Original SWAT Kats Story

A Dream

By Amanda Taylor

  • 2 Chapters
  • 3,496 Words

Amanda and Viper plot to use a mind control drug against the SWAT Kats, but they get a surprise when someone targets them as well.

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Author's Notes:

This is about a dream I had a couple of days ago. Personally, the description is about a story about me having this dream as the story goes on and on. So, it’s pretty darn silly!

Chapter 1

It was a beautiful day in our home as Dr. Viper was working on a formula that could hypnotize Mayor Manx, Deputy Mayor Briggs, Com. Feral, Lt. Feral, and (who else) The SWAT Kats. Just in case if we ever step in by. Ever since I came to MKC, I also discovered I was immune to Katalyst formulas.

“Thisss vial containsss a chemical that will put thossse meddling SSSWAT Katsss under my power as sssoon as they ssstep into thessse podsss that contain thisss mind control drug, they’ll bow before me! HA HA HA HA!”

“No offense, baby, but how will you lure them here and how does that stuff work?” I asked.

“Sssimple, my sssweet one,” he hissed. “I’ll jussst katnap Manxxx and Msss. Briggsss, who will call them on her pesssty comlink. Later, I’ll hang my captivesss over the open pods that has the the fluid in them, when the SSSWAT Katsss come in, there will be only one way to sssave them.”

“And, that’s through the pods,” I said.

“Exxxactly,” he hissed, “The formula will go under their fur and ssskin and into their bloodssstream. Then it will travel all the way to their brainsss.”

“Purrrfect!” I purred.

He kissed me gently on my neck and lips as he caressed me in his loving arms.


In the Megakat Salvage Yard…..

“I’m bored!” Jake said.

Chance and Jake were taking a morning jog around the salvage yard and stopped to catch their breath.

“I am too, but wasn’t that a great jog?” Chance asked.

“Uh… um.. ya,” Jake said as he sat himself down.

Suddenly, they saw a rather tall tom-kat wearing glasses hiding behind a pile of car scraps. He was shaking like crazy from head to tail and his arms were crossed across his chest.

“Hey, pal, what’s wrong?” Jake asked.

“Please don’t hurt me!” he said.

“We’re not going to hurt you,” Chance said. “Now what’s your name?”

“Douglus Bransha,” he answered.


Note: Douglus Bransha is a 15yr old male freshmen I knew for over a year at Carlmont High School.


“You wouldn’t believe me if I told ya,” Doug said.

“Come on. Please tell us,” Chance said, shaking him.

“Stop it, Chance! You’re just scaring him more,” Jake said.

Chance dropped Doug on the ground.

“If ya must know, I come from planet Earth, and I wasn’t always a kat!” Doug said, standing up and brushing off dirt and dust from his clothes. He wore a green jacket, a white T-shirt, big pocket jeans, and white wings. “I got sucked in some kind of vortex by this ugly orange thing,” Doug said.

“So, The Pastmaster did this!” Chance said.

“How do you know him?” Doug asked.

“We.. uh.. um.. watch Kat’s Eyes News. Ya! That’s it,” Jake said.

Doug looked at Chance and Jake, and then jumped back. “I know you!” Doug protested.

“Uh oh!” Chance and Jake said in unison.

“You! The orange one! You’re Jake Clawson. Alias: Razor. While you are Chance Furlong, Alias: T-Bone!” Doug screamed.

Chance grabbed Doug by the collar and said angrily,”If ya tell, I’ll…”

“Stop it, Chance! He’s only a kid! Give him a break!” Jake said.

Chance nodded and dropped him on the ground.

“Ow! That hurt!” Doug said.

Jake walked up to Doug and sat by him. “Ok! Let’s start at the beginning,” Jake said, “How do you know about us?”

“You’re on TV on Earth, and, on Earth, you two are just cartoon characters!” Doug said.

“And?” Chance said in a rough tone.

“There are over 50 SWAT Kats sites on The World Wide Web,” Doug said. “I’m not going to tell anyone about your big secret, so don’t beat up a 15yr old freshmen,” Doug said.

“YOU’RE 15?!” Jake and Chance asked together in shock.

“Now if you ya’ll excuse me, I’ll warp home.” Doug raised his green crystal key and shouted,”CRYSTAL KEY.. TAKE ME HOME!!!”

A giant cloud of green smoke circled overhead as he slowly got sucked in and disappeared.

Later at City Hall….

“Let us go!” Callie shouted.

Mayor Manx was out cold, I casted a Mute spell on Com. Feral’s mouth shut him up, and Lt. Feral had a Stop spell casted on her so could be very helpless.

“Be quiet and give me that comlink or ELSSSE!” Dr. Viper hissed.

Callie was so scared she didn’t know what to do, and she didn’t want any of the others to get hurt, so she obeyed and gave him the comlink.

“Thatta girl,” I said sarcastically.

Viper pushed the little red button on the comlink.


At the hanger…

“It’s Callie; let’s go,” Jake said.

Chance ran over to and hit on the speaker.

“SSSurprise, SSSWAT Katsss! Thisss iss Dr. Viper. I have the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor, Commander Feral, and Lt. Feral. Come to Cccity hall or they’ll get it!” Viper hissed and crushed the comlink to bits.

“Let’s go kick Viper’s tail!” Chance said.

Jake and Chance opened their lockers, and, as quick as lightning, became Razor and T-Bone. They hopped into the Turbokat and took off to City Hall.

“Onccce thossse infernal SSSWAT Katsss come in here, they’ll step in the mind control formula and they’ll be in my power!” Viper said.

I suddenly saw the pods grow rapidly as Viper poured Katalyst GC161 on the office plants and extra plants he brought. In each pod, the mind control formula was in them when they opened.

I was surprised that it seemed that the plan was working perfectly, because as soon as pods opened up, the Turbokat flew out of the sky and crashed into the Mayor’s Office.

“Oops! I meant to do that,” T-Bone said with embarrassment.

Manx woke up and screamed, “Beautiful office!”

The SWAT Kats jumped out of the Turbokat and held up their Gloveatrexes at us.

“Hold it, SSSWAT Katsss! We have a little sssurprise for you!” Dr. Viper said.

Suddenly, a giant Venus Fly Trap began came in to view, spitting acid at the SWAT Kats. That was the time Viper needed to put his plan in action.

“Get them, my hyper vinesss!” Viper shrieked.

The SWAT Kats tried their best to shoot them all, but there were too many of them. Then, in quick in flash, the vines wrapped them up like sushi.

Viper was very happy with himself as he not just dangled the SWAT Kats over the pods, but the others as well.

“Thisss cccity will sssoon be oursss,” he hissed.

We purposely went in one of the pods since the drug didn’t affect us.

Viper held me very close and hissed, “Thisss isss exciting me ssso much, I’m thinking about going making love to you.”

“Viper, later when we get this over with.”

Viper was totally embarrassed, because he spoke out loud about his desire.

The SWAT Kats and the others said, “YUCK AND DOUBLE YUCK!!!!”

Viper held me close as I closed my eyes and he said, “Amanda, I love you!”

I kissed Viper on his neck and began to bring out his kat half, purring pleasurably.

“OOOO!” he purred.



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