Original SWAT Kats Story

A Rappin’ in the Forest

By Amanda Taylor

  • 1 Chapter
  • 1,995 Words

Dr. Viper and Amanda go to Earth to visit her animal friends in the Evergreen Forest and her ex-boyfriend, Cyril Sneer, tries to pull Amanda away from Dr. Viper when she does a report on him.

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Author's Notes:

A “The Raccoons’ ” crossover. Dr. Viper and I go to Earth to visit my animal friends in the Evergreen Forest, and my ex-boyfriend, Cyril Sneer, tries to pull me away from Dr. Viper when I do a report on him. Plus: Dr. Viper and I teach our friends how to rap in the end.

It was a beautiful day in Megakat City as Dr. Viper and I were helping Chance and Jake with Callie’s car.

Callie: I still can’t believe you two would let those two help you with your job.

Jake: Well, we thought we should give them a chance to reframe their ways and help M.K.C.

Callie: Okay. But, I still recommend you keep a close eye on them.

Jake: We will, Ms. Briggs. We will.

::in the garage::

Dr. Viper: Ssso, Amanda, can I ever visssit your world?

Me: How about tomorrow?

Chance: {looks at us and says} Oh, alright! You two love birds can go tomorrow, but only for 4 days.

Dr. Viper & Me: Hoorah!!!

Jake: {walks in the garage} What’s up?

Chance: I decided to let these two{points at Dr. Viper and I}go to Amanda’s planet for 4 days.

Jake: {looks at Chance} Alright!

The next morning, Dr. Viper and I got dressed, packed our things, and went out of our rooms.

Jake: You two take care now and make it back safely.

Dr. Viper: {smirks at Jake and says} Okay, “Dad”. {laughs}

Chance: {runs to Dr. Viper and I} You two can have these in case if you get into trouble. {hands two glove-a-trixes to us} Since you two are right handed, Jake them for your right hands.

Me: {smiles at Chance and Jake} Thank you so much. {kisses them on the cheek}

And so, Dr. Viper and I warped to earth after I activated my Travel Pen, and we made to safely in The Evergreen Forest.

Dr. Viper: Ssso, where are we?

Me: We’re in the Evergreen Forest, also known as the Animal Kingdom.

Dr. Viper: Ssoo, where do we go from here?

Me: To some old friends of mine as well as “The Rich One.”

Small voice: And who pray tell is “The Rich One.”

Me: {looks in her backpack and finds her cat guardian Stardust} Stardust! Were you here the whole time?

Stardust: {jumps out of my bag and on to the pine needle cover landscape} I had a feeling you were going to need me, so I came and I have something special for you. {jumps, does a back flip, and a blue pen appears.}

Me: Stardust, is this another one of your gadgets?

Stardust: This is The Stardust Pen. It’s a an ultra powerful transformation tool. All you have to do is shout “Disguise Power” and it’ll transform you into whatever you want.

Me: I’ll try it as soon as we locate The Raccoondiminium. {hooks up her mini computer into her glove-a-trix and begins to type in the coordinates and make a map of the area}

Me: Anisha, scan the area by satellite.

Anisha: Scanning, Amanda ..-beeps as she scans-..Map complete. {a hologram of the forest shows up}

Me: Now, according to my calculations, the Raccoondiminium is south from here. Anisha, activate hover boards. {two hover boards pop out of nowhere}

Dr. Viper: Let’sss go!

We made our way through the forest at a steady pace so we wouldn’t bump into any trees. I thought it would be good to see some of my old friends. 20 minutes later, we made it to our destination.

Dr. Viper: {knocks on the door} Anyone home?

The Door opened slowly, and a raccoon with a red and yellow shirt on peeked his head out.

Bert: Amanda? Is that really you?

Me: The one and only!

Bert: {turns his head around} Hey everyone! Amanda’s back!

Everyone in the Raccoondiminium run outside the door, knocking Bert down face first.

Bert: I’m okay!

Melissa: Welcome back. Amanda!

Sophia: Who’s Your friend?

Me: This my fiance, Dr. Viper.

Dr. Viper: {kneels} Nicce to meet you all!

Me: What happened to Ralph?

Bert: {gets up} He got captured by “Hose Nose.”

Me: Cyril Sneer!

Dr. Viper: Don’t worry! We’ll get him back!

Melissa: How?

Me: {smiles} Just watch. {pulls out The Stardust Pen} Disguise Power! Transform me into a sophisticated newspaper reporter, aardvark style.

I transform into a pink aardvark in red high heels, gold earrings, and a red reporter dress.

Everyone: Woow!

Stardust: Do you think you can walk in those?

Me: {smiles again} Remember, Stardust, I said sophisticated.

Dr. Viper and I jumped on our hover boards and made our way to Cyril Sneer’s mansion.

Me: You two hide in the bushes until I give the signal.

Dr. Viper: Over and out, baby!

It has been a long time since I went to Sneer Mansion. I use to be Cyril Sneer’s girlfriend. I was slightly scared and nervous, but I stood my ground. I knocked on the door and one of Cyril’s assistants, Pig1, peeked his head out the door.

Pig1: Who is it?

