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Fang and Klaw

By Akita

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Bitten by a mysterious attacker, Razor is dying. But, death is far from the end.

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Author's Notes:

Title: Fang and Klaw
By: Akita
Email: dazewerewolf@yahoo.com
Date: 6/29/09
Rating: K+
Warnings: Some violence.
Disclaimer: SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without permission. Other unfamiliar characters belong to me!

Sirens flared and the media were in frenzy; around the hospital, kats were running everywhere. Ann Gora tried to catch one of the doctors to ask something, but he just ran by. Ann finally caught up to a doctor. She was pure black with even blacker hair, the tips of her ears had red fur pointing off them, she had a white star on her forehead and red feathers going down the back of her tail. She had large golden eyes that seemed to stare into people’s souls. Her doctor coat was pure white with long black pants. She seemed like a nice kat.

“Hello, this is Ann Gora, Kats Eye News. Is it true that one of the SWAT Kats are in critical condition here at this hospital?” asked Ann.

“No, he’s at the hospital at the other side of Hooverville,” the she-kat lied.

“Johnny! Take me to Hooverville Surgical!” Ann yowled; soon all of the press were gone out of the hospital.

The she-kat sighed. “Thought they’d never leave,” she mewed. “Excuse me, Dr. Sphinx, can I go check on the patient all this chaos is around?”

“Sure, go ahead, just watch out for his friend. Nasty as a badger he is,” said the light tan doctor.

The she-kat nodded and walked down the hallway with panicking nurses and doctors running up and down from the supply room to the ER. When she entered, a small dark ginger tom was unconscious on the operation table; he had an oxygen mask over his muzzle. His mask was torn and he had a bandage over his neck with two bloodspots showing though them. His suit was covered in rips and tears with many cuts and bandages making him look worse. His ears were large, and they were scarred from many bruises. His racing heartbeat made an almost complete note on the heart monitor. She looked over, and she lost her breath. On a chair was a pretty pissed looking tom with golden fur. He was wearing the same blue and red uniform as the smaller tom. He had brown stripes going down his arms and a black mask covering his head and eyes. She slowly approached him; her golden eagle-like eyes were wide open.

“What do you want?” growled the burly tom.

“Sorry, I’m Dr. Sephy. I’m here to check up on…?” She paused for she didn’t know the small tom’s name.

“Razor…” finished the tom.

“Right. Sorry, all the chaos in the hallways caused me to never get his name.” Dr. Sephy gave a nervous smile.

The tom stared at her; there was something about her he liked. “Sorry, I’m T-bone, Razor’s friend,” said the tom, knowing she didn’t know who he was.

“Nice to meet you, T-bone,” said Dr. Sephy, then she turned and started giving Razor some shots to help his wounds.

“Wowwy, what happened to this ginger kat?”

“I don’t know. We were around the southern part of the city, and I heard him screaming through the communicator and I found him on the ground bleeding,” T-bone said. He was staring at the ground with worry filling his body.

Razor’s ears started to twitch. His eyes opened and he groaned. He sat up and held his head with his hand.

“Wha? What happened? T-bone?” he asked, his voice low.

T-bone jumped and ran up, nearly knocking Sephy out of the way, and he stared at his partner. “Razor, how you feeling?”

“I feel sick, and hot, mainly around my neck,” Razor groaned.

“Do you remember what happened?” asked Sephy quietly.

“Um… yea a little. First, I was walking down the street alone, and it was very foggy.”


Razor walked around with his glovatrix ready to fire. He came around a lamppost, and he saw a dark figure move from one area to another. Razor ran after it. The figure ran into an alley. Razor followed. When he came in, he felt something slam into his back, making him fall to the ground with the thing that hit him standing on his back. There was loud screeching and dark laughter. Razor reached onto his helmet and turned on his communicator.

“Bite him, shred him to pieces!” ordered a dark voice.

