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Stolen Kisses

By AkaneKitty

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  • 1,344 Words

Chance wonders what Jake was trying to say. Is chocolate Stolen Kisses? Callie deals with her mother.

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Author's Notes:

Ni-hao! This is “Stolen Kisses,” a part of the Arcana Saga.

Chance wonders what Jake was trying to say. Is chocolate Stolen Kisses?  Callie deals with her mother.

Author’s note: Traditionally in Japan, guys aren’t supposed to meet their girlfriend’s parents unless he wants to marry his girlfriend. Why do I bring this
up? You’ll see.

Odd Notes: Did you know that out of all my fics, “Hypocrisy” is the most read, while “A Golden Day: Part 1” is the fastest read? Neat!

As always, send any questions or comments to AkaneKitty@aol.com, or drop me a line in my review section at Fanfiction.net. Enjoy!

Ja ne,

“So, what brings you to MegaKat City, mother?”

Camilla, settling into a chair in her daughters office, crosses her legs.  “State business, among other things.”

Callie leans forward across her desk. “Oh? What kind of state business?”

“Your father wants me to monitor the western katizen population. And,” Camilla looks at Callie, “He wants me to goad you into running for mayor.”

“Him, too?” Callie sighs.

“What do you mean?”

“I had to basically promise Feral that I’d consider it. He didn’t want to do the Fall Season if it got votes for Manx.”

Camilla smiles a little. “Sneaky kat.”


“Never mind.” Camilla’s eyes fall on the roses on Callie’s desk. “Lovely roses.”

“I think so.”

“Who sent them?”

“Ulysses. It was an anniversary gift.”

Camilla smiles again. “Calico, is it Feral or is it Ulysses?”

Callie blinks. “Nani?”

“You wouldn’t be confused, would you dear?” Camilla asks. “Is the Knight of your Past figuring into this equation?”

“I. . .” Callie feels herself grow warm.

“Darling, some things are meant to remain in the past.” Camilla begins to stand up. “Just like a certain incident.”

“What incident?”

“You know what I mean.” Camilla tosses over her shoulder. “Actually, both of you should learn to forgive and forget.”

“Where are you going?”

“I’m off to harass the Mayor. I assume he’ll be at the golf course.”

“He should.”

“Then I shall be back, soon.” Camilla reaches the door. “And, Calico. . .”


“I hope you’ll find your Knight, someday.”


“* I wonder what’s up with Jake? He seemed like he wanted to say something. *”

Chance looks up at the TurboKat’s wing, where Jake was adjusting a panel. Chance sighs.

“* He seems so preoccupied. *” Chance muses. “* He’s kind of acting like Feral that day. *”


“Hey, Jake!”


“Think back for a minute. What did Feral act like that day we were kicked out?”

“Before or after the debacle with Dark Kat?”


Jake sits his wrench down. “Hmm. Well, he seemed to be far away. He didn’t seem like he wanted to give us our orders. . .Why?”

“Because you’re acting just like him!” Chance looks at him. “You seem preoccupied.”

“Oh,” Jake hops down from the TurboKat’s wing, “I’m just feeling nostalgic.”


“I’m thinking about my family right now.” Jake looks at a distant point.  “This was around the time we were kicked out.”


“Hey, why don’t we check up on Callie?” Jake suggests. “We haven’t talked to her in awhile.”

“Sure. It’ll give us something to do. Let’s go get ready.”

“I’ll be right behind you.”

Jake watches as Chance sprints off. Unconsciously, he uncrosses his claws.

“Liar. . .”


“So, what’s the plan? I’m obviously getting nowhere with the direct response.”

Ann looks at her friend Teioh, who was digging through his belongings for his press pass.

“It might be better for me to ask some of the questions. That way, you won’t have to give up your friendship with the Deputy Mayor.” Teioh mumbles,
still searching.

“Why would they open up to you?” Ann asks.

“Well, Feral expects those questions out of me.” Teioh finally finds his press pass and slips it on. “And, sometimes, the kat can be brutally honest. The
trick is, though, finding out when he’s honest.”


“I wasn’t expecting you guys today.” Callie says, watching the SWAT Kats walk into her office.

“We decided to see if you were all right.” Razor says, walking behind T-Bone.

“I’m fine. No more sneezes.” Callie says, reaching to move the vase of roses. “If you discount a couple of meddling kats, that is.”

“Really?” T-Bone asks.

“Not that I don’t blame them. It’s to be expected.” Callie sets about rearranging the roses. “It’s just annoying, that’s all.”

“Nice roses.” Razor says. “A gift?”

Callie pauses. “Well. . .”

“Calico! Why didn’t you tell me Manx had a girlfriend!”

Callie looks up. “You didn’t ask, mother!”

“You would think the kat would’ve heard of the ethics code. . .” Camilla blows into Callie’s office. “Huh? Oh, you must be the SWAT Kats! Nice to meet you two.”

The SWAT Kats look at each other, unsure of what to say.

“Hmm. Those roses need water, Calico.” Camilla continues, unfazed.

“Anshi usually handles that.” Callie says.

“Well, I can handle that.” Camilla says, grabbing the vase and heading out the door. “You wouldn’t want Ulysses gift to go to waste, would we?”

Razor arches an eyebrow. “Gift?”

“Anniversary gift.” Callie replies.

“Anniversary?” T-Bone asks.

“Yes. Six years of being the Deputy Mayor. Feral remembers every year.”

“Really.” Razor says. “I can’t picture it.”

“He’s not so bad, you know.” Callie says. “I wish I could understand the loathing between the three of you.”

“Calico, look who I ran into in the hallway!” Camilla returns, dragging an amused Feral behind her. “Today’s your lucky day!”

“Please, mother!”

Camilla walks to Callie’s side. “Well? Aren’t we going to get an introduction?”

Callie blushes. “Mother!”

“Hmm? Oh, I see. You two aren’t ready for that yet. I can wait.” Camilla hands Callie her vase. “Well, I’d better go.”

“Where are you going?”

“To my hotel room, of course. I don’t think you would want me to stay with you.” Camilla says, starting to walk out of Callie’s office. “See you later,

Feral chuckles, watching her go. “Your mother is very persistent, Calico.”

“Persistent isn’t the word.” Callie sighs, regaining her composure. “So, what brings you here?”

“This.” Feral hands Callie a small box. “Have you forgotten that we are in the Fall Season?”

“That’s right. In all the excitement, I forgot.” Callie opens the box.  “Chocolates.”

“Hai.” Feral says, very aware that the SWAT Kats were in the room.

“Stolen kisses, huh?”


“Anshi says you call them Stolen Kisses.” Callie takes a chocolate out of the box.

“I do.”

“Any particular reason?” Callie takes a bite.  “No. not really.” Feral says. “Just something I thought up.”

“Him? Actually * think * something up?” T-Bone mutters, to which Razor chuckles.

“Chocolates for the most important she-kat in your life, as tradition dictates.” Feral says, ignoring the SWAT Kats. “Well, you certainly qualify.”

Callie stops chewing. “Really?”

“Hai. You’re my boss, right?” Feral turns on his heel. “I’ll be seeing you, then.”

Callie watches him go, and finishes of the piece of chocolate. The SWAT Kats look at each other.

“Callie looks disappointed.” Razor whispers to T-Bone.

“It’s certainly very obvious.” T-Bone whispers back. “I wonder what Feral is up to?”

Callie, meanwhile, places her chocolates in her Bento Box. She slams the lid shut.

“That kat can be so exasperating sometimes!”

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