Me: Hi! I’m Brenda Neechee from The Daily Surprise. I was sent here to do a report on Mister Cyril Sneer.

Pig1: Boss! There’s a girl reporter here to see you!

Cyril Sneer: {as he walks to the door} I wonder what nosey, weird looking…. {sentence is cut short after he looks out the door and his jaw nearly drops all the way to the ground}

Me: Hello, Mr. Sneer. I’m from the Daily Surprise, and I was hoping….

Cyril Sneer: {grabs my hand and kisses it like crazy} That’s right! Cyril Sneer’s my name and money is my game! Come in. Come in.

I was “Introduced” to a long dinner table that looked almost as long as a limo. Cyril was all dressed in a white tuxedo and sat right next to me. I gulped. I was getting to a point that I was going to forget about Ralph and run out of here, screaming.

Me: S-s-o, ho-o-owws life in this c-castle?

Cyril Sneer: {stares at me lustfully} So, baby, how about going out with the richest guy in the woods?

Me: {gulps and whispers}Mommy…

Cyril Sneer: {forces me to kiss him}

Me: {tries to get out of Cyril’s arms}Please get control of yourself, Mr. Sneer! I have a fiance!

Cyril Sneer: Forget about him! Let’s talk about us!

Me: {screams as Cyril chases her around the whole mansion} Help me! Save me! Help me! Save me!

Outside the mansion….

Dr. Viper: Sssincce she disstracted Missster Ssssneer, let’ss free Ralph.

Stardust: And, how are you going to do that?

Dr. Viper: {smirks, picks up Stardust and walks straight through the wall to the dungeon}

Stardust: Whoah! How did you do that?

Dr. Viper: Ssssimple, Sstardussst. Amanda taught me!

Stardust: That figures!

Dr. Viper and Stardust found themselves in the dungeon. It was a dark and eerie place. Dr. Viper and Stardust walked all the way down the dark staircase and found Ralph in a dingy cell.

Dr. Viper: {looks around and sees one of Cyril’s bear guards guarding Ralph} Here’sss the plan.

Stardust: {trots over to the guard, meowing and purring}

Bear Henchman: What a cute kitty?

Dr. Viper: {sneaks over and sets Ralph free}

Ralph: {whispering}Who are you?

Dr. Viper: I’ll explain later. {elbow drops the bear henchman, knocking him out cold}

The three dashed up the stairs, walked through the wall, and got on the hover board.

Dr. Viper: Go ahead without me.

Ralph: Why?

Dr. Viper: I have to save my fiance!

Ralph: {flies away}

Inside Sneer Mansion….

Cyril Sneer: Why did you lie to me, Amanda, and why did you use that disguise?

Me: To save a friend. Please don’t be mad.

Cyril Sneer: {remains silent for a moment}

Me: {walks bravely up to Cyril} Wouldn’t you do the same thing for your friend Danny?

Cyril Sneer: {turns his head and begins to remember when he met Danny in the hospital} Amanda, I haven’t stopped think about you! Even after you left me, I was still in love with you.

Me: Cyril, please try to understand. I like you. I really do, but I love Dr. Viper.

Cyril Sneer: {turns back to me in tears and hugs me when he cries} I hate to see you go!

Me: I understand.

Cyril Sneer: I just wanted to say you’ll always be in my heart even after I die.

Dr. Viper: {stands in between us} Amanda, the hover boardss are ready and waiting. We can leave at anytime.

Me: Good-bye, Cyril. Maybe we’ll meet again in another time.

And so, Dr. Viper, Stardust, and I made our way back to the Evergreen Forest.

Bear henchman: Boss, the prisoner has escaped!

Cyril Sneer: Let him go.

Cedric, Cyril’s son, walks up to his father and begins to talk to him.

Cedric: What happened, pop?

Cyril Sneer: I’ll explain later, son.

As we arrived back in the Evergreen forest, Melissa ran straight into Ralph’s arms and kissed him.

Ralph: It’s so good to see everybody all happy!

Bert: {shakes Ralph’s paw} It’s great to see ya too! Let’s have a welcome home party!

Sophia: Ya!

It was midnight when the party started, and it was cool. Everyone was dancing, singing, and playing CDs.

Dr. Viper: Did you guys ever hear Rap music?

Everyone but Dr. Viper, Stardust, and I: {the friends Shrug}

Bert: What’s Rap?

Me: Listen to this CD for yourselves. {slips a blue CD into the disk player and the song Hit Me One More Time from Brittney Spears plays} I’ll sing this one! {grabs a microphone}

Me: {singing} Oh baby, baby, how was I supposed to know that something wasn’t right here?
Oh baby, baby, I shouldn’t have let you go and now you’re right on sighing!
Show me how ya want it to be!
Tell me, baby, ’cause I need to right now because…. My loneliness is killing me! I must confess I still believe!
When I’m not with you I lose my mind! Give me a sign!
Hit Me Baby One More time!

Cyril Sneer & Cedric: {pop their head out of a nearby bush}

Cedric: Can we join the party, pop?

Cyril Sneer: Okay, but just this once!

Everyone danced until the sun came up.

Cyril also learned that even if that person you’ve loved in your past, you sometimes just can’t get that person out of your head.

The End

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