Original SWAT Kats Story

Fire and Ice

By Bonnie Neely

  • 12 Chapters
  • 10,104 Words

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Chapter 7

“By the way, ” Jake smiled wickedly as he held up a black drawstring pouch, “I found this outside.”

“My purse!” Autumn exclaimed with joy and relief.

“Where did the twenty five thousand come from?” he asked bluntly, keeping it just out of her reach.

“Viper’s stash,” she answered honestly.  “I was going to make my escape the night his thugs got a hold of me, and I knew I’d need cash to make a new life here, so I just skimmed some off of his loot.”

Jake handed the bag back to her and heaved a heavy sigh.  “You’re playing with some serious fire, kit.”

“Hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Now what can I make you guys for breakfast?”

“Commander Feral?” Callie asked as she peeked around his door, “Do you have a minute?”

Setting aside some paperwork, he looked up and replied in a tone that was far more civil than he felt, “What can I do for you, Miss Briggs?”

“Mayor Manx is going to wet himself if you don’t get to his office and reassure him that our visitor poses no threat to Megakat City.”  She grinned.

Feral couldn’t help but chuckle. He could just picture him running around his office in a panic, wailing for Callie to do something. Sighing as he pushed back from his desk, he looked Callie in the eye and said, “You appear completely at ease at the idea of this female running around loose.”

Callie just shrugged and said over her shoulder as she turned to go, “If she were a threat, you and your men would be out in force to track her down.”

“Did you tell that to the mayor?” he said somewhat peevishly.

“And, then some.”  She scowled, “But you know him, he wanted to see you personally.”

“Let’s go then,” Feral grumped.  “Before he crawls up my tail and becomes a new appendage.”

Callie couldn’t help but laugh. She knew how much he detested a coward, and the dear mayor was one of the biggest.

“Oh my God!” Autumn exclaimed as she backed away from the huge chili pepper Chance took out of the jar. “The fumes alone are bringing tears to my eyes.”

“Hey, babe,” he teased, taking a big bite, “if you wanna run with the big boys, you hafta keep up.”

“Hey, babe,” she shot back as she slapped the tail end of the pepper out of his hand and caught it in her mouth in mid air so she could swallow it down without tasting it, “When I want to play with the big boys, I tie on some gloves and go to the gym.”

“That can be arranged,” he said with a lopsided grin as his nose touched hers.

“Excuse me,” Jake cut in, “but if you two are quite finished, I’d like to get some breakfast.”

“What’s your pleasure?” Autumn asked with a big grin.

“Feral!” Mayor Manx said with uncharacteristic sternness, “What is going on with this alien?”

“What part of my report didn’t you understand?” he replied, his voice only two notches above a threat. “If this clown wants to get into a pissing contest with me,” he thought acidly, “he’s going to lose, big time.”

Neither the mayor or Callie failed to notice his tone. Callie almost took a step back. She’d never heard him address the mayor like that before. Manx sat back down behind his desk, blinking in surprise.

“I-ah- I was wondering why you weren’t out tracking this alien down,” he said sheepishly. Even if the situation weren’t enough to make him lose his bladder, the predatory glare Feral was leveling at him made him shrink behind his desk a bit more.

“If you’d read my reports once in a while,” Feral said with obvious restraint, “you’d see that I have no reason to bring her in. She’s broken no laws and is here because of circumstances beyond her control. My men have been instructed to inform me of her whereabouts so I can speak to her personally. Unless, of course you want me to hunt her down and leave this city open to a mega lawsuit for harassment and false arrest. Now, if this foolishness is over, I have duties to attend to.” He didn’t bother to wait for a reply as he turned sharply and headed for the door.

“Miss Briggs,” was all he said as he slammed it behind him.

“Callie,” the mayor whimpered, “is my spare suit still in the closet?”

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