Original SWAT Kats Story

Fire and Ice

By Bonnie Neely

  • 12 Chapters
  • 10,104 Words

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Chapter 6

Morning’s light found Autumn warm and content as she snuggled deeper into the furry chest in front of her.

“Jake?” she mumbled sleepily.

“Yes kitten?” came the voice from behind her.

Both eyes shot open as she rolled to look over her shoulder. Jake was sitting there, fully dressed and wearing a bird eating grin.

“Well this certainly has interesting implications,” she yawned and gave a little stretch.

“You were shivering when Jake left to work in the hangar,” Chance explained as if it should have been obvious.

“When I’m working on a project, I only sleep three or four hours a night.”

“And, you still function in the morning?” she asked, thinking of that jet of theirs.

“With razor sharp precision,” Chance grinned. “Hence the nickname.”

Suddenly, she noticed he was holding her necklace and her hand automatically went up to her neck in half a panic.

“Don’t worry, kitten,” he said soothingly, “I just added something to it.”

Holding it up by it’s delicate chain, she saw the addition of two small emerald hearts with a pearl on each side of them flanking the original locket.

“It’s beautiful… but why?”

“I was making a blue one for Callie and your eyes just inspired me to make these for you.”  He shrugged.

Sitting up completely, Autumn gave him a gentle hug and peppered his face with kisses.

“No one but a jeweler will know they’re kat made, and that one is actually a tracking device.”  He smiled broadly as he pulled back to put the necklace back on her.

“Jeeze, maybe I should get to work down there,” Chance teased as he sat up too.

Autumn turned and rained hugs and kisses on him, as she said, “Yeah, but you kept me warm and comfy.”

“There are plenty of places to hide in this town,” Feral mused as he paced his office. “I’m sure if she were out roaming the streets I’d have been alerted by now.” He eyed the phone on his desk with disdain as its ring interrupted his train of thought. He answered with his usual greeting of, “Feral.”

“It’s Robinson, sir. I just wanted to let you know that the folks at Pumadyne will be sending their finished report today around noon.”

“Anything new I should know about?” he asked, putting the other files in his desk.

“Hard to say, sir. They haven’t told me anything.”

“Fine, bring it to me when it’s ready,” he said as he turned and looked out the huge office window.

“Sir?” Robinson said almost hesitantly.


“Are we dealing with something dangerous here?”

Feral half smiled as he thought, “Define dangerous.” But, instead replied, “No, Robinson. I don’t believe this female to be a threat. In fact, I’m going to inform the squad that no action is to be taken against this being. Just inform me of her whereabouts.”

“Understood, sir.”

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