Pain surged through Razor’s back as sharp claws dug into the flesh. He felt the tickle of whiskers on his cheek. He turned his head to see a tom’s head. He had large ears with dark brown fur. His hair was shaggy and long; he had black tips on his chocolate brown hair. He had cheeks like Razor but with black tips. He had blood red eyes that looked like he was longing for something. His mouth opened, showing long fangs that dripped a black liquid.

The strange kat hissed and bit into Razor’s neck.

Razor screamed in pain as a fiery pain surged through his veins. A loud yelling from the main road made the two mysterious kats run. A black kat with only one ear turned and glared at Razor, two large fangs were exposed on his scarred face. He eventually turned and ran. Razor clenched his teeth and couldn’t move from the pain.

T-bone rounded the corner as fast as he could, keeping from slipping onto his side by using one of his hands. He bolted to Razor. He saw the deep punctures in his neck. He picked up Razor, who hissed in pain from T-bone’s hand on his shredded back.

“Sorry, buddy,” said T-bone when he realized Razor’s back was injured.

Razor didn’t respond; he was blacking out. Soon, Razor fell limp and fell unconscious.


T-bone was speechless. A kat that bit his neck? How odd. “Razor, why would they bite your neck?” he asked.

“I don’t know, but they had long fangs like a… like a bat!” Razor said, remembering the brown kat opening his mouth, exposing his long fangs.

“Well, I highly doubt that… maybe the kat’s ancestry has a saber-toothed cat,” said Dr. Sephy.

“Why are we here?” said a voice from outside the room.

“Razor’s hurt, you idiot,” growled another voice.

The door opened and two she-kats walked in. One had dark brown fur and black hair with silver tipped ears. She had a mask over her eyes with silver tipped paws. Her tail was scaly and like a snake’s with six stripes on it, then at the tip were black feathers about seven inches long. The she-kat next to her had white fur with blue hair. She had black ears and reversed eyes, her irises are black and the pupils were red. She had a mask over her nose and mouth. She had a skull on each of her shoulders. Her tail was fluffy and long; the tip was black with two black stripes under it. The dark brown she-kat jumped and bolted to Razor’s side.

“Razor! Razor! Are you ok?!” she yelped.

“Don’t worry about me, Saber…” Razor sighed, his ear twitching.

“Sorry, I just can’t help it,” Saber said, giving a nervous smile.

“I’m sorry, but I need to know who you two are before you can come in,” Dr. Sephy mewed firmly.

“I’m Saber, helper of the SWAT Kats…” the brown she-kat said.

“I’m Slash!” said the white she-kat, her tail wagging happily.

“No one cares…” growled Saber.

“Stop hurting my feelings!” Slash whimpered.

“Be nice, you two…” growled T-bone, walking in-between the she-kats.

“It’s amazing you have feelings!” Saber said angrily.

“I’m amazed you’re not a blonde.” Slash gave a smirk.

T-bone took their heads and hit them against each other. A loud bang sounded in the room, and they both fell on their tails.

“Ouch!” yelped Saber.

“Whoa! Let’s do it again!” Slash said, her eyes large and sparkling.

T-bone started laughing, and Dr. Sephy gave a small chuckle. Razor groaned and held his chest.

“I’m sorry, but when a patient’s having trouble with anything the guests have to leave the room,” Dr. Sephy said.

“What?!” growled T-bone.

“Sorry, it’s hospital rules. Also, you can come back in when the pain stops,” Dr. Sephy said, trying not the anger the burly tom.

“Fine…” mumbled T-bone. He walked out with Slash on his tail.

Saber didn’t want to leave Razor, but she soon walked out. Dr. Sephy walked over and tried her best to sooth the pain. But, Razor groaned louder, and he started to look pale.

“Where does it hurt?” asked Dr. Sephy.

“In my chest, almost everywhere. But, it seems to hurt more in my neck… it might be just in my veins,” Razor groaned.

Dr. Sephy nodded and put some painkillers in his water bag. He shuddered and looked paler.

“Crud, I’ll take a blood test. Don’t worry, the painkillers should kick in shortly,” Dr. Sephy said. She took a needle and put it in Razor’s shoulder. When she tried to extract blood, nothing came into the needle. She tried the other one with the same result. She tried his tail and got a little blood. She put it in a machine and ran to the supply closet in the ER. She pulled out a blood bag and hooked it up to him. He groaned, but he had some more color.

