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Poetry Corner: Open Mike Night

By Barbara Mooney

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  • 349 Words

Feral bruises T-Bone’s ego, so T-Bone bruises Feral.

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Author's Notes:

Hello again…
Yet another sad attempt at humor before I send the serious stuff, also from when I was but 15 years of age. Read at your own risk.

Poetry Corner
Open Mike Night

It’s time once again for the infamous Poetry Reading. Today’s featured poems are written by the SWAT KATS characters. They hope you enjoy them.

“Ode to Joy”
by Feral

*I think that I shall never see
A poem as lovely as me.*
(Not to mention handsome and macho and oh, yes, a hero.)

“Ode to Galf”
by Mayor Manx

*A hole in one
That’s what I make
Re-elect me
Or I’ll be on the take.*

“Ode to Callie”
by T-Bone

*I think that I shall never see
A poem as lovely as Cal-lie -*

Hey, shut up Feral, I didn’t copy no one. Yeah, yeah, go eat a prune. You heard
me, unless you’re deaf as well as dumb. Sure, hog all the credit for my poem. You
can’t write for refried beans, eaten once and in a bag.

“I Can, Too”
by Feral

*I think that I shall never see
A poem as lovely as you behind bars.*

“That Doesn’t Rhyme”
by T-Bone

*My poems are sweet and yet I must say
That Callie is sweeter on any day*

“What a Dumb Poem”
by Feral

*Myself, I’m the greatest.
I’m perfect, you see.
As for Miss Briggs
She’s got nothing on me.*

“Why, You…”
by Callie

*The SWAT KATS are heroes
They’re better than you*

“Shove It”
by Feral

*The SWAT KATS are zeroes
And you are one, too-*

OW!!!! Stop hitting me you jerk or I’ll – no – put that broken bottle away
– no – ah – ah – OW ow ohhh that hurt not again – ***
This is Feral – bring me… chopper… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh………

1 comment on “Poetry Corner: Open Mike Night”

  1. TZ says:

    It’s a rap battle!… er, poem battle. Fur flew and kats got served *sips tea*

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