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I leave to be if I be not by his side

By Amelia Suicide

  • 1 Chapter
  • 3,569 Words

A routine pursuit leaves both Swat Kats injured and forced to put their identities, and their trust, in others’ hands.

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Author's Notes:

-I leave to be if I be not by his side-
By: Amelia Suicide
Rating: K+
Warnings: Some violence
Disclaimer:SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without permission.

“For the love of…!” T-Bone was having trouble keeping on course. “Razor?” he inquired.

Razor was below the jet. He was on the ground tailing an armored car that was racing down the Megakat Freeway. There were four tunnels on the route the two seemed to be taking and inside the third tunnel was a transfer tunnel. T-Bone would have to pick the correct direction to go, because in the tunnel he and Razor would lose radio contact.

“I hear you,” Razor continued his pursuit. “Look, chill out. I know it’s hard for you to follow. Maybe you should ditch the Turbokat and get the Thundertruck or something,” Razor continued.

“I’ve got the Hoverkat on board,” T-Bone said. “I’ll see you on the other side of the tunnel.” Razor was right. T-Bone trying to pilot and follow the two vehicles through busy traffic was killing him, and he was not doing so hot.

“Pick wisely, Hotshot.” Razor’s radio contact was suddenly cut, and T-Bone scanned ahead and found a place to land and prepare the Hoverkat for the road. T-Bone lowered the landing gear and started to release his harnesses and jump out of the cockpit.

Razor was having his own problems. The armored car was speeding up, and he was having problems keeping up. T-Bone would be ashamed of him. T-Bone was a better driver, pilot all around; then again, T-Bone couldn’t shoot milk cans off a tire with a B.B. gun.

T-Bone was unloading the Hoverkat below the jet and had his radio on. “Could you do that for me?” He started to release the docking clamps that held the Hoverkat in the Turbokat.

“Sure, T-Bone, no problem.” Felina was in a chopper in the air and providing them with aerial support and T-Bone was grateful for it. She could maneuver better in her chopper then T-Bone could in the Turbokat. “I’ll have the blockades up as soon as possible.”

“God, she’s such a lifesaver, hot too.”

“What was that, T-Bone?” Felina inquired.

“Uh nothing, T-Bone out.” T-Bone closed the radio connection as he opened the canopy on the Hoverkat and climbed in. He was heading for the westward tunnel; his thoughts were the criminals would drive into the setting sun, in order to distract the enforcers and the Swat Kats. Felina was heading for the Eastward tunnel, just in case. He pulled on his safety restraint and closed the Hoverkat canopy and started the engine.

“Razor?” T-Bone questioned in the hope Razor was near the mouth of one of the tunnels.

“Yeah, pal, west tunnel,” Razor stated.

“Ok, you need to stop,” T-Bone told him sternly.


“Felina has set up a blockade.” T-bone waited at the mouth of the west tunnel in the Hoverkat. “There are tire spikes.”

“Slowing down.” Razor broke off pursuit, hopefully, the ones who were in the car would be distracted by his action long enough to hit the spikes in the road. Just in case they wanted to turn around Razor was blocking the tunnel and had covered the four lanes in tar from his Gloveatrix.

“Lt. Feral, you with me?” T-Bone radioed. He felt like a traffic cop, waiting for the next speeding car to race past, and it is indeed what he was doing.

“Yes, directly above and the units under me are closing on your position. There is one unit there now if you need assistance. They set up the road spikes.”

“Roger that.” T-Bone put down the radio and pulled out a little to see better. As he did, the armored car pulled across the spikes and started to spin in circles. Suddenly, he saw the Cyclotron pull out of the tunnel behind the car. Razor had maneuvered around the roadblock and followed the car, and then the car began to spin down to a slow stop. Razor could see the Hoverkat pulling up behind him. Razor let the Cyclotron stand and walked up on the vehicle, his Gloveatrix at the ready. T-Bone came up on the passenger side, the opposite side of Razor, and stood ready for anything. Razor walked up and pulled open the driver side door.

“Dr. Viper!” Razor yelled, but it was too late. Viper had smashed a vial on Razor’s face. His face and paws started smoking, the chemical filled his lungs and he could not scream. He fell back to the ground.

Dr. Viper grabbed a shoulder bag and jumped against the passenger door, and tossed it off its hinges, landing on top of T-Bone who yelped. The snake like cat made a run for the nearest sewer drain and was gone.

