Original SWAT Kats Story

The Oath of Silver: The Taunor Water

By Amanda Taylor

  • 1 Chapter
  • 627 Words

Amanda embarks on a mission to save her loved one.

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I awoke from my comfortable sleep, warm, clean, grateful for a good bed to the awareness of danger.

“Come on, Viper. It’s time to get up,” I said cheerfully.

I saw Dr. Viper curled in a tight ball with a runny nose. I heard him breath very heavily and saw him sweat a lot.

“Viper! You don’t look so good,”I said checking his forehead. “What are your symptoms?”

“Hot, sssticky, and I can’t breath sso well,” he groaned.

I rushed to Megakat library, looked it up in a medical book and ran back to the swamp.

“It looks like you got Magnakinous, and the remedy is Taunor water, which is located in the Taunor Mountains,” I explained.

“That’ss 24 miles away,” he said.

“Then I better start my quest with my white horse, Cheeka,” I said.

“Take care,” he said.

I mounted Cheeka and started my quest. As I passed through the Megakat desert, I spotted an enforcer helicopter follow me.

“Halt!  You’re in a restricted area,” Commander Feral shouted.

“But, I need to get Taunor Water for my love,” I said.

“Then let’s go. Her boyfriend must have Magnakinous,” Felina said.

“Oh… alright.  You can pass.  But, we’re keeping an eye on you,” he grumbled.

“I just remembered about the three tests,” Felina said.  “The tests are of kindness, truth, and courage.”

We stopped at the cave.  Commander Feral and Felina desided to stay out of my way as I went in. There stood the first test. The test of Kindness.

“Can you lead me some food for a hungry old kat?” said this old gray kat.

“Sure,” I said. I took out a croissant and gave it to him.

“You just passed the first test.  This cave leads to the second test.  Good luck,” he said and disappeared.

I rode Cheeka to the second test.  The test of Truth.

“This is the second test.  I will ask you a true or false qustion.  If you guess right, you my pass,” said this weird looking tom-kat.

“O.K., I’m ready.  Give me your best shot,” I said.

“I’m a she-kat.  True or False?” he asked.

“False,” I said with a yawn.

“You passed the second test.  Now here comes the final test.  Good luck,” he said.

I saw the last test right in front of me.

“You must destroy me to win your prize,” said this black dragon.

“It is done,” I said, unsheathing my Antipode Sword.

I dodged his deadly breath and tail. And, finally, at the last second, I cut the dragon’s head off. I saw a bright light ahead and followed it, and there it was.  The Taunor Fountain. I filled my water bottle and rode back.

“I hope her boyfriend will be fine,” Felina said to her uncle.

I saw Dr. Viper lay asleep in his bed and woke him up. I took my water bottle out and watch him slowly sip it.

In the morning, I saw him get out of bed totally refreshed.

“Good morning, baby,” I said while fixing breakfast.

“Good morning, my sssweet,” he said, kissing me.

And, he never got sick again.

Only a hero destined to help, must swear it and acomplish it well.

The End

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