“What’s your name?” he asked, his golden eyes clouded and turning gray.

“My name’s Kara,” she said, closing her eyes and giving a smile.

Razor groaned and threw his head back. “It feels like snake venom… like it’s burning my veins.”

Kara was looking at the blood sample, and she saw that a black parasite was burning up the blood. Soon, there wasn’t any left.

“Oh my, it’s burning your blood. Did you say you saw the kat’s teeth dripping black liquid?” asked Kara.

“Yea, it looked sticky.” Razor groaned.

“Well… I guess it’s poison,” Kara said. “Some snake anti-venom should help I think.”

Kara took a needle and put it in Razor’s wrist where the blood was being added to his body.

“Well, I should let your friends come back in. I bet they’re worried sick,” Kara said. She walked to the door and opened it.

T-bone was first in, and then it was Saber then Slash.

“Will you stop going through my stuff?!” growled Saber.

“You stole it from me, so I was trying to find MY ring,” Slash said, shrugging.

“Shut it…” warned Saber.

“You two better quiet down or I’m going to throw you two out the window…” snarled T-bone.

“Sorry, T…” Saber and Slash said at the same time.

“How you doing, buddy?” asked T-bone.

“It hurts… Kara says it’s venom…” Razor groaned.


“The doctor… Dr. Sephy… her first name’s Kara.” Razor groaned.

“That’s kinda pretty. But, do you think you can get past this? You got past Saber’s little bite,” T-bone said.

“No… the kat’s teeth… they were longer and looked like spikes…” Razor whispered.

Before T-bone could answer, Razor put his arms across his stomach and gave a short yell. T-bone ran at Razor, but a dark ghostly fog ripped from his stomach and attacked T-bone. Then, dark purple and black lightning bolts ripped from his chest and struck the ceiling. He screamed in pain. Wind whipped by the kats and knocked over anything that wasn’t heavy.


“Did you inject enough venom?” asked a dark kat with glowing red eyes.

“Yes, why would you think otherwise?” growled another dark kat with eyes that glowed intensely with bloody red auras.

“Don’t back-talk me, Jax,” snarled the first kat.

There was a loud crying sound from a dark chamber within the deep, dark cave.

“Great, you woke Sapphire,” Jax whispered.

“I’ll go rock her to sleep…” said the dark gray kat.

“Don’t let her chew your one ear… you don’t want to lose the last one,” Jax chuckled.

“Keep that up and you’ll lose YOUR ear,” warned the gray kat.

Jax stopped talking. He sighed then picked up a bag of medical blood and put a straw in it, then rested his head in his hand and drank the blood. He put down the bag on a table with the straw still in his mouth. He picked up a magazine and looked at the cover. ‘SWAT Kat dies from poisoning, city in shock,’ it said with a picture of Megakat City.

Jax started to chuckle with a wide smirk on his face. He moved his black tipped chocolaty hair from his eyes. Then he looked at the clock.

“Eight A.M., eh? Time for bed,” Jax said as he yawned, baring his large fangs that dripped a sticky black liquid. He got up and walked into his room, then he opened a casket. He stepped in and lied down with his head on a soft pillow. He pulled a blanket over him then shut the casket. He closed his eyes and yawned one more time before falling asleep.

(Megakat City)

Two years later, a dark storm cloud hovered over the city. Lightning and thunder shook the sky; rain poured down like nothing they’ve seen before. A dark ginger tom walked through the desert; the sand was wet and made his paws sink into it like quicksand. The thick clouds blocked the sun’s light, but when a slight bit of sun shot through and hit the tom, it burned his flesh and made him yell and jump.

“I hate this,” he growled.

“You just need to get out of the desert. As soon as you get into the city, it shouldn’t hurt till you’ve spent five hours in the sunlight,” said a white tom that just appeared next to the ginger tom.

“Why don’t you just walk with me instead of jumping whenever something happens?” asked the ginger tom.

