Original SWAT Kats Story

Fire and Ice

By Bonnie Neely

  • 12 Chapters
  • 10,104 Words

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Chapter 5

Autumn felt kind of strange having to look down to talk to the guys, so she stepped out of her shoes and smiled contentedly. It was more comfortable to be a couple inches taller than a full head and some shoulder too. She was caught off guard when Jake burst into a fit of laughter. Giving Chance an ‘I don’t know’ shrug as she picked up her shoes, she waited for him to catch his breath a bit before asking. “And, what brought that on?”

Jake took her free hand and placed a quick kiss in the palm before leading her to the staircase and saying with utter amusement.

“Do you really think we’re so non-ego formed that a statuesque female would make our boys shrivel up?”

“Yeah,” Chance teased, “it’s not like we didn’t enjoy the view.”

“You horn dog.” Autumn playfully tossed over her shoulder, then addressing Jake as she followed him up the stairs, “What makes you think I wasn’t just trying to get comfortable? Or do you want me to wear these to bed too?”

“Stop it,” Chance laughed, “you’re getting me excited.”

“Honey,” she teased, reaching back and playfully stroking his cheek, “I have a feeling I could put Viper in a skirt and you’d get excited.”

“And,” she added with fake sternness as they got to the landing, “this way you can look me in the eye when you speak. And, as I’ve often told Ryan, these are not my eyes.”

Jake nodded to the first bed as Chance gave her a friendly pat on the shoulder and said, “Night, kitten.”

“Night, dogger.” She grinned and dropped her shoes by the bed.

Jake peeled off his t-shirt with no concern, but stopped when he hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his sweats. Autumn gave him the ‘go ahead’ nod as he cast a quick glance in her direction. It wasn’t like she’d never seen or been with a male before. Besides, he promised he’d behave himself.

“And, if he doesn’t,” she thought with a grin, “I’ll be asleep, so I won’t care.”

Tossing her denim jacket over her shoes, she didn’t care that the guys were taking mental notes on her white satin corset. She’d loved the jacquard fabric and the detailed scrolls and flowers of the lace that rode the top edge. “And, it really kicks butt with this outfit,” she mused, unsnapping the waistband and coaxing the zipper down on the short skirt.

Gently kicking it aside when it hit the floor, she noted with amusement the guys’ reactions as she reached up and took out the two hairpins that held the topknot up. From the corner of her eye, she watched as their eyes followed the cascade down her back. Chance put his pillow over his face to stifle the groan as it stopped behind her knees. Jake looked up at the ceiling and crossed himself, opting to keep his sweats on as he pulled back the covers and got in bed.

“Good night, gentlemen,” she said with a smile as she got in bed, keeping her back to Jake, and tried not to laugh at the muffled replies.

Returning to his desk, Feral opened the envelope and pulled out the folder. A quick scan of the contents told him nothing he didn’t already assume. The pod was made of materials related to the ones on this planet. It was a single occupant vessel and the control panels were severely damaged, probably upon entry of the atmosphere.

“Yeah, yeah,” he grumbled, grabbing his coffee mug. But then, something caught his eye. There was blood and tissue in the door’s seal that didn’t match the DNA inside the pod. “Was someone trying to save you?” he mused over the steaming brew. “The father of the baby perhaps?”

A little farther down the page his attention was caught by, “Transcription of black box 355-099M: “For whomever finds this. My name is Doctor Aaron Hopewell. I am the inventor of this vessel. If the miserable wretch inside is still alive, woe be to you. She is a vile and evil creature no better than a common street whore. I have exiled this being for the crime of trying to contaminate my pure bloodlines…”

“Cats alive,” Feral sneered, “aren’t you a real gem.”

“This beast is good only for the task of pleasing the male of the species. Her wide hips and heavy bone structure make her a good breeder. Outside of breeding stock, I have no idea what my son could have seen in this filthy, stupid, cow. Toss her in a brothel and let her real talents shine. For I am completely positive she is otherwise useless.”

“No,” Feral thought with a smirk, “really, tell me what you think of her.” Taking a drink, he said to the empty room, “Ten to one it’s the son’s blood and tissue in the door.” Scanning the rest of the report and finding nothing of real interest, he grabbed the other folder and resumed his study.

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