Original SWAT Kats Story

The Rainbow Christian

By Amanda Taylor

  • 1 Chapter
  • 309 Words

Amanda notices her love is possessed by a demon, and calls on some extraordinary powers to help her defeat it.

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Author's Notes:

Like God said to his people, “Go tell every one every where the Good News that I, Jesus,the son of God. has arised from the dead to forgive all the sins that were ever made and when the time comes and they believe in the Lord, they will see me on the right hand of God.” Luke 28:30 in my Bible. This is for all those Christians out there.

It was quiet in Mega Kat City when I was walking to vist my baby, Dr.Viper.When I saw him, he didn’t have his black hair sticking out of his head, and he had pupils in his eyes.

I knew was very wrong here, and I asked him, “Baby,what happened to your hair and eyes?”

“Felt like doing this o.k.? Geesh,” he said.

When I heard him say that to me, I knew it wasn’t Viper at all.

“All right, you demon you, what did you do to the real Dr.Viper?” I asked, ready to slice this imposter to pieces.

He was silent and afraid of me because of my strong Christianty and courage, and he ran away.

“I’m going to get you! Cosmic Rainbow Power!” I said and transformed into the Rainbow Christian.

When the demon was out of breath, I sliced him clean in half with my Rainbow Power Sword and his body turned to dust. After the monster was killed, I saw the real Dr.Viper chained to the wall. He was injured pretty bad as well.

“Viper! Thank gosh you’re alive,” I said while setting him free.

“Barely. Thank you for sssaving me my love,” he said painfully to me.

“You should thank the Lord God all mighty. He is the true Hero,” I said.

At 7:30pm in my apartment……

“Dear God, thank you so much for helping me destroy that foul creature and guarding my one true love’s life. Amen,” I prayed.

“I love you, Amanda,” Dr.Viper said to me.

“And, I love you too,” I said, and we kissed.


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