Original SWAT Kats Story

After the Date

By Amanda Taylor

  • 1 Chapter
  • 369 Words

Amanda and Dr. Viper enjoy some quality time.

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Author's Notes:

This story is about me and Dr. Viper on a date on planet Earth. And, one last thing, I’m not so great with grammar.

Dr. Viper and I went to see the movie “Romeo and Juliet.” While we were watching the movie, Dr. Viper my hand smiled at me lovingly. At the kissing scene, me and Dr. Viper kissed all through that part, and we accidentally fell down.

After the movie, we went out to dinner at Fresh Choice. I had Caesar salad, dried vegetables, a potato, and non-fat ice cream while Dr. Viper had clam chowder, Caesar salad, and pesto pizza. We ate our food, and we talked a while.

“So, Viper darling, why are you trying to turn Mega Kat city into a swamp?” I asked nicely.

“The reasssson why iss, becausssse I find it ugly with all that metal and plasssstic buildingsss. That’ss why, my sssweetnessss,” he whispered in my ear.

We paid the bill and went to the park.

“Amanda, I need to tell you sssomething,” he said to me seriously.

“Yes, what is it?” I asked.

“Amanda, I love you. I love you more then trying to take over Mega Kat city, and I would be mosssst honored if you heard me now. Amanda, will you marry me?” he said and asked.

“Yes!” I said happily.

And, we did. Dr. Viper forgot about about Mega Kat city and thought more about us.

9 months later……..

“Viper, guess what. We’re going to have baby!” I said.

“When?” he asked happily, jumping out of his chair.

“Now!” I said.

Dr. Viper rushed as fast he could to the hospital and carried me in.

1 hour later………

“Dr. Viper, I have a surprise for you. Follow me,” the nurse said.

When Viper got there……..

“We have twins,” I said, smiling at him.

Dr. Viper jumped up and down, saying, “I’m a father! Hooray!!!!”

Dr. Viper walked up to me and said, “You’re going to be a great mother.”

“And, you’re going to be a great father,” I said to him.


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