Original SWAT Kats Story

Fang Series

By Alex McQuown

  • 3 Chapters
  • 8,797 Words

The story of Fang, the mysterious creature picked up by the SWAT Kats one night.

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Author's Notes:

Fang Is a Wolf Man about 6’5″. Read the story now.

Chapter 1

New Home


“Where the hell am I?”

“What is this place?”

Fang awoke to the drumming of his head, which felt like it was just smacked with a concussion missile. It was very obvious as he looked around that he was not on the Crythania. He wasn’t even sure that the Crythania even existed now.

“Go figure. I knew the damned co-ax drive controls were busted, so why did I follow the commander’s order? I knew this would go bad. I’m screwed. Well, might as well find out what planet I’m on, ‘cuz this sure as hell ain’t any planet I’ve ever been to…”

After a few tries, Fang finally succeeded in getting up, much to the dismay of his throbbing head. A few minutes later, he found out that his tracking device was very much destroyed, and that his night lenses were drained of power.

“Great. Just fucking great. I’m stranded on some planet, with no way of anyone tracing me to rescue me, my night vision is gone, and I have one hell of a headache. What else can happen to make my life any worse?”

Unknown to Fang, he was detected by the Swat Kats, who picked him up as a radar blip on the screen while doing maneuvers near the canyon.

“T-Bone, did you pick that up on radar, or was it just me?”

“I saw it too, Razor. Let’s go see whatever did that, I’ve got a fix on it.”

The Turbokat’s engines flared as T-Bone kicked in the after- burners and headed toward the canyon. They saw the last thing that they would ever expect.

“What the?….” T-Bone looked towards the ground and almost swallowed his tongue when he saw what made the blip on the radar screen.

“What is it T-Bone?” Razor decided to look down also, and nearly coughed up a hairball when he saw what T-Bone saw.

Fang looked up at the jet and remembered seeing something like it when he was a kid. It was during a history class, a picture of old war crafts in his book. Curiously, he decided to wave to the jet. He raised his hand but then stopped, remembering his training. First rule of survival: HIDE. Fang bolted towards the canyon, hoping to lose the jet in the cliffs and rocky overhangs.

“T-Bone, whatever that thing is, we’ve gotta get it, before the Enforcers arrive and before he loses us in the canyon!”

“That thing, lose US in the canyon? HA!”

T-Bone maneuvered the jet over the running person, while Razor got the net ready to drop on him.

“I’m over him Razor. Anytime now.”

“No problem. Dropping net.”

Fang decided to risk a look back to see if the plane was there still. It was, and right above him! He knew that there was no way to outrun the jet, so he did the next best thing he could think of. He drew his pistol, and aimed at the jet. But he couldn’t get a shot off because at that second a heavy net dropped on him and immobilized him almost immediately.

“Shit, now I’m either an experiment, or a circus attraction. Now what am I going to do? Well, I’m caught, I might as well find out what they are going to do to me.”

The net hit him right on the head, and the last thing he saw before he passed out was a hook descending from the jet.

“Umm, Razor, you were supposed to net him, not knock him out.”

“His problem, not mine. At least he won’t be putting up a fight when we take him back to the hangar. Alright, he’s in the cargo hold, let’s get back to base.”

The Turbokat sped back to the salvage yard, and passed Commander Feral’s chopper.

“I knew you’d have something to do with this, Swat Kats.”

“What’s wrong, Feral? Just making a few runs with the jet. Surely you can’t hold us for that?” T-Bone grinned at Feral and then hit the afterburners back to base, leaving Feral in a backwash that almost put him out of the sky.

Fang awoke to the sound of laughter. He kept his eyes closed, and tried to signal that he was returning to consciousness slowly by groaning and coughing. It worked, as Chance and Jake cautiously entered the hangar running, and Jake tripped over his welder and flew face first into the cage holding Fang. He jumped up and stepped back away from the cage, a little embarrassed at his clumsiness.

Fang heard the steps, and the crash, and started chuckling, unable to contain himself.

“What’s so funny, Chance?”

“It’s not me laughing, it’s him,” Chance said while pointing at the cage that held Fang.

Fang just realized that he could understand what they were saying, and tried to speak back. But he first faked a bit of disorientation. The pain didn’t have to be faked though.

