look very familiar,” Razor said to Sailor Moon.

She turned to face him, and she was shocked.  Uh oh, she thought.

“What?  Do we know each other?” he asked.

She didn’t want to lie to her good friend, but she had no choice.  She was about to tell him a lie until she heard Sailor Mars yelling.

“Sailor Moon!  Watch out!”

“Huh?” She turned her head and then a ball of glob hit her hard in the back. “AH!” she screamed.

The force pushed her into Razor, and they both fell. They were both covered in goo.

“Hey!  Why that purple Nega-twit!” she growled.

“What is this stuff?!” Razor asked as he tried to get out.

“How am I supposed to know?” Sailor Moon asked.  “Guys, get us out of here!” she yelled.

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