“OH GOD!”T-Bone screamed. The air had been knocked from his chest. He coughed. “Razor?” He shoved the door off of his body, and he was having trouble standing. He decided it was best to keep put for now. “Lt. Feral?”

“T-Bone?” her voice came over the radio.

“I’m by the armored car. Razor isn’t answering my radios. I’m hurt.” He needed assistance, and he trusted Lt. Feral enough to have her come down to his aid. “Razor?” He tried again. The pain was crossing down his back and spine, and his collar he didn’t try to move. “Razor?”

“T-Bone!” Lt. Feral ran up to him and sat down near him “Don’t move, I’ll get you to Dr. Conway. He won’t jeopardize your identity.”

T-Bone nodded. “Check on Razor.”

Lt. Feral stood and walked around the car. “Razor!” she yelled and grabbed her radio off her shoulder. “I need a medical chopper immediately to the Megakat Freeway near exit 212. I have a kat down with extensive chemical burns. I need Poison control!”

T-Bone could overhear her radio but did nothing. He couldn’t even move. He was a bit helpless. Felina had left him and was doing all in her power to get all resources focused on Razor. Something was very wrong and at this point he didn’t know whether Razor was alive or dead.

Within the hour, the two were being transported to a medical facility at Pumadyne Labs where Dr. Litter Greenbox, and Dr. Morgan Conway were waiting. T-Bone was separated from Razor. T-Bone went with Dr. Greenbox, and Razor was moved to Dr. Conway. Callie Briggs had arrived as soon as she heard the news; she stayed and looked after all information on Razor and Felina stayed with T-bone.

T-Bone looked up at Felina and cringed. “Razor?”

“I haven’t heard.” She shook her head and looked up at Dr. Greenbox. “How is T-Bone doing?”

“He’s got a broken clavicle, and he has a hairline fracture of his spinal column. Other then that, I’m not sure what else to tell you. I’m an inventor not a medical doctor but I’m doing the best I can due to the security of this situation.”

Felina nodded. “T-Bone isn’t moving for a while, is he?”

“I’m afraid not, Lt. Feral.” Dr. Greenbox injected a pain killer into the IV that was placed through T-Bone’s paw.”

Felina petted T-bone’s other paw in her hand. “I am going to go get the information on Razor.”

“Ok.” T-Bone lay back and tried to rest.

Felina walked out the hall and into the next room. She looked at Callie who had been sitting and waiting for more word. “Any news?”

Callie looked up at her. “Not much.” Callie sighed and pulled her briefcase out of the chair next to her so Felina could sit down. “It’s a really bad chemical burn, something called Ammonium Nitrate. Apparently, it causes weakness, unconsciousness, and a reduction in blood’s ability to carry oxygen. He could die.”

Felina blinked “How bad are the burns?”

“They are all over him.” Callie blinked “Is T-Bone awake?”

“Yes, broken bones, nothing more,” Felina informed her.

“I need to talk to him.” Callie stood and walked to the room where Dr. Greenbox was sitting with T-Bone. “T-Bone. I need to talk to you.” Callie walked in and stood near him. “Razor is in a very bad way. He’s covered with chemical burns.”

“His mask?” T-Bone was almost forlorn asking.
“I’m only allowing Dr. Conway to see him without it. The burns are bad; he’s trying to save his life.”

“Ok,” T-Bone sighed, rolling onto his side “It was Dr. Viper.”

“I know.” Callie took her glasses off her nose. “There’s been no sign of him.”

“And, there’s not likely to be.” T-Bone tried to sit up and Dr. Greenbox quickly tried to lay him back.

“You are not ready to be moving around,” Greenbox tried to explain.

“I want to speak to Conway, alone.” T-Bone looked at Callie. “Please, Miss Briggs.”

“Very well.” Callie turned to Dr. Greenbox. “Get him in a wheelchair. I’m taking him to Razor and Dr. Conway.”

Dr. Greenbox nodded.

“Thanks Miss Briggs.” T-Bone reached to the small metal table above the bed he rested on and grabbed his flight helmet and replaced it over his mask.

Dr. Conway was working hard at his station and injected a chemical into an IV as the door opened and T-Bone was wheeled in and then the door was closed behind him.

“Hey Doc.” T-Bone’s left side didn’t hurt as bad as the rest of him. With his left arm he wheeled in as best he could.