“Owww. What hit me? Where am I?” Fang slowly got up and promptly fell back down.

This time it was Jake’s turn to laugh.

“What?” Chance looked at Fang and realized that he spoke their language. “Who are you? And where are you from?”

“I’ll only tell you my code name and MAYBE where I’m from. I’m Fang, and until I get some answers, like who are you, and why have you captured me and caged me like some animal, I’m not answering any more of your questions. What have I done to you?” Fang grew just a bit angry.

“First off, you’ve done nothing to us. Second, we can’t tell if you’re dangerous or not, and we really can’t trust what you say. Third, I’m Chance and this is Jake. Welcome to MegaKat City.”

“Yeah, how can I trust you, you could be lying to me.”

Chance took that as an offensive remark. “Look, boy, I don’t care what you are or where you come from, but if you keep this up I’ll personally rip every hair from your body.”

“You’ll find that to be rather difficult. I wouldn’t advise trying to do that. I’m liable to bite.”

“Chance, Fang, shut up! Look, it was either capture you, or you end up as some experiment or biological specimen. You should be grateful.”

Fang liked Jake already; he was to the point. “I would be even more grateful if you would let me out of this damned cage.”

“Can we trust you?” Jake was not a fool, but he was trying to earn trust from him before he let him out.

“Yes, as long as you keep that big furball over there away from me, I don’t wanna end up hurting your friend here.” Fang threw Jake his pistol and ammo belt that he had hidden. “Here’s my gun. now let me out, please. I’m starting to get cramps.”

Chance was not gonna be around when Fang was out. “Go on and let him out, Jake, but you’re in charge of him. He does anything wrong, it’s your fault.” With that Chance left the hangar and went back upstairs and started watching reruns of Scaredy Cat.

“How can you stand him, Jake?”

“He’s usually not like this; it’s probably something you said.”

“I’m not like this when I’m out of a cage. You know, you’re pretty cool.”


Jake opened the cage and let Fang out, but was ready for an attack.

Fang sensed this, but he ignored it and sat down on the floor. “Got a lighter?”

“Nope, but I’ve got a welding torch.”

“I know; you tripped over it. Does that happen often?”

“No, but anyways, tell me about your kind.” Jake flared up the torch and Fang lit up a cigarette.

“Well, I’m really the only of my kind left. As far as I know, my ship probably wiped out the rest of my crew, who were the last survivors of my kind.”

“How come you lived? And what caused them to be the last of your kind?

“A solar flare wiped out our planet, and we were the only ship able to escape the planet. Afterwards the sun exploded and we hit the co-ax drive to try and escape the blast, but the controls were malfunctioning, and the ship exploded. Why I lived is beyond me.”

“Sorry to hear that. Did you have any family on the ship?

“No, they died due to crime. I turned independent, quit my job, and went after the crime bosses. After that, I stayed a loner, still fighting to save innocent people. I lost my home when the planet was destroyed, and I lost my life when the ship exploded. I am alone. Fuck it all.”

For a second Jake thought he saw a tear forming in Fang’s right eye. He couldn’t blame him though, after losing his family, home, then being truly alone, it couldn’t be helped. “Ouch. Anything I could do to help?”

“Yeah, find me something to do. A job, preferably doing what I do best, stopping crime.”

“Well, I could give you one place to go, but I’m not sure it would be safe for you.” Jake pulled out a map. “We are here. There is a building where law enforcement is taught. Go there and ask. POLITELY. Maybe if you explained yourself then they could grant you a shot at becoming an Enforcer. If that doesn’t work, then I can’t help you.”

“Thanks. I’ll see you around. you mind if I stay here for awhile? I have no place else.”

“Sure, but from now on, stay upstairs, ok?”

“Yeah, anyways I hate being in a basement.”

Fang walked out and passed Chance on his way to the ladder. Chance turned and saw a tear drop from Fang’s eyes.

“What got him?”

“It’s a long story Chance, but I have time to tell you. Sit down.”

Fang walked out of the salvage yard and decided that he would remain unseen on his way to the Enforcer Academy.

“First thing, I find the person who runs this Academy. Gain his trust, then try out for the Enforcers.”

Keep looking for more Fang/SwatKats stories soon. Any comments – E-mail me. amcquown@hotmail.com

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