Original SWAT Kats Story

What Lives in Dreams

By AkaneKitty

Callie dreams of her past…and of her Knight. But, she gets a wake up call in the form of Kandi. Lokii sees a surprising truth when she reads the Tarot cards. Are the SWAT Kats being used?

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Author's Notes:

Ni-hao! Here is the second of my little short stories before the first major story arc. It’s called “What Lives in Dreams.” This introduces Anshi Tomodachi, Calico’s new assistant. This also gives us a piece of Calico’s past, as well as her clashes with the burgundy-haired she-kat from “Secret Plans.” As always, send comments to AkaneKitty@aol.com. Enjoy!

Here’s a summary: Callie dreams of her past…and of her Knight. But, she gets a wake up call in the form of Kandi. Lokii sees a surprising truth when she reads the Tarot cards. Are the SWAT Kats being used?

Ja ne,

“I know that you’re eager to get revenge on the SWAT Kats, Grey,” Lokii was sympathetic to the kat-in-the-box, “So bear with me on this plan of mine.”

“You’ve come up with some crazy plans before, Lokii,” Greymalkin says slowly, bouncing up and down. “But matchmaking?”

“Matchmaking always breaks a few hearts along the way. That’s why I like it.”

Lokii spreads out her tarot cards, this time in the Celtic Cross formation and looks at them. “Hmm. Interesting things are being foretold in the cards.”


“The SWAT Kats are, how do you say it, close but far apart.”

Greymalkin stops bouncing. “What does that mean?”

“They are close in battle, but when it comes to nine lives, they are completely different.”


“Uh, huh.” Lokii nods, touching the Death Tarot. “The cards also say that the SWAT Kats won’t like it if the Queen starts to depend on someone else.”

“Like who?”

“The cards don’t say, but they do say that the Queen is subconsciously using the SWAT Kats for another purpose. As if she is using them to spur on
someone else.”

Grey was silent. “That’s interesting.”

“I thought you’d say that. So, here’s the plan. . .”


* “What’s wrong?” *

* “Why are you so sad?” *

* “Who are those tears for?” *

* “Oh, I see. They’re for someone you love.” *

* “Shall I wipe away your tears for you?” *

* “You know, there is no need to cry.” *

* “Your tears are needed for the living.” *

* “So why don’t you smile with me?” *

* “. . .” *

* “I guess this won’t comfort you much. All it is is just silly ring.” *

* “. . .But, maybe, just maybe. . .” *

* “. . .You can look back on this day. . .” *

* “. . .And remember your Knight. . .” *

* “I do hope to be your Knight, someday. . .” *

“. . .”


“Mmm?” Callie slowly wakes up from her impromptu nap, pen poised in her paw from writing the Mayor’s speeches.

Head still on her desk, Callie sees in her line of sight a shiny ring. Attached to a thin gold chain, it rests on its side.

“Anshi, I thought I told you I’m too young for that honorific.”

“But, Briggs-sama, you are the. . .”

“. . .The Emperor’s daughter. I know.” Callie refers to the title Western kats and she-kats refer to her father, Governor Briggs.

Sighing, Callie finally sits to get a better look at her new assistant, Anshi Tomodachi. The petite, blonde short-haired she-kat regards her with round,
emerald eyes.

“Are you all right, Briggs-sama?” Anshi asks after Callie fully wakes up.

“I’m fine.”

“It seems you were having a pleasant dream, Briggs-sama.”

“Hmm.” Callie gently traces the outline of the shiny ring with a rose imprint at its center. “Just dreaming of a comforting thought.”

“Seems nice.”

“It is.” Callie begins to straighten up pare strewn about her desk. “By the way, Anshi, did you need something?”

“Oh, I was just coming to tell you that Manx-san has returned. And, you won’t believe what he brought back.”

“A golf game under par?” Callie guessed, finally slipping the ring back underneath her suit.

“No. A red-headed she-kat that looks half his age.”

“What!?” Callie basically leaps out her chair. “Where is he?”

“His office.”

Callie wasted no time in getting to Manx’s office. “I skip one golf game and this happens?” Composing herself, Callie slowly opens Manx’s office door.

“Callie, I was just about to call you.” Manx was sitting at his desk, paw on the intercom button. “You have perfect timing.”

“I’d bet,” Callie mutters under her breath.

“Manxy? Aren’t you going to introduce us?”

Callie turns to see a burgundy, curly haired she-kat wearing a red fur tight suit dress walk into Manx’s office. Holding two cans of milk in her manicured paws, she slowly walks towards Manx’s desk.

“Kandi, this is Deputy Mayor Calico Briggs,” Manx was saying. “Callie, this is Kandi.”

The blue eyed she-kat smiles. “So, you’re the Deputy Mayor. Charmed, I’m sure.”

Putting the cans of milk down, she extends a manicured paw, forcing Callie to shake it.

“I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of each other from here on. It’s best to enjoy it. . . .Callie.”

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