Original SWAT Kats Story

Fire and Ice

By Bonnie Neely

  • 12 Chapters
  • 10,104 Words

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Chapter 2

It was dark, save for the moonlight coming in through the window. Autumn opened her eyes and tried to remember where she was when she heard the tiniest puff of breath in the darkness and turned toward it. There in the night she saw two glowing eyes.

“You son of a bitch!” she spat in rage and launched herself toward them.

Jake was seriously taken aback by her viciousness, but easily wrapped her up in a hold she couldn’t break. “Stop it, kit!” he said with a gentle sternness, “It’s me – Jake.”

Flipping her onto her back so they were both illuminated in the moonlight, he watched in satisfaction as her eyes widened in shocked recognition.

“I just saw your eyes in the dark.” she apologized,” I-I thought you were Viper.”

Jake got to his feet and gently helped her up.  “Kinda’ what I figured,” he chuckled, “I hope you wouldn’t spew that kind of venom at the guy who saved your life.”

Autumn was going to reply but got hit by a bright light and a white hot pain behind her eyes.

“Uh-oh,” Jake muttered, getting her back to the couch and laying her head in his lap, “I forgot about the kick that antitoxin leaves as a parting shot.”

“Da wha’?” she slurred, wondering just how many pieces her skull was going to shatter into.

“I smelled black licorice on your breath. It’s a tell tale sign of Katalyst P-16. It’s one of Viper’s choice drugs of interrogation.”

“Hmm,” she murmured, as he began to massage her face and temples, “I’ll never eat licorice again, Razor.”

Jake stopped dead, his eyes widening. “Who’s Razor?”

“You are,” she answered, eyes still closed so she missed the half panicked look on his face.

“No, kitten,” he replied smoothly, returning to his ministrations. “I’m a grease monkey not a fighter jock.”

“Viper had footage of you guys on all the time,” she said softly as his hands worked their magic. “He was studying you guys for some reason.”

“That still doesn’t make me a Swat Kat,” he gently teased.

“I recognized you out in the yard when you told me to get down. Your voice dropped a couple octaves. Not to mention your mannerisms and militaristic precision in your aim.” Then she opened her eyes as a realization struck her.

“What’s wrong, kit?” Jake asked carefully, wondering what new bombshell she was going to drop on him.

“I just realized that you seem completely unfazed by my appearance.”

He graced her with a heart stopping smile. “This is Megakat City, kitten. Weirdness is a way of life here. By the way, are you going to introduce yourself or do I keep referring to you as my kit?”

Autumn smiled as she gave his hand a little nuzzle and replied, “I could live with that, but my name’s Autumn Silvers.”

“Hey,” another voice said from across the room, “am I interrupting something or can I play too?”

“That could be interesting,” she teased as she slowly sat up. “What do you think, Jake?”

“I think you’re feeling a lot better,” he chuckled as Chance sat down next to her.

“Hi, T-Bone,” she smiled.

A look of stark terror crossed his eyes before he cleared his throat and asked, “Who?”

“She knows,” Jake said plainly, “and no, I didn’t tell her.”

“I just wanted to see if you’d choke on that,” she said with a wink.

“Yeah? Choke on this,” he said with mock ire as he gave her an Italian salute.

Autumn couldn’t stop the laughter that burst forth, even as she grabbed her head and doubled over in pain.

“What did you find, Robinson?” Commander Feral asked seriously.

“Some sort of pod, sir,” he replied crisply, “Crime Scene Unit has all ready come and gone, so now I’m just waiting on the team from Pumadyne to arrive and take it away for study.”

“Was there anything inside?”

Robinson made a quick check to be sure no one was looking then retrieved a file from his coat, saying, “I found this on the seat. It’s addressed to you.”

“Does CSU know about this?” Feral asked, taking the rather large envelope.

“Not unless you tell them,” he said bluntly. “I wanted you to have it before they did in case there was something important in there.”

“Head’s up play. Good job,” Feral said as he tucked it into his own coat. “So, how did you happen upon this little piece of space junk?”

“I was flagged down by a transient, sir. Normally I’d just reassure him and send him on his drunken or drug induced way, but this guy was sober, so I followed him down and called in CSU after poking around a bit.”

“I’ll be at headquarters if there’s anything else.”

“Understood, sir.”

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