Original SWAT Kats Story

My Old Katfriend

By Amanda Taylor

  • 2 Chapters
  • 1,968 Words

Amanda finds her old friend, Meowrice, but it may affect her relationship with Dr. Viper.

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Author's Notes:

I’ve fallen in love with another kat named Meowrice. Meowrice is from the 1962 animated kids movie, Gay Purr-ee. In this story I dump Dr. Viper, and he is not so happy about it and takes revenge on my French beloved. Now on with the story.

Chapter 1

“Dr. Viper! Why did ya pour a chemical on me?” I asked. “I’m not a test subject!”

“But, Amanda, I don’t have any experimentsss to usse it on,” he said.

“Why don’t you get a new creature?” I asked. I began to cry, and tears stained my white, tiger striped cheeks.

The TV was on, and the volume was high.

“Ann Gora here, and The Pastmaster is causing trouble as usual. It seem as though he linked up the same world again too,” Ann Gora said.

Meowrice was walking down the fair streets of Pittsburgh, PA.

“If I ever get back to Paris, I’ll show that Jaune Tom who’z…”

Meowrice’s words were cut off when he saw the vortex in the sky. He stared in shock and terror as he saw the vortex roaring toward him. He screamed like he never screamed before in his life and got sucked in. He fell out the vortex in a big puff of blue smoke and looked around.

We ran to see what fell out, and I was shocked. There, right in front of us, was my last katfriend Meowrice Percy Beacoup.

“Where am I? A-Amanda, iz zat really you?” he asked.

“Yep!” I said over to hug him.

“I zee we have a vizter,” he said as he saw Dr. Viper.

Dr. Viper stared in a cold way.

“Oh, mon chere! I missed you so much!” Meowrice said sweetly.

“Dr. Viper, come here and meet Meowrice,” I said.

“No thanksss. I need to leave for a little bit to be ALONE,” he said in a half-sad and half-angry voice.

“What doess Meowriccce got that I haven’t got?” Dr. Viper said jealously. He grabbed a blow gun and fill it with a needle containing his own deadly venom from his fangs. “No on ssstealssss from Dr. Viper. No one!” he screamed out loud.

Meowrice and I walked in the doorway hand-n-hand.

“Viper, there you are,” I said. “Why have ya come back for?”

“To do thisss,” he said psychotically at Meowrice. Dr. Viper quickly took out his blow gun and fired at Meowrice. The needle found its target in Meowrice’s left shoulder.

Meowrice screamed in total pain as he fell on his back and wiggling in torture.

“Dr. Viper! How could you?” I screamed in his face.

Dr. Viper suddenly got angry at himself as I carried Meowrice to a Medical Doctor. Dr. Viper sang his song, which for some reason he knew this was the time:

“Oh my beloved
fell in love with
the kat I nearly
killed with my
own deadly poisson.
There she goess
weeping in the ssswamp
hoping to heal him.”

Dr. Viper cried as he saw me leave. Two tears rolled down his face with heartache and pain.

**Maybe if I go to help, she’ll be at leasst my friend.**

Dr. Viper grabbed his tools and ran to the hospital with faith in his heart and hope. He ran as fast as he could and barely made it inside.

“Will he be o.k.?” I asked Dr. Canon.

“We’ll have to wait til morning,” he said. “Then we’ll see if he gets better.”

“Can I spend the night here?” I asked.

“Sure ya can,” he said, smiling at me.

“A-Amanda, iz zat you?” Meowrice asked weakly.

“Yes,” I said, “I don’t love Dr. Viper anymore.”

“Who do you love now, chere?” he asked.

“You,” I answered lovingly, holding his hand.

“Oh, Amanda. I love you too!” he said, holding me in his arms.

I stared deeply into his brown eyes, and he stared into mine.

“Where’ss Meowriccce at?” Dr. Viper shrieked.

“He’s in room 15 with Miss Amanda,” the nurse said bravely.

When Dr. Viper walked in, he saw me kissing Meowrice. “I brought the antidote and it’s in my casssse,” he said.

“Why are YOU here?” I said sadly. “And, that antidote better work.”

Dr. Viper took out a syringe that had the antidote in it and pushed the needle into Meowrice’s black fur covered arm. Suddenly, Meowrice began to breath better and got some of his strength back.

Dr. Viper was about to slip put the window when I said, “Dr. Viper, I’m very thankful for what you did right now.”

“Doess thisss mean you sstill love me?” Dr. Viper asked.

“I’m sorry to tell ya this, but I truly love Meowrice now,” I said. “No offence, but you’re too over protective.”

“I undersstand, and I’m not offended. Can we sstill be friendsss?” Viper asked.

“If you become Meowrice’s friend, then sure,” I said.

“Friends?” Meowrice asked.

“Friendsss,” Dr. Viper said, shaking his hand.

And, just like that, Dr. Viper slipped out the window.

**I hope he treatss her right,** he thought to himself.

Tears filled up in his yellow eyes as he turned and walked away to the nearest kat-hole.

The End

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