Original SWAT Kats Story

A Dream

By Amanda Taylor

  • 2 Chapters
  • 3,496 Words

Amanda and Viper plot to use a mind control drug against the SWAT Kats, but they get a surprise when someone targets them as well.

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Author's Notes:

Here’s PART 2!!! I didn’t have a dream writing THIS one story and guess what? The Rainbow Christian is… BACK!!!!

Chapter 2

Viper grabbed a bottle champagne from his right coat pocket and said, “Ah, mea moir, my sssweet monseire, thisss isss a moment that will lassst forever!”

I purred as he was talking in French, (the language of love) as he continued. “Oh, Viper, my love! You’re the greatest thing that ever happened to me in my life,” I said.

It was 10:45pm as we ate at Fredrico’s Restaurant.

“Viper, I want to sing!” I said, ready to pounce on top of the stage.

“Go ahead, my sssweet. I would love to listen to your beautiful voiccce,” Viper said.

I jumped on stage and began to sing The Neverending Story theme.

“The sun is around and looking at what you see.
Interface, the mirror of your dream.
Destiny lays everywhere
and given in the light.
It’s written in the pages
of a Neverending Story.

Reach the stars
and find a Fantasy.
Dream a dream watch and see what it will beee.

Life has its secrets and song behind the clouds
Never on a rainbow is the answer
of a Neverending Story!
Oooohhh! Storyyy! AaahOoooh.

Don’t show your fear
or she will fade awaaay.
In your hands, lay a birth of a new daaaance!

Life has its secrets
and a song behind the clouds.
Never on the Rainbow is an answer
to The Neverending Story!

“That wasss lovely!” Viper cheered happily. “I love to hear your beautiful voiccce!”

I bowed and leaped into Viper’s waiting arms. I accidentally knocked both of us down as we landed on the floor.

“I meant to do that!” I said with a nervous grin and blushing a crimson red.

At Mayor Manx’s Office…

“Maybe if I give it more stress, I can get us free,” T-Bone said.

Razor was able to pull out his blade that was in his sleeve of his flight suit and began to cut some of the vines.

“I can’t wait to get my hands on Viper’s throat and snap it!” Commander Feral growled.

“Chill out, uncle!” Felina said. “If you kill him, you’ll be in Alkatraz!”

“Look!” Callie said as she looked out Mayor Manx’s office, “It’s Dark Kat!”

“What does that bimbo want?” Razor asked.

“I don’t know, but I’m going to find out!” T-Bone said. “Razor, you take Callie, Felina, and the others to safety.”

“No! I’m going with you!” Felina said as she readied her gun.

“Alright you can come,” T-Bone said. “I’ll take the Cycletron while Razor takes the Turbokat.”

T-Bone and Felina jumped on the Cycletron and took off to the second new Megakat Tower while the others went to Enforcer Headquarters.

In Megakat Tower…

“Amanda, come here and sssit with me!” Viper hissed.

I came over and sat by Viper’s side. I felt one of Viper’s hands wrap around my neck and touched my right breast on my sweater.

“Oh Amanda! How I long to touch your body and wrap my tail around you,” Viper hissed in my ear.

I pulled Viper’s hand away from my chest and said, “Viper, you can’t touch my whole body, but you can wrap your tail around me.”

Viper very slowly coiled his long tail around my waist all the way down to my legs. “I’m sssorry, Amanda. The night time makesss me exxxcccited and horny,” Viper said, blushing with embarrassment.

“I understand,” I said with a grin. “I’m going to try and turn back to my normal human form.” In a puff of blue smoke, I turned back to my normal human form, smiling.

“I don’t care what you really are. I ssstill love you, Amanda,” Viper hissed.

“Aww! Isn’t this cute!” said a very scary voice.

On the cycletron…

“It looks like Dark Kat’s air ship is stopped at Megakat Tower,” Felina said.

“But, I thought that Megakat Tower was ripped apart,” T-Bone said.

“A new one was made over a year ago,” Felina said. “But, why would Dark Kat want to go there?”

“I think I know already,” T-Bone said. “It all started before you came to help your uncle.”

“What happened?” Felina asked childishly.

“About 3 years ago, before Viper met Amanda, Dr. Viper, Dark Kat, and The Metallikats formed alliance to get rid of me, Razor, and to rule Megakat City. After he katnapped Briggs and Mayor Manx, he blurted out his real plan,” T-Bone said.

“What was his real plan?” Felina asked, feeling a breeze in her hair.

“His real plan was to kill me and Razor and then kill the others if his plan worked,” T-Bone said.

“That figures!” Felina said.

Back at Megakat Tower….

“Dark Kat! I should have known!” Viper said. “What are you doing here?”

“Don’t play that innocent game with me, Viper!” Dark Kat yelled. “I’m going to do what I should have done to you 3 years ago!”

I ran and shield Viper from Dark Kat.

“Move out of the way, creature! This doesn’t concern you!” Dark Kat said, trying to push me out of the way.

“No! I won’t let you kill Viper! If you want him so bad, you need to do battle with me!” I said.

“If that’s your choice, Mrs. Hairless!” Dark Kat said.

I pulled out my sword and flashed it at Dark Kat.

“If you want a sword battle, it is done!” Dark Kat shouted.

