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The Truth in What You Say

By AkaneKitty

  • 1 Chapter
  • 1,331 Words

Manx’s plans for Callie and Feral seem to annoy them, but it may prove to be a worthwhile endeavor. Also, Gina’s biting words lead the SWAT Kats to a minor tiff. Is Gina’s commentary right?

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Author's Notes:

Ni-hao! This is “The Truth in What You Say,” a part of the Arcana Saga.

Manx’s plans for Callie and Feral seem to annoy them, but it may prove to be a worthwhile endeavor. Also, Gina’s biting words lead the SWAT Kats to a minor tiff. Is Gina’s commentary right?

Author’s note: Does it seem like I’m dragging out a certain plot line in this Saga? Not showcasing another? Let me now. I’m about to switch gears a little.

Special Author’s Note: Want to know what’s in the head of Feral? Or, just get a peek at it? Check out “Musings of a Kat.” It’s in the new stories SWAT Kats section of Fanfiction.net. It’s a journal entry of some of his feelings.

I do plan to do Callie’s journal entry (look for it soon), as well as update Feral’s. Since they’re offshoots, I might do one for the SWAT Kats, too. But,
they’re not going to be chapters. They will be new stories, updated as warranted. Drop me a line if you’re interested.

As always, send any questions or comments to AkaneKitty@aol.com or drop me a line in my review section at Fanfiction.net.

“*The chase, eh?*”

Callie sighs a little, watching the scenery pass by from her seat in Feral’s car. She puts rests her head on her paw.

“Anything wrong?”

“No. Nothing.” Callie straightens up a bit.

Feral looks at Callie with a side glance. “You could have fooled me.”

“Odd choice of words, Ulysses.”

“Enlighten me.”

Callie turns to look at him. “Do you say what you feel?”

Feral chuckles a bit. “All the time.”


“Hai. Why?”

Callie smiles a little. “It’s nothing.”


“So, what is this decree the Commander made?”

“I can’t say.”

“Why not?”

Felina stands back up, making sure the Mayor and his friends were clearly gone. She straightens her uniform in order to formulate a better answer.

“It’s not my position to say.” Felina says at last.

“Then why say anything at all?” T-Bone asks. “You were talking to Gina.”

“On a scrambled channel that you intercepted.” Felina finishes.

“Oh, well. We can always goad the Commander on his quest for Ms. Briggs.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” T-Bone asks. “The Commander is striking at an opportune time, don’t you think?”

“What opportune time? The way I heard it, it was *you* that lost faith in the Deputy Mayor, not the other way around!” Gina points out. She then smirks.  “Besides, it seems to me that the Deputy Mayor is only putting her faith back were it rightfully belongs.”

“You have a lot of nerve, Sergeant!” T-Bone almost growls. Gina just laughs at him.

“The Queen belongs with her Knight, not his Squires.” Gina laughs.

“What are you, Gina? Lokii?”

“Hey! Don’t kill the messenger!”


“Do you know where Callie is, Anshi?”

“No, Manx-san.”

“Well, I hope she arrives soon. Her mother can be quite keen.” Manx practices his golf swing, regretting his decision to leave his golf clubs behind.

“Now, Manxy, I’m sure the Deputy Mayor will arrive soon.” Kandi chirps.  “She’s very dependable, you know.”

“Of course.” Manx glances at his watch. “Just how far west was she?”

“I’m right here now, Mayor.”

Manx turns to see Callie walking up on him. Anshi walks towards her.

“Briggs-sama. Where’s. . .”

“He dropped me off.” Callie whispers. She asks aloud, “You called?”

“Yes.” Manx says. “Callie, you know of the League of Cities Award Banquet, right?”

“Of course. It’s going to be hosted here this year.”

“And, you usually go by yourself, right?”

“What are you getting at?”

“Well, I thought that you and the Commander could go together.”

Callie looks at Manx. “What?”

“Callie, think about all those votes we can get from your togetherness.”

“But, I. . .”

“I’m sure you can convince the Commander like you always do.” Manx starts to walk away. “But, I’m due at the golf course. Kandi, are you coming.”

“Be right there!” Kandi waits until Manx gets out of earshot, and leans in close to Callie. “And Callie, darling, don’t come dressed as a school marm, all right?”

It took Callie exercising complete control to keep from slapping her.


“You know, in her own biting style, that Gina’s right.”

T-Bone maneuvers the TurboKat, taking one last spin around the city before calling it a day. Razor shakes his head.

“I told you not to trust Lokii’s words, T-Bone.”

“But, they had to have had a kernel of truth to it, right?” T-Bone looks behind his shoulder at Razor.

“Maybe. But the point is that we started to doubt Callie. And. . .”

“. . .She turned to Feral.” T-Bone finishes for Razor. “Convenient.”

“But, he will always be there. He is the Commander.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Just stating the obvious.” Razor shrugs.

“Damn it, Razor! You’ve been stating that opinion for weeks!” T-Bone surprises himself with his own outburst. “It’s like you feel that the SWAT Kats
will cease to exist! If Callie does turn to Feral completely and you don’t care!”

“This is not the time to have this conversation!”

“Then when is?”

“Not now! Do you realize how many ears are out there!”

“Razor, you’ve been acting distant for the longest time!” T-Bone grows quiet. “You’re not acting like the friend I know.”

Razor sighs. “* Maybe I’m not. . .*”


“Amazing what technology does these days. . .”

A knock on Feral’s office door reminds him to take his headphones off.  “Yes?”

Feral watches as Callie steps into his office. “Again?”

“Yes.” Callie closes Feral’s office door.

“What’s up?”

“I have a request.” Callie says, walking up to Feral’s desk

“Let me guess. Our Honorable Mayor wants us to do something so he can get more votes.”

Callie blinks. “How’d you guess?”

“Calico, if it was just you, you would have asked by now.” Feral replies.  “So, what does Manx wants us to do?”

“He wants us to go to the League of Cities Banquet together.”

“I see.” Feral is quiet. “Just more of Manx accepting awards that he didn’t earn.”

“What’s wrong?”

Feral clasps his paws together behind his head and sighs. “It’s not you, Calico. It’s just that I hate giving that idiot of a mayor any more votes.”

“But, if it was just you asking,” Feral continues, “I’d be honored.”



“Sorry for putting you into that position.” Callie says. “But, think of it this way: We get to announce our status like we need to do.”

“I know.”


“Do you want me to wear my dress uniform or my tuxedo?”


Feral smiles a bit. “I never said I wouldn’t do it.”

“Thanks.” Callie relaxes. “Well, I guess you can wear your tuxedo.”

“Good. Because my dress uniform chokes me.” Feral looks thoughtful.  “You know, you could make my decision a lot easier if you ran for mayor.”

“You’re beginning to sound like my father.”

“Maybe he’s right.” Feral stands up from his desk. “Do you really want Kandi to stay here with all her ‘suggestions’?”

“No, but. . .” Callie glances at her watch. “Oh, I’ve got to go.”

“Running behind, schedule?”

“Something like that.” Callie says. “Walk me to the door.”


“So, how can I thank you?” Callie asks as she and Feral walks toward the door.

“Thank me? For what?”

“For agreeing to escort me. And. . .” Callie pauses. “. . .the stars.”

“Hmm. . .” Feral thinks a minute. “A kiss.”

Callie looks at him.

Feral smiles. “But, you can look gorgeous. I’m sure Kandi will go all out, so beat her at her own game.”

“Oh, I will.” Callie smiles. “And, Ulysses. . .”


Callie pulls Feral close and gives Feral a peck on the cheek. “Thanks for everything.”

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