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This series of stories starts up around a year after the show ends. It centers around character relationships and interactions, as well as the challenges. To say anymore would spoil, but this fic is very layered, with one truth covering another truth. So this, in a sense, is a drama and a romance.

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Ni-hao!(Hi, There) My name is Kim R., with my Internet name being AkaneKitty. I am (at this time) a second semester Sophomore in college. This is my first time as a fanfiction author, but not to writing in general. I hope to be an author or a video game designer someday. But enough about me :p

About the Series:

This series of stories starts up around a year after the show ends.  It centers around character relationships and interactions, as well as the challenges.

To say anymore would spoil, but this fic is very layered, with one truth covering another truth. So this, in a sense, is a drama and a romance.

The first two fics were written 3 years ago. The rest of the fics were written this summer and beyond. Since I decided to change directions in the storyline, you might notice a writing change. The first two fics are mostly setup, with the real story happening in chapters 3 and beyond.

This series of fanfics is inspired in part by an anime called Shoujo Kakume Utena. You can probably catch some of the quotes in the fic from that anime, as well as some RPG video games.


And now, onto the FAQ!

Word descriptions:

Some words that will be commonly used. These are mostly Japanese.

Hai: Affirmative answer. Like yes.

Oniisama: Big brother. Some kats may call a close friend this.

Oneesama: Big sister: Same as above.

Gomen: Sorry.

Nani: What.

Baka: Stupid, idiot.


Western honorific system:

This is how western kats and she-kats, which I introduce, mostly address each other. You may know this if you know Japanese.

-sama: High respect. Used with Callie, Feral, and other kats in high places. As in Briggs-sama.

-kun/-chan: A very familiar way of addressing kats and she-kats. Like a nickname.  Chan can be used as a cutesy nickname for a kat.

-san: A regular way of addressing kats and she-kats. They may know them, but not really know them. Ironically, Anshi(see below) uses this with Manx!


Draconians are a sub group of Westerners. As the name implies, they are associated with the Dragon. Jake is a Draconian. More to come later. . .



This file will update if a new character is introduced. Infrequently, I  hope.

Commander Felix Okto:

Age: Mid-50’s

Physical description: Has hair long enough for a short ponytail, with a build similar to Feral. One of Feral’s friends from the early days, Okto is a lovable kat, always getting into trouble with his ‘wandering eye’. He takes his job very seriously. Like Feral’s obsession with the Swat Kats, Okto’s is with a hacker named Wolfe. He lives to see the kat behind bars.

Commander Lei Moon (Nickname: Lei-Lei):

Age: Mid-40’s

Physical Description: A Siamese she-kat with deep green eyes. Jet Black hair that comes to her shoulders. Brown tipped ears and tail. Lei-Lei is Okto’s on and off girlfriend(His wandering eyes account for that). She, too, is one of Feral’s old friends. She commands the city of Minmei, where Mr. Young comes from.

The Commanders are minor characters. They pop in and out.

Sergeant Gina Persian

Age: Mid-20’s

Physical description: A nice-looking Tokatian she-kat. She has black hair streaked with blonde. She’s as tall as T-Bone. She wears the male Enforcer uniform. Feral’s newest transferee from the Tokata Police Squad and Felina’s new partner, Gina is a tough cop and even tougher fighter pilot. She is also a licensed Vice officer, and goes undercover often. She and T-Bone do not get along, and doesn’t see eye to eye with Callie. Gina has a g-suit similar to T-Bone’s, except that legs cut off of it, looking like shorts.

Anshi Tomodachi

Age: 23

Description: As Callie’s new assistant, Anshi is a mysterious, western she-kat. She is very petite, has green eyes and short blonde hair. She asks many questions, but doesn’t volunteer much herself. Quiet, she speaks simply and uses the Western honorific system of addressing kats and she-kats. But, what’s her connection to Feral…


Age: 22

Description: A burgundy, curly haired she-kat. She is curvy, and has deep blue eyes. She sneaks into Manx’s life during a golf game. She wears fur tight clothes and loves to “suggest” things to kats. She intends to be Manx’s girlfriend, but she hears that Feral is pretty cute…

Ascott Clawson

Age: 48

Description: Jake’s father. Dark brown kat, like Jake. Commander of the Special Ops. He is Feral’s best friend since high school. He understands Feral better than anyone besides his family at the present time.

Hitomi Clawson:

Age 47

Description: Jake’s mother. A light brown kat. She is very slender, and elegant lady. She has long black hair, which is most of the time tightly braided down the center of her head. She wears elaborate makeup, which shows her status as a married Draconian.


Age: 21

Description: Phoebe is a light toned she-kat, with emerald eyes. She has long brown hair tightly braided down the center of her head, like Hitomi. What is her “real” connection to Jake?

These three she-kats are singers as well as vigilantes. You can identify the she-kat by the hair color. They wear leather outfits, and knee-high boots. They use their singing as cover to get into cities. They are currently after Lokii.

She is the leader of the group. She has purple hair which is drawn into a long ponytail. She has a light gun, and her secondary weapon is a retractable bo staff. She is also the lead singer, and plays the guitar. Very level headed. Her alter ego is. . .

Kia Fleur

Age: 24

She is a light brown she-kat, with dark brown hair drawn into a ponytail. She is a college student, studying music history. She level headed like Garnet, which offsets her friends.

She takes charge if something happens to Garnet. She has short hair which is blue. She can be hot headed, and a bit pessimistic. She also carries a light gun, and her secondary weapons are iron fans, which she keeps in her boots. She plays bass guitar. Her alter ego is. . .

Lori Slyver:

Age: 25

She is a small, yellow she-kat. Her short hair is brown. She is the oldest, which is reflected in her attitude sometimes. Like Sapphire, she can be pessimistic. She’s a college student studying to be a chemist. She also loves to play the violin.

She is the spiritual advisor of the group. She has long, green hair. Her emerald pendent, always on the outside of her clothes, tells her where Lokii is and gives insight on kats feeling. She’s found out a few secrets this way. She’s quiet, but always optimistic. She doesn’t have a gun, but uses her whip. Her alter ego is. . .

Megumi Nolan(Meg):

Age: 23

She is the tallest she-kat of the group. She has dark-brown fur, and long black hair. The emerald pendent is always inside her clothes in this state. She is a college student studying to become a teacher. Like Jade, she is quiet and optimistic.

To go from college students to vigilantes, the use a hologram system. The system is inside their star-shaped earrings they wear all the time. They have a back up system in case one fail, but it’s a constant worry for them.



A spirit of mischief. You might know the name from Norse mythology. She is the female counterpart of MadKat’s, even though she didn’t get confined to a kat-in-the-box. She waivers between good and evil, which keeps her out of the box. She uses her Tarot cards to get information, and also uses them as weapon. They are razor sharp. She uses MadKat’s way of addressing Calico and Feral.  Callie: Queen / Feral: Knight.

The spirit of MadKat confined in the kat-in-the-box. Name taken from the play Macbeth. It was the witch’s familiar. He lives for revenge.

A female lord of crime. She has networks all over, and has come to MegaKat City to take over its underworld. She also came here for chemicals for her katnip. She has a piercing scream that shatters glass, and is a great fighter. She gives any kat a run for their money.


That’s all for now. I’ll update as need be. If you need some clarification, e-mail me at AkaneKitty@aol.com, or drop me a line in my review section at Fanfiction.net.  Ja ne! (See you!)

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