“Because I don’t know how to fit in with your society,” the white tom said.

As they walked, the ginger tom thought and thought.

“I’m going back…” he said when he stopped suddenly.

“Huh?” the white tom asked.

“I’m going back to the salvage yard… my friends are missing me,” he said.

“I’ll come with you.”

“Ok, just no blood sucking.”


The kats disappeared suddenly by a large jump.

(Salvage Yard)

“Give me a wrench,” said Chance with his head under the hood.

“I have my hands full! Sasha’s hungry!” said Kara from the other room.

“I’ll do it!” Shiba yowled as she ran by and gave Chance the wrench.

Chance worked on the engine when he heard loud clunking coming from the door of the garage. He looked up and saw the dark ginger tom and the white tom. Chance’s eyes opened wide. He gasped and ran up to them.

“RAZOR!” yelled Chance. He ran out and grabbed the dark ginger tom and hugged him tight.

“Chance, if I needed my lungs, I’d be dying,” chuckled Razor.

“What?” Chance asked.

“Never mind. How are you, Kita, and Shiba?” Razor asked.

“Well, Shiba’s okay, and Kita got in an accident. She’s ok, but you’ll be shocked,” Chance said.

“How about you, dude?” Razor asked.

“I’m good, but it’s been killer without someone else to help on the cars. But, who’s your new friend?” asked Chance, tilting his head.

“This is Comet, he saved my life two years ago,” said Razor.

The white tom gave a salute to Chance and bowed his head before putting his arm to his side.

“Nice to meet you, sir Chance,” Comet said, his voice soft.

“‘Sir’ Chance?” Chance tilted his head.

“He’s from the army; that’s how he was raised and taught to greet people,” said Razor.

“Yes, I am from the army. I met Razor when I heard a report of a sighting of Black Wind. I found Razor in a hospital room; I knew that I had to save him, so I took him back with me. So far, the emperor hates him.” Comet sighed.

“Emperor?” Chance started to chuckle.

“His town is more ancient, like medieval. The emperor says I’m trying to take over his land.” Razor laughed.

“Weird,” said Chance.

“Jakey!!” yelled a voice from the other room. Shiba ran into the room and ran into Razor, and she fell onto the floor.

“Ow, you’re clumsier than ever,” said Razor.

“Sorry, Jake. I forget to hear where I’m going.” Shiba chuckled.

“Hear?” Comet asked.

“Oh yea, Shiba got in a motorcycle accident and lost sight in her left eye. So, she’s completely blind,” Chance said.

“That’s rough,” Razor said as he helped Shiba to her feet.

“Thank you, Jake! I wish I could give you a hug, but I’m not sure where you are.” Shiba giggled.

“So, where’s Kita? I haven’t seen her yet. No offense, Shiba,” said Razor.

Shiba thought and looked around. “She’s in the kitchen.” Shiba then sniffed. “Making cupcakes!” Shiba yowled.

Razor slowly walked to the kitchen and looked into the kitchen. He looked around and saw Kita. Before he knew it, he was hugging her and slightly crying.

Kita looked over her shoulder and saw Razor’s face. Her eyes grew wide, and she hugged him tightly.

Razor felt the left side of her neck. Her neck was cold and smooth like glass. Razor pulled himself away and saw that Kita’s neck was half metal, and even some of her face was metal. Razor blinked and noticed that half of her body was blue metal.

“Kita… what happened? You’re half blue,” said Razor.

“I got in a car accident… with Shiba. I was test-driving a car without a roof, and Shiba was testing out a motorcycle with spikes on the tires for better traction. We both looked away for not even a second when we crashed. I guess her motorcycle rode over the car and me; I needed to be half robot in order to survive. Shiba lost sight in both her eyes cause she landed on a piece of scrap metal, and it messed up her eye again.” Kita sighed.

“Ouch…” Razor said, imagining the pain.

“Yea… it was bad… but the good thing is, is that I can see out of my right eye again!” Kita mewed, her eyes shining with delight.

Razor just hugged Kita; he missed her more than anything.

