Original SWAT Kats Story

The Lonesome Dragon: My Style

By Amanda Taylor

  • 1 Chapter
  • 335 Words

An evil, jealous witch turns Amanda into a dragon. Can Viper save her?

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On the Northern shore of Viper Cove is where I live. All the tom-kats loved me, gardener and guardsmith alike. They loved me for my gentle nature, my lovely face, and my fine form, but none loved me as much as Dr. Viper, who knew I had fire beneath my skin.

I was held prisoner by an evil witch named Hisiel who talked to a silver glass each day.

“Silver glass, my only friend, how will Amanda’s life end? Great and Greater does my jealousy grows for the lovely Amanda,” she said.

Each time, the glass would just show the evil witch and the cold stones of Viper Cove.

One day, I was out petting my cat.  It scratched me, and three drops of blood fell from my finger.

“Amanda, please come upstairs,” called Hisiel.

I reluctantly walked upstairs.

“Stand on this red star so I can better see your lovely face,” she said.

The witch flung evil herbs at me, changing my form it to that of a dragon.

“Go, Amanda,” called the witch, then cackled.

I flew over the kingdom, but Dr. Viper saw me and recognized me.

“I musst sssave her!” said Viper.

And, he went back to the castle.

“How do I break this awful ssspell?” asked Viper.

“Give the dragon kisses three, Amanda you will set free,” said a voice out of nowhere.  “Give Amanda kisses three, turned to stone you’ll surely be.”

Dr. Viper was willing to risk this. For it was my life that mattered.

He kissed me three times and instantly turned to stone. Then, I came to life and started to cry. As my tears fell on him, the stone wore off.

Dr. Viper and me got married and lived a happily ever after.

The End

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