Razor lay on the table, mask and helmet gone. His arms, legs, and his muzzle were burned really badly and T-Bone almost could not look at him. T-Bone held back a lot of emotions.

“How is he?”

“He’s alive.” Dr. Conway came over and wheeled T-Bone to the bed where Razor lay. “I’ve worked hard to control the burns, to clean out his system and try to get more oxygen to his cells.”

“Ok.” T-Bone looked at Razor. His helmet was melted on the right side, and Razor’s right ear was charred black. “You won’t tell anyone.” T-Bone began.

“No I won’t.” Dr. Conway shook his paw and knelt down by his wheelchair. “You have my word, no one will know.”

T-Bone nodded. He and Razor had worked on Dr. Conway’s SUV the week before and he did recognize Razor as being Jake.

“You’re next alignment is on us,” T-Bone laughed.

“Good.” Dr. Conway smiled “I’ve got him sedated, and he should rest fine. I’m keeping him on the oxygen until tomorrow. Razor does not look to need a blood transfusion, but I am not going to rule it out at this point.”

T-Bone nodded. “He’s O negative.”

“And you?”

“I’m A negative.”

Dr. Conway nodded. “I’ll look for a suitable donor.”

“I don’t want us to stay here,” T-Bone stated “This is not safe for us. ”

“Razor can not be moved right now,” Dr. Conway insisted. “I will have him moved to my personal lab in the morning, you as well. I can look after the both of you, and you can both be safe.”

“Thank you.” T-Bone did not know what else to say to the Dr.

“Is there anyone with whom you trust that you would allow to have clearance to the facility and your identities?” Dr. Conway tried not to be so blunt about it, but it was hard not to be.

“No.” T-bone looked down. “As much as I would love Miss Briggs and Felina to know I can not risk it.”

The Doctor nodded. “I’m going to have them set you up in here with Razor and you can get some sleep. How does that sound?”

“Fantastic.” T-bone mused. “Could I get something to eat as well?”

“I was about to ask you if you had eaten anything.” Dr. Conway smiled and rolled T-Bone to the door. He smiled at Lt. Feral. “Lt. Feral, would you mind taking T-Bone to get something to eat, and to drink?”

“Not a problem, Dr. Conway.”

“No caffeine.”

“What?” T-Bone blinked and turned his head to Dr. Conway as far as his back would allow.

“No caffeine. It’s not good for you with the pain killers you’re on.” Dr. Conway looked at Felina “Take care of him, Lt. Feral. He could use the company right now.”

“Understood.” Felina wheeled T-Bone into the next room and pulled up a chair beside him. “What do you feel like eating?”

“Not sure, anything sounds good right now, as long as it’s warm.” T-Bone was feeling for Razor. Felina could read how lost he looked on his face.

“All right.” Felina grabbed her cell phone. “Chinese?” She smiled as T-Bone’s ears turned toward her.

“Sweet and Sour Shrimp.” T-Bone smiled a bit. “With Chili peppers.”

“Chili Peppers?” Felina blinked.

“Don’t ask.” T-Bone smiled.

The rest of the night went pretty fast. T-Bone and Felina ate dinner then talked most of the night. Razor’s condition did not change, and he did not wake. T-Bone stayed awake most of the night to keep watch over Razor, but drifted off around four in the morning. Felina put a blanket around his shoulders and stayed with him. She curled up on a small couch in the room.


T-Bone stirred and blinked

“T-Bone, wake up.” His eyes opened to see Felina smiling at him. “Hey…Good morning.”

“Lt. Feral,” T-Bone leaned up and rubbed at his mask. The sleep was crusting his eyes beneath. “Morning.” She suddenly put a cup of black coffee in front of him. “What about the no caffeine?”

“One cup won’t kill you, and you look as though you could use it.” Felina smiled sitting next to him.

“Thanks, Lt. Feral,” T-Bone sighed.

“I took personal leave in order to help Dr. Conway.” Indeed she had. She was wearing jeans, a simple white shirt and a leather jacket. She looked fabulous. T-bone tried not to stare at her. “I also had the Turbokat, Hoverkat, and Razor’s bike moved to a warehouse south of here. No one will bother them.”

“You’re the best.”

“I try.”

T-Bone sipped his coffee and looked in on Razor from the window that connected the room he was in to the room Razor was in.

Dr. Conway opened the door and walked inside. “How are you feeling today, T-Bone?”


