Original SWAT Kats Story

Monty Viper and the Holy Bicket

By Bladea Cougarandt

  • 3 Chapters
  • 2,204 Words

A spoof of “Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail” featuring members of the SK AOL RPG.

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Chapter 1

The Cast

Monty Viper and the Holy Bicket: The Cast

Respective muns*-themselves
King Arthur-Sir Christopher Razor**
Guard 1-Shiro Ohki
Guard 2-Droz
“Dead” Person-Typhoon
Dennis-Toby Clawlion
Sir Bedevere-Rick Cougarandt
Witch-Annie Felis
Narrator-Chance Furlong
Sir Lancelot-Vincent Pantheric
Sir Galahad-Jax Longclaw
Sir Robin-Speedy Cerviche
***French Guard-Rikki Feral
***Second French Guard-Callista Katamin
Robin’s minstrel-Felina Cerviche
3-Headed Creature-Katalina Briggston (left), Nina Foxtail (right), and AJ Longclaw (center)
Zoot-Kallie Briggs-Harrilson
Castle Anthrax Residents: Slutty she-kats of Rhydin
Dingo-Kikki Viper
Old Man/Bridgekeeper-Kain Katkin
Tim the Encanter-Alucard Dracul
Leader of the Knights who say “NI!”-Bladea Cougarandt
Herbert’s Dad-Dr. Viper
Herbert-Dash Harrilson
Concorde-E1 (Spelled Ewon here hehe)
Roger the Shrubber-Jake Clawson
Rabbit of Caerbannog-Ashtonroth wearing Ares’ magic collar
Bors-Tristam Briggston
Brother Maynard-Wildfire
Sister-Bastet Katokia

*mun -the real life person controlling the character

**Razor from an alternate dimension, not to be confused with Jake Clawson/Razor

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