Original SWAT Kats Story

The Mysterious She-Kat

By Akita

  • 2 Chapters
  • 6,332 Words

When the SWAT Kats rush to rescue a kidnapping victim, they find themselves walking right into Dark Kat’s latest trap. Who is this strange she-kat and what’s she done to Razor?

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Author's Notes:

Title: The Mysterious She-Kat
By: Akita
Email: PACKER3586@aol.com
Rating: E
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without permission.

Chapter 1

One day Jake and Chance were watching T. V. when the alarm on the wall went off. They ran to it and pushed the button.

“Hello, Miss Briggs, what’s the problem?” asked Chance.

“There’s a kidnapping in progress. I was waiting for Manx when I saw a kat get kidnapped by the bus stop. The kidnappers are headed toward a half-sunken ship out in Megakat Bay. The enforcers are responding, but I would feel better if you would try to save her,” said Callie.

“We’re on it,” said Jake.

They ran down to the hangar and got dressed in their flight suits then shot off in the jet. They arrived at the ship, then silently snuck in through a porthole in the side of the ship. Inside, they saw a tan kat with a gray stripe that went down from the top of her head to her nose. She had short gray hair and sparkling blue eyes. She had a white spot over one eye and an old scar of a scratch over the other. Her tail was long and lizard like, and she had black stripes and talon like claws on her feet and both her feet and tail were scaley. Her wrists were chained to the wall.

The boys looked around and saw Darkat sleeping in a chair in the doorway in another room.

“T-bone!” said Razor. “I saw that girl when I was passed out a few months ago – you know the time when that wrench you threw at me while yelling at a raccoon for taking your helmet.”

“Are you sure?” asked T-bone.

“Yea,” said Razor.

They jumped down and walked up to the she-kat. Her beautiful blue eyes opened, and she jumped and tackled the two. She chained their wrist and tied them up in chairs.

“I’d knew you’d come when the deputy mayor saw me get kidnapped. I still can’t believe you fell for it,” she said after she had a little chuckle. “Darkat!” she yelled. “I got them; it looks like my plan beat all of yours, you giant plum.”

“Bah!” yelled Darkat. “You’ll get the chance to get rid of them if you stop insulting me.”

The she-kat stuck her tongue at him. “There’s a better chance of my tail turning back to normal in 2 minutes,” she snapped.

While the kits were yelling at each other, Razor was working his way out if the ropes the she-kat had tied around him. His legs wrapped around the legs of the chair, and he was able to rip the ropes. He took out his glovetrix and pointed it at Darkat. Then the girl jumped on him.

“If you want to get him, you’ll have to kill me first,” she said.

“What’s your name, you crazy she-kat?” yelled Razor.

“My name’s Bolt, SWAT Kat,” she said.

Razor’s eyes opened up and he kicked Bolt off. They faced each other.

“I’m not going to hurt you!” Razor yelled.

“You’ll have to if you want to survive!” Bolt yelled back.

They walked in circles around each other. She wandered in front of a window where the full moon’s light was flowing in. Bolt fell to the floor. She started breathing heavy. Her back was arched, then wings sprang up on her back with a rip. Her claws grew sharper and her snout grew longer. Her tail was bushy and had a gray stripe flowing down her back. She had spikes poking out from the sides of her thighs. After she grew larger, then she looked at Razor. She snarled. Then jumped toward Razor.

He jumped out of the way quick enough to avoid being cut by her massive claws. But then, Bolt turned and jolted with such great speed that it took Razor off guard. She bit his leg right above his ankle, then Bolt jumped back.

Razor was yelling in pain when T-bone finally got out of his ropes and ran toward Razor. T-bone scooped Razor up and ran out to the Turbokat. T-bone gently put Razor in the backseat.

“Don’t worry, buddy, I’ll get you to Megakat Labs for a checkup just in case that kat had a disease or something,” said T-bone, trying to calm down Razor.

When they lifted off, T-bone and Razor could see Darkat below.

“Good job, Bolt. Those meddling SWAT Kats are gonna get the shock of their pathetic 9 lives,” Darkat said, laughing after with the creeplings.

In the air, Razor was freaking out big time. He was yelling, breathing heavy, and kicking the floor. “Hang in there, buddy – we’re almost to the labs,” said T-bone.

At the labs, T-bone rushed Razor in. Inside, Razor sat down on a table, the full moon’s light making everything in the room so bright that they didn’t need the light. Dr. Conway was examining Razor’s bite when Razor tried to bite him.

“SWAT Kat, I think your friend is poorly behaved,” said the doctor.

“Razor?” asked T-bone. “This isn’t like you in the least.”

Then Razor jumped off the table, took off his helmet, and then threw it to the ground. Then he ran out of the room. T-bone chased after him. When he was outside, he saw the cyclotron fading away in the distance. T-bone sighed when he saw a note on the screen of the jet’s missile system.

“Dear, T-bone, sorry but… I just don’t feel like myself. I don’t want to hurt you or anyone else. So, I’m leaving until I can figure out what is wrong with me.”

T-bone gasped. “Razor!” he yelled to the stars.

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