Dr. Conway looked at his neck and the bandages around his collarbone.

“Other than that good.”

“All right. Razor’s awake.”

“What?” T-Bone moved a little too soon and cringed as pain spread over his shoulder and down his back.

“T-Bone, relax.” Felina put a hand on his arm and tried to calm him. “We’ll go see him now.”

“Yes please do; he could use the company.” Dr. Conway smiled. “Razor’s burns are keeping his face well uncovered,” He reminded T-bone.

“Lt. Feral. You have my trust.” T-Bone looked up at her. “This stays between the two of you.”

Felina was silent. She was going to find out who they were. Part of her was excited and part of her was feeling guilty like it was wrong. She simply nodded and, as Dr. Conway opened the door, she rolled T-Bone into the room. When they reached the table, T-Bone took Razor’s paw in his hand. “Hey.”

Razor’s head turned. “Hi, pal.”

“Only Dr. Conway and Felina know.”

Razor made what he could of a nod. He smiled at Felina.

“I’m Jake.” Razor held out his good paw to Felina.

“Felina.” She smiled

“Chance?” Jake coughed.

“Yeah, Pal?” T-Bone took off his helmet and mask. Felina got a good look at his face, warn and torn. He almost looked like the pictures of her uncle when he was young in the second Megaworld war. “What can I get you?”

“The gold fish.”

Chance laughed. “Yeah, someone will take care of him.” Razor was in a lot of pain if he was worried about his damn goldfish.

“I’m going to get you both moved to my private lab in about an hour. I’ve got to get Razor covered and get you prepared to go as well.”

Chance nodded and watched as Dr. Conway left the three of them alone.

Felina smiled at the two. “I thought by seeing your faces I would know who you were.” She shook her head. “But, I am just as clueless as before.”

“Your uncle would know us, and kill us.” Chance smiled. “You remember those two losers who, well, flew their jet into Enforcer HQ about 4 years ago?”

Felina’s eyes widened. “That was you?”

“Surprise.” Razor tried to muster a laugh. Talking was hurting him; his lungs burned.

“Hush, bud.” Chance smiled. “I’m glad you are feeling better, but I need you to calm down. You need rest.”

Razor made a nod.

Chance turned to Felina. “So, am I as handsome as you’ve always dreamed?”

“Wow, you went from hero to cocky in like 3.5 seconds,” Felina giggled. “Yeah, you are.”

“Ok, I was not prepared for you to say I was handsome.” Chance blinked and was immediately embarrassed.

Felina laughed.

“Razor, I mean Jake are you hungry? Would you like something?”

He silently pointed to the IV. He was getting all the food he needed though his veins. He was grateful for the concern and the company Felina and Chance were giving him. His throat had been burned so badly by the chemical that he could not swallow and his talking was becoming rather difficult.

“Ok, pal, just rest.”

Jake gave a slight nod.

“We need to get you ready to go as well.” Felina gave Chance a look.

“Ok.” Chance blinked.

“I got you some civilian clothes. We are going to transport you both by van, but not as the Swat Kats, as yourselves. ”

“How are we going to explain Jake?”

“I’ve decided to make a falsified report. There was an oil fire at the salvage yard.” Felina shrugged. “I’m the commander’s niece; I can get in his office whenever I choose. Changing documents, well, that’s something I’ve been doing a while.”

“Late to work too many times?”

“You caught me.” She smiled. “I think my uncle will believe that you two have stopped working due to Jake being burned by an oil fire more than he would believe that you two are the Swat Kats.”

“Good point.” Chance sighed. “And, my injury?”

“You got hurt trying to save Jake.”

“Lovely,” he said. “I can barely move my arms, let alone move very far. My tail is killing me.”

“Not surprised.” Felina gave Chance a paper bag. “Hurry and get changed if you can. Dr. Conway said that if you needed help he’d return in a short while. I need to report in to my uncle, and then I’ll be back to help get you two somewhere more comfortable.” Felina turned and headed out the door.

Chance looked over at Jake, not sure what to say or what to think at this point. Jake had passed out and was breathing slowly with the help of the respirator. Chance was not sure what the next few days would hold. He needed some peace, some time to clear his head and think. He had not been prepared for telling Felina or anyone, let alone Dr. Conway, who they were. Jake, however, was in such a condition that it was no use. As for letting any Kat know; Felina and Dr. Conway would keep their identities a secret and no one would know. That was Chance’s only comfort.

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