“Razor… there’s something you have to see…” Kita said in a low, whispery voice.

Razor blinked; what did she want to show him? “What? What is it?” Razor asked, his voice low and mellow.

“Come with me,” Kita said as she jumped out and grabbed Razor’s hand, pulling him up the stairs into the apartments.

“What is it, Akita?” Razor asked.

“Shhh!” Kita dragged Razor into a room. The room was just like the other rooms, but had a bunk bed with a lamp next to it. A little chest was over in a corner with little stuffed animals all over the floor.

Razor looked around. His eyes blinked under his mask as he scanned the room; he walked into the middle of the room and continued to look around. “Who lives here?” Razor said in a low voice.

Kita put her hand up to her mouth. “Dane… Miu…” she mewed, and Razor’s ears picked up small footfalls coming up the stairs.

Two small kittens ran to the doorway and stared at the small, dark ginger tom. The little boy had black hair that turned brown in the front. His tail had 3 black stripes on it with a fluffy tip. His amber eyes glowed with curiosity. His sister was the same size and looked exactly like him, except her eyes were blue.

Kita looked back up to Razor. She noticed he had a red stripe under each of his eyes. Razor was looking back at her with his eyes wide open; he couldn’t understand this.

Dane and Miu remembered a picture. Their eyes widened, and they ran at Razor and hugged him.

Kita smiled a little. “Razor, this is Dane and Miu; they’re our kits,” she mewed.

Razor’s eyes widened. His mouth turned up at the end. Then he picked up the two little kittens that hugged him again around the neck.

There was a loud crash coming from downstairs. Kita and Razor looked at each other before running downstairs. They looked and saw that no one was there. Razor’s ears perked up, while his nose started to sniff. A small chirping filled the room. Kita looked around for the source, but it led her to Razor. Something around him was making a chirping noise. Razor clenched his teeth and looked at Kita.

“What is it?” Kita mewed.

“Chance, Shiba, and Comet are gone, and there’s a scent of the enemy. We’ve got to find them, or they won’t last long,” Razor said.

“Who’s the enemy? Why did they capture our friends?” Kita asked.

“The enemy is unknown, but I know that they attacked me two years ago. But, our friends will be vampire food if we don’t go and save them; they’re just blood bags to the enemy,” Razor growled.

“I’ll come with you,” Kita said sharply as she brought out her razor sharp claws.

“What about Dane and Miu? Who’ll watch them?” Razor said.

“They could come with us; they’ve been with me and T-bone when we whipped Viper’s tail,” Kita said.

“Won’t they get hurt?” Razor asked.

“No, Dane can jump at great lengths and can shape shift. Miu can phase through objects and can control water. They’re special,” Kita mewed.

“Papa,” Miu purred as she tugged on Razor’s ear.

Razor looked at his young daughter.

“Please don’t leave us, papa…” Dane mewed as he played with Razor’s bandana.

Razor closed his eyes and looked at Kita. “We can’t risk them being hurt. We’re going to have to leave them here.”

Kita nodded and ran down to the hangar. Razor put the kits down and waited patiently. A sharp pain attacked his back. He fell to his side and cringed; it felt like something was going to rip out of his back.

Dane and Miu were scared. Miu ran to Razor, and Dane stood there, shaking.

“MOM!” Miu yowled when Dane wouldn’t.

Kita jumped up into the small room, a mask over her eyes indicated that she was now Saber. “Razor!” Saber yowled as she ran to his side.

Razor cringed and grinded his sharp teeth. Saber panicked and started to breathe heavily. “Razor! I’m not losing you again!”

Then, suddenly, the pain stopped. Razor gasped, and he sat up slowly, a little stunned by the pain.

“What happened?” Saber gasped. Shock and worry stained her voice.

“It’s normal; it’s been happening for weeks,” Razor purred.

“Are you sure you can go?” Saber asked, one of her ears falling to the side of her head.

“Affirmative, let’s get going. We don’t know how long the others can last,” Razor said as he dashed out the door, Saber right behind him.

(To Be Continued)

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