Original SWAT Kats Story

Curiosity Killed the Kat

By BlackRazor

  • 1 Chapter
  • 961 Words

Chance’s curiosity gets him in a lot of hot water when he interrupts Jake’s ‘creative process.’

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Jake was holed up in his room all day, leaving Chance repairing cars in the garage. Chance, getting slightly pissed at Jake’s behavior, stormed up to his room and drag him out to make him help with the cars.

“You’re coming with me!”

“Hey! I was installing the Motorola MC68000 micro-processor!”

“I don’t give a damn about your CocaCola MC68000 micro-whatever!”

Chance finally got Jake to work on an Enforcer vehicle that was brought in. Meanwhile, curiosity got the best of him.

“Hey, Jake, take care of things while I give the wonder seat a visit” said Chance as he headed toward the bathroom.

Chance really didn’t have to go to the bathroom. He just wanted to see what Jake was doing in his room all the time. He opened the door to Jake’s room, to find it a Circuit-Designer’s paradise: Resistors, Capacitors, Boards, ICs, Soldering-Irons were scattered everywhere. Jake’s room wouldn’t be complete without a dozen computers.

“Holy Crap” Chance said in awe as he entered.

As he did so, one of Jake’s inventions came to life.

A computerized feminine voice announced : “Welcome To Jake’s Room. Please state your name clearly and a reason for coming.”

Chance somewhat surprised stammered : “Chance Furlong , Just for the fun of it.”

Computer with a sense of humor replied : “ZZzzzzt! Access Denied! Remove yourself in 15 seconds or be sorry for not doing so.”

Chance yelled at the machine : “I ain’t letting a MACHINE command ME around!!”

The computer said ” Fine! Be Macho! and fell silent for a moment. Out of nowhere a laser appeared and started shooting at Chance’s feet forcing Chance to tapdance to avoid the laser. The computer to match the mood played the soundtrack of “Riverdance”. Jake hearing commotion from his room rushed up to it only to find his brain-child machine Working!. He instantly started laughing at Chance, who was getting immensely tired from tapdancing.

“Jake! Make it stop!”

“Nah…not yet…I’m having too much fun..”

Jake rushed over to a computer console and typed in some instructions. The laser fell silent.

“Thanks Ja….SHIT”

The laser stared shooting at Chance’s face forcing him to breakdance to avoid getting a free laser facial.

“G-d d***it Jake!” Chance yelled at Jake who was rolling on the floor laughing.

Chance remembered that the computer had voice-recognition and said “CLOSE” to the computer hoping to “Close” the program. The computer couldn’t understand it and only brought the Laser closer.


Jake had enough entertainment for one day. He typed some more instructions into the computer and made the laser stop. Chance fell to the floor, exhausted, with a thunderous thud.

“I said SHAKE it, NOT BREAK it!”

<pant><pant>”I”<pant>”will kill”<pant>”you for this!”

Chance always hated computers. Now he hates them even more. Chance, enraged, chased Jake down to the hanger. Jake made it safely while Chance had a little tumble down the stairs. Now, pissed than ever, he grabbed one of the ‘experimental’ glovatrixes by mistake and tried to shoot Jake with SOMETHING…A net! a missile! anything!. Then he looked at the gadget in horror and LCD panel glowed to life with the words (gasp!): Microsoft Windows Glovatrix Edition.

Jake took this opportunity to grab a bazooka and shove fruit that was laying around down the barrel and aimed at Chance. Chance looked up just in time to see several pieces of fruit flying towards him pelting the burly kat with apples, oranges, and kiwis.

Chance was pissed. Dangerously pissed. Jake’s computer, the little tumble, and being pelted with fruit was enough to get Chance pissed to that point. He chased Jake back to his room only to see a laser pointed at his feet.

Chance defeatedly said : “I’ll let you work on your little gizmo, as long as you don’t make me dance. Deal?”

Jake rejoiced said “DEAL!”

Chance sighed and returned to the garage to finish the remainder of the cars. Just then Callie pulled in with some engine trouble.”

“Hi, Ms. Briggs, how can we..err..I help you today?” Chance asked as he noted to himself: “Jake gets his electronics, I get the girl..hehehe”

Callie didn’t answer Chances question, instead she looked at Chance oddly and asked: “Chance why…are…you all….fruity?”

Reality came through Chance like a dagger.. He was still covered in fruit from the little fight with Jake.

Chance’s face started turning red in embarrassment as Callie started laughing out loud. Jake couldn’t work with commotion in the background.

Jake found Callie rolling on the floor laughing picking up grease, dust, and other stuff on her pink suit.

“Callie?…why?…” Jake started to ask and then saw Chance, still covered in fruit and embarrassed.

“Oh.” Jake said right before he burst out laughing.

Chance thought about the scenario here. A good, reliable mechanic was found covered in fruit in front of the deputy mayor. You don’t see that everyday. After several minutes, Chance left to clean himself and Jake fixed Callie’s car.

Callie suddenly asked: “Why was Chance covered in fruit?”

“Long story…”

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