I saw Dark Kat pull out one very nasty looking sword that was all black, and he also flashed his blade at me.

“Bring it on, scum bag!” I said.

At the Enforcer HQ….

“T-Bone, how your status?” Razor asked in his comlink.

In a fuzzy voice, “Me and Felina are almost at Megakat Tower,” T-Bone said.

“You guys stay here. I’m going to go and help T-Bone, and, Callie, tell Commander Feral to shut his mouth if he says, ‘This is Feral bring chopper back up!’” Razor said to Callie.

“I sure will! Razor, I love you,” Callie said.

Razor blushed a bright red and said, “I love you too.”

Razor gave Callie a kiss and flew off.

“Take care, my love!” Callie shouted.

Finally at the entrance of Megakat Tower….

“T-Bone,” Felina called.

“Yes, Lt. Feral?” T-Bone asked.

“If anything happens, I just wanted to tell ya… I.. um.. uh,” Felina said in a embarrassed voice and blushing a crimson red.

“I know what you’re going to say,” T-Bone said. “That you love me no matter what happens to either of us.”

“How did you know?” Felina asked.

“It’s was just a wild guess,” he said, and he too was blushing red. “Come on, we have to get Viper, Amanda, and Dark Kat,” T-Bone said.

“Right!” Felina said.

Both ran up the stairs and, like last time, was covered in vines.

“This brings back too many memories!” T-Bone said.

“What happened to last building?” Felina asked.

T-Bone stopped to catch his breath. “Later. Right now, we need to save Viper and Amanda!” T-Bone said.

Felina smiled at T-Bone’s courage and hope as she thought, **I’m so lucky to be with a hunky tom-kat that’s so handsome.**

Back at the top of Megakat Tower….

“Quadra Slam!” I shouted as a I hit Dark Kat four times with my blade.

When I do battle with someone or something, I get hit points. And, when those hit point hit zero, I’m done for. Dark Kat had only 432HPs while I had 1000HPs. I just needed a Quadra Slice attack to get rid of him once and for all.

Suddenly, “Alright, Dark Kat, come out with your claws in the air!”

Me, Viper, and Dark Kat turned around, and, sure enough, it was T-Bone and Felina.

“Let me finish Dark Kat off, SWAT Kat!” I said.

“Amanda, just calm down and just put the blade down!”T-Bone said.

“Why should I? He’ll just try and kill Viper again!” I shouted.

“Amanda, even though I can’t believe what I’m going to sssay thisss, but the SSSWAT Kat isss right,” Viper said.

I remembered about my religion and put my sword back in its sheath.

“Come on, Amanda. We’re going to take ya back home,” Felina said.

“Why are you two forgiving usss ssso easssily?” Viper asked.

“Because your 16yr old wife didn’t kill Dark Kat. Taking over a city is bad, but taking a life is even worse, and Amanda didn’t take Dark Kat’s life away even if she was full of anger,”said a voice from behind.

“Razor!” T-Bone shouted.

“Ya miss me, buddy?” Razor asked.

“Come on, let’s take Dark Kat to where he belongs,” Felina said.

“Oh… no.. you… don’t!” Dark Kat said. “I’ve… ch-changed… my mind! I’m going to get rid of Amanda!”

Dark Kat leaped in the air and, with his blade, slashed vicious at my right leg side.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!” I screamed. I fell to the ground with blood running down my leg.

“Amanda!!!” Viper shrieked.

T-Bone, Felina, and Dr. Viper ran to my side.

In a weak voice I said, “Rainbow.. Crystal Power!” And, in a bright and rainbow light, my ordinary clothes turned and me become the Rainbow Christian and I healed once again. “I am the Rainbow Christian! Sister to Princess Serena Alias Sailor Moon and Cousin to Devil Hunter Yohko! On behalf of the galaxy, I will right wrongs and triumph over evil like you! Besides Serena having a crescent moon wand, I have one too and a crystal!” I waved my silver crescent moon wand and shouted, “Gold Crystal Healing… Activation!”

And, just like that, the magic of my crystal began its work, turning Dark Kat back to his true form. Dark Kat screamed as he turned back into Judge Tigaro Stripes and fell to the ground.

“Wha.. what happened?”Tigaro asked.

“We’ll explain later. Even though you’re in your normal form, you have to go and spend time,” Razor said.

“Now I know what happened! He let his anger and hatred control his life and turned into Dark Kat!” Felina said.

“Let’s hope he won’t turn back into Dark Kat again,” T-Bone said.

“Me too,” I said.

“Me three!” Viper shouted.

“Amanda and Viper, can ya get rid of all the vines?” Razor asked.

“Okay!” I said.

Viper sulked at the thought, sighed, and said, “Okay… but I’m only doing thisss becaussse of Amanda!” Viper pulled out a vial with a pinkish purple fluid in it. “If we make enough of thisss, we can get rid of the vinesss,” Viper said.

“So, we need to go to Megakat Biochemical Labs to make it,” T-Bone said.

“Exxxactly,” Viper answered.

“Then let’s go!” I said.

We all jumped on the Turbokat and flew to MBL to get the anti-mutagen.


“Huh? What?” I said as I got out of bed. “Whoa! What a weird dream! I gotta tell mom!”

The End

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