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By Amelia Suicide

  • 1 Chapter
  • 1,081 Words

Callie gets a suspicious e-mail and fears the Swat Kats may have been threatened, so she gives them a call.

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She was what you called the most progressive cat in town. Callico Briggs, deputy mayor, she loved to cook, to clean, to knit and read. She sometimes became overwhelmed with her job. As much as she loved Megakat City, the problems were numerous, too many to count, and the cost was becoming too high. Even though she was only the deputy mayor, she did all of the Mayor’s work, and got none of his glory.

She wanted to step down, let Manx be someone else’s problem, but it would solve nothing. She had been with Manx nearly 10 years, and, now, at the age of 35, she was starting to wonder if maybe her time would be better spent elsewhere. Her masters in law had been just a piece of paper, her masters in business got her the job in city hall.

She’d not been working for almost two weeks now. After the last encounter with Dr. Viper, she’d fractured a bone in her tail and was told to take it easy. She lay in bed with her small book, her laptop, a pair of knitting needles and some yarn. She’d gotten out of bed very little as her tail made it very hard to stand; her entire back hurt because of it. She was enjoying the beautiful day. She’d opened the windows to take full advantage of the fresh air. The day helped her forget about life for a while.


Callie blinked and turned to her laptop. INBOX (1). Never fails. She wondered if the Mayor had managed to figure out what E-mail was. She hoped not; he’d spam her all day long.

She set her knitting down and pulled her laptop up onto her knees. She was wondering what the Mayor had lost this time. Probably his golf clubs. Scrolled up to the little subject line ‘Callico Bringgs’ and clicked, opening the letter.

Someone will die tonight. I assure you it won’t be pretty, and I’m sure you’ll call for your friends, hiding somewhere in the city.”

It wasn’t signed. The reply address was her own, as if she had sent it to herself. Callie reached for her cell phone on the bedside table.

“Yes, this is Deputy Mayor Briggs, please connect me to Commander Feral.”

An hour later, she was sitting in her living area with two enforcers, who were questioning her and looking over the laptop.

“It doesn’t make much sense to me.” Felina looked over the laptop. “Miss Briggs, are you sure this isn’t just some prank?”

“It could very well be just that, Felina, but I wanted you and your Uncle to check it out to be sure.” Callie sat on the couch of her condo in a bathrobe. Commander Feral and his niece looked over the laptop that sat on the coffee table.

“You made the right decision.” Commander Feral nodded. “If you don’t mind, Miss Briggs, I’m going to give you an armed guard for the night, and we will need to take your computer, if that isn’t much of a problem. You can have it back in the morning after one of our techs can look it over and give us a better idea of where this threat came from.” Commander Feral turned.

“That’s fine. I have a desktop computer in my office here for work.” Callie nodded.

“Do you mind if I post Felina to you for the rest of the night?” Commander Feral closed the computer and placed it in a metal case to be taken with him.

“No, I would appreciate it greatly.” Callie smiled. She started to get up to go to the kitchen.

“What do you need, Miss Briggs?” Felina smiled. “I’ll help you out.”

Callie returned to her seat on the couch. “Oh, thank you, Felina. Coffee please, black.”

Two hours had gone by. Felina had secured the condo, and she and Callie were talking.

“What do you think it means?” Felina leaned forward on the couch. “You’ll call your friends somewhere in the city?”

“Promise not to tell anyone, Felina?” Callie smiled.

“Tell what?”

“I’ll show you.” Callie reached over to the coffee table and grabbed out her purse and pulled out a compact.

“Make up?” Felina was taken aback a bit.

“No.” Callie twisted the powder pack, and the small compact opened once more to a small radio under the pressed powder. “My friends somewhere in the city are the Swat Kats. I mean, I don’t know where they are, but this, it’s my way to reach them.”

“I’m sure you want to warn them.” Felina looked at her.

“I’m sure that’s not a bad idea.” Callie sighed and pressed the non-emergency button. “It’s been weeks since either one of them have been seen.”

Razor was asleep at his desk, laying over a gloveatrix he’d been working on all day.


Razor awoke, startled. and fell out of his chair. Scrambling up, he grabbed the phone. “Yes, Miss Briggs?” Razor stammered.

“I need to see you and T-Bone, both of you please.”

“Is something wrong, Miss Briggs?” Razor asked gently.

“I got an e-mail. It was a threat. I think it was to you, but I’m not sure. Lt. Feral is here with me, and we wanted to talk to you about it. Commander Feral seems to think it’s a prank, but the more I think about it, the more uncomfortable I am.”

T-Bone entered the hanger, catching most of what Callie said, and gave Razor a thumbs up.

“We’re on our way, Miss Briggs – hang tight.”

“You’ve got it, boys.”

“Anything we can bring you, Miss Briggs?” T-Bone cut in while zipping up his uniform.

“A new tail.”

T-Bone began to laugh. “I think I need one of those myself… We’re on our way.”

And, with that, there was radio silence.

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