Original SWAT Kats Story

Fire and Ice

By Bonnie Neely

  • 12 Chapters
  • 10,104 Words

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Chapter 11

“You’re going to wear a trench in the floor if you keep this up,”  Chance teased good-naturedly.

“I’ve just got a bad feelin’, buddy,” Jake said as his brow knit together.

“Come on,” he said consolingly, “she hasn’t been gone long enough to get into any trouble.”

“Do you know the penalty for assaulting an enforcer?” the lieutenant  hissed as he got into the cruiser.

“Fine and jail term most likely.”  She shrugged “I just hope the  grille or dashboard camera is working properly. I’d hate to have my lawyer’s evidence be just your word against mine.”

“What are you talking about?” he asked nervously as his driver got  in and keyed the mike, telling dispatch that they were coming in.

“Well, that tape will clearly show your use of excessive force and  conduct unbecoming of an officer,” she plainly stated.

“Are you an enforcer?” the driver asked as he backed out onto the  street.

“I should say yes,” she thought with a grin, “but this guy’s been nice to me so I’ll play it straight,” and replied, “No, hon, I used to belong  to one. He taught me everything I needed to know.”

The lieutenant smiled evilly. She wasn’t really one of them and was probably bluffing her way through it all with a bunch of legal buzzwords.

“And, you will pay for this,” he thought as he turned in his seat.  “You will pay dearly.”

When they pulled into the precinct, the lieutenant told his driver that he’d process her.

“I really don’t think that’s a good idea, sir,” he scowled. “She’s already broken your nose and threatened you with a lawsuit.”

“All the more reason not to back down,” he purred.

“I think you’re letting yourself in for a world of hurt.”

The  lieutenant stepped out and jerked her door open.  “Don’t give me any grief, wench.”

“Why?” she sneered as she stuck her legs out the door. “You gonna  shoot me this time?”

“Don’t tempt me,” he growled, grabbing her shoulder and hauling her  out of the car.

The precinct was bustling with everyday activities. No one gave Autumn more than a passing glance as she strolled by. The lieutenant’s  driver grabbed a passing officer and told him to get Feral on the double. He  gave the driver a quick nod before turning and bolting up a flight of  stairs.

The lieutenant didn’t bother making any stops. He went straight to the elevators and pushed her inside.

“What the hell’s your problem?” she demanded as the doors closed  behind them.

“You!” he snarled, “You have no business being here. You don’t belong, you’ll never fit in, and it would have been better if you’d just died in that pod.”

“Jeeze, maybe you should go put your hood and sheet on,” she said in disgust.

“Maybe I should just kill you now and claim self defense,” he said  as he narrowed his eyes, weighing his options.

Shoving her out as the doors opened, he laughed as he watched her fight to retain her balance.

“One more of those,” she hissed, “and you’re going to get a size ten boot to the head.”

“Tough talk for someone in cuffs,” he taunted, slamming her into the bars of a crowded holding cell and grabbing the keys off of the wall.

“Way to go, tough guy,” a drunken tom slurred, “Gotta beat up a female.”

“Hey, sunshine,” Autumn snarled as she stepped forward and slammed  her forehead down on his nose.

He yowled in pain and backed off a couple of paces, but, as Autumn advanced to place a kick to the groin, he drew his gun and took aim.

“You’ll have to kill us too you know,” came a voice from inside the  cell. “If you kill her, you can’t leave any witnesses behind.”

Muttering something blue under his breath, he slowly made his way to the cell door, keeping his weapon trained on Autumn, and unlocked it.

“Just get in there,” he snarled, then narrowed his eyes and smiled evilly as he added, “Be sure to play nice with your new toy, boys.”

“What about the cuffs?” she asked sarcastically.

“Keep ’em!” he said with a wicked enthusiasm as he pushed her inside and slammed the door.

Two kats jumped to grab her and make sure she didn’t fall.

“Thanks,  guys,” she said softly and stood upright again. Then with a wicked grin of  her own, she looked over her shoulder and said, “I hope you don’t have any plans for retirement, pal, ’cause when I get done with your C.O., you’ll be  lucky if you don’t get busted down to meter maid or counting tickets.”

“Dream on, wench,” he sneered as he turned away.  “Have fun, guys.”

“So, what are you in for, kit?” one of the guys asked as the flood of questions began.

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