Original SWAT Kats Story

The One Who Loved and Betrayed Chance

By Britnie McNulty

  • 1 Chapter
  • 1,463 Words

(Unfinished) Nothing seems to be going well for the SWAT Kats. First, a frustrating run-in with a mystery pilot and then Commander Feral finally decides to crack down on the SWAT Kats’ vigilante antics by putting out a warrant for their arrest. Is this the end of the SWAT Kats?

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Author's Notes:

Title: The One Who Loved and Betrayed Chance
By: Britnie McNulty
Rating: E
Disclaimer: SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without permission.

“Megakat City… The one place where all cat kind get along.”

“Yah right!” Chance Furlong got up and went in the kitchen. “How can everyone get along if the enforcers can’t handle a simple task?”

Jake Clawson who was still on the couch complied, “Yah. You know, if it weren’t for us, this city will be villain central. No offence. I mean, the Enforcers are smart… Sometimes… But, we’re always covering their tail. Right?”

Chance sat back down and chuckled. “Well, you have to admit though… Commander Feral is a sissy.”

They both shared a laugh. Then it stopped when a news report came on.

“This is Ann Gora, from Kats Eye News. And I’m here with deputy mayor Callie Briggs.” Ann turned to Callie. She held up her mike. “So tell us. What is the mayor’s big plan for this city?”

Callie started to talk. But she was cut off by a loud jet engine. It swooped down by everyone, and the girl’s skirts flew up.

Chance and Jake laughed. They continued watching.

Callie was embarrassed. “What was that?!” She looked up and saw the Enforcers chasing the mystery jet. Ann too saw the action and had Johnny record it. “Who could be in that jet? And, why are the Enforcers chasing it?”

Chance and Jake now realized that it was trouble. So they ran down to the basement, changed in their SWAT Kat uniforms, jumped in the Turbo Kat, then took off.

T-Bone sat in the pilot seat. “What do you think about the girl’s little incident?” He laughed.

But Razor didn’t. “Well, it was funny for awhile. But let’s not rub it in their faces, okay?”

T-Bone stopped a bit. “Yah… Okay…”

They arrived, but the jet was no where in sight.

Razor looked around. “Where could it be?”

T-Bone shook is head. “I don’t know… WAIT! That’s it!” He pointed at a dark jet. It zoomed past them. T-Bone chuckled. “Oh, so you want to play!” T-Bone put the Turbo Kat to its full throttle. “Then let’s!” He followed behind the mystery jet.

Razor targeted it. “Turbo missile launched!”

The missile shot out to the jet. But, the jet dodged it and he missed.

Razor’s eyes widened . “Huh?” He sat back. “Impossible… I had a lock!”

T-Bone frowned. “This ain’t no amateur.” He turned the Turbo Kat around.

The jet launched a missile, and it shaved the Turbo Kat’s side.

T-Bone got mad. “That does it! Let’s show this moron what he gets when he hits the Turbo Kat!”

Razor got a lock on it. “I’m on it! Launching, Slicer missile!” This time, he got a hit. The Slicer missile hit one of the jet’s wings.

Razor and T-Bone rejoiced.

Just then, the ship went side to side with the Turbo Kat. Getting a glance inside, the SWAT Kats saw that the pilot was a girl. Her helmet covered her face though, and her hair was up. Her skin was light.

T-Bone gazed off. “Wow… I think I found my soul mate.”

Then the jet blasted off.

T-Bone shook out of it and slammed his fists against the controls. “CRUD! She got away!”

Razor looked around to see if he could find her. But nothing. She was gone. Then he looked at his partner. “You know, T-Bone, I thought I heard you say that she was your soul mate.”

T-Bone freaked out. “WHAT?! As if! She almost totaled the Turbo Kat and she made a fool out of us!”

Razor narrowed his eyes and said, “True… But admit it… You like her.”

T-Bone was about to blow up. “I DO NOT! Now do me a favor and never bring this up again!”

Razor sighed. “Whatever.” Then he said quietly himself, “He likes her.”

T-Bone put the Turbo Kat to full power. “WHEN I FIND HER, NO MERCY!”

The Turbo Kat blasted off.

Meanwhile, Callie argued with Commander Feral. She slammed her hand on his desk. “You can’t put an arrest out for the SWAT Kats! That would be stupid! All they ever do is help you!”

Feral took a sip of his coffee. “We can handle it. I can’t have these hotshots do everything you know. They tear up the town, and it costs millions to repair it.”

Callie couldn’t believe from what she was hearing. “But, they always succeed and you always fail! No offense, but I think you should call this whole thing off!”

Feral shook his head. “Not this time. I even have a reward for the one who captures the SWAT Kats.”

Callie freaked. “WHAT?! A reward! You… You…” She clenched her fists. Then she took a deep breath and picked up her briefcase. Callie walked for the door. She turned and bowed. In a frustrated voice she said, “Good day, Commander.” Then she slammed the door on her way out.

Feral sighed. “It’s for the good of the city.” Then he picked up a picture. It was a picture of a little girl. Her hair was orange and her fur was a pale color. She smiled brightly. Her purple eyes shined in the sun light. “I will not fail… My daughter.” With that, he set the picture down and left his office.

The SWAT Kats arrived back at their hanger.

T-Bone threw his helmet. “I hate that! I can’t believe we were over ran by a girl!”

Razor jumped out of the Turbo Kat. “Well gee, just brake it why don’t ya.” He took his helmet off and was about to put it away when all of a sudden, their phone went off.

T-Bone answered it. “Yes, Miss Briggs.”

Callie’s voice sounded serious. “Feral is putting a warrant out for your arrest, and…”

The two glanced at each other. “And?”

Callie sounded as if she were going to cry. “They have a reward for whoever catches you.”

They both flipped.


Jake grabbed the phone. “You tell Commander Feral that if it weren’t for us, there won’t be a Megakat City!”

Then T-Bone grabbed the phone. “And… and… What Razor said.” He looked at Razor who stomped away and threw his helmet as well. Then he kicked his locker.

Callie heard the noise and asked, “What was that?”

T-Bone answered her. “Razor’s mad.”

Callie sighed. “Well, I’m sorry. I tried to stop it. But, no use. This time, he’s serious. So I guess… Good bye T-Bone.”

T-Bone’s voice changed sad like. “Bye Miss Briggs…” He slowly put the phone back. He turned and saw Razor throwing his new gadgets. Razor’s anger was furious. T-Bone sighed and took off his mask. “I’m sorry, buddy.”

Razor sat down. “It’s all because of Feral that we’re here in the first place!”

Chance put his uniform away. “Well, as long as he doesn’t know we are the SWAT Kats. I guess we’re safe.”

Razor took off his mask and stared at it. “I remember our first mission…”

Chance laughed. “Yah! And, you missed your first shot.”

Jake shared a laugh with Chance. Then they stopped.

Jake sighed. “I guess those days are over…”

Chance sat next to him. “But, we’ll always be pals, right?”

Jake nodded. “Right.” From that moment on, the SWAT Kats were no more.

Callie sat at her desk. She stared out the window. “I’m sorry, guys…”

Commander Feral told his soldiers if they saw the SWAT Kats, to take them down. Felina was mad. She knew if it weren’t for them, there won’t be Megakat City. Because of them, their city was named the safest place for all Cat kind. She stomped away, leaving a speechless Commander.

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