Original SWAT Kats Story

SWAT Kats Baddies Planet

By Amanda Taylor

  • 1 Chapter
  • 450 Words

A spoof of “Cartoon Planet.” The SWAT Kat villains get their own show.

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Author's Notes:

I took this idea from Cartoon Planet. I hope ya like it!

::funky music gets turned on and everyone takes their places::

Dr. Viper: Ok, guyss, thisss iss it! Don’t ssscrew up!

Mac & Molly: Finally, we get our own show for once! ::they head bang::

Me: Yo! Dark Kat! How did ya turn from a brainy-act to a dumb-dumb?

Dark Kat: Uh…. I don’t know! ::pauses and thinks:: Oh ya! When da old tuna factory blew up!

Mac: ::whispers to Molly and starts laughing::

Dr. Viper: And, what are you two talkin’ about?

Molly: Uh… nothing! Nothing at all! ::snickers::

Dr. Viper: That’ss what I thought.

::the screen fades and the Mail Day theme pops up and the theme plays::

Me: This letter is for “Yours Truly”! ::reads letter out loud::

Me: ‘Dear, Amanda, how did you and Dr. Viper meet each other?  From: Kristen Sharpe.

Me: Here’s the story! Dr. Viper and I met in the sewers (Eyes In The Dark) a month ago. I orignally came from planet Earth, but, when I came, I turned into a kat. Got it? Good!

Dark Kat: This one’s for me! ::begins reading::  ‘Dear, Dark Kat, It is intresting how you got really stupid just by havin’ yer head bonked! I hope it stays that way! Ha ha ha!  –Rikki Feral

Dark Kat: ::begins crying like Tanzest:: Now that’s plain mean!  WWWAAAHHH!!!

::Me, Dr. Viper, Mac & Molly leave while Dark Kat cries::

::screen fades and Dr. Viper’s face shows up::

Dr. Viper: ::blinks:: Hey, Amanda! Have any plansss for the 31st? Heh heh!

Me: No! Why?

Dr. Viper: I wass thinking about trying to have kidsss.  Sso, they could take care of ussss.

Me: Uh… um… Can we get married first?

Dr. Viper: ::coils me in his tail and smiles:: Can we get married on that day?

Me: ::smiles lovingly:: Viper! I’m flattered!

Dr. Viper: ::kisses me::

Mac: Ok! Enough of the mushy stuff!

Dark Kat: ::accidentally turns off the light switch:: Oops!

Dr. Viper: Amanda, getting any ideasss?

::screen fades to the credits::

::Dark Kat sings during the credits::

Dark Kat: Now it’s time to say good-bye to Dr. Viper and his kin! Thanks for stoppin’-n-droppin’ in! Uh uh uh uh! Have a heaping helping of our hospitality! Deedle, deedle, dee! Good-bye, good-bye, good-bye, good-bye! Uh… good-bye!

The End

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