Original SWAT Kats Story

Secret Plans

By AkaneKitty

A mysterious she-kat watches Manx’s golf game, drawing interest. Katra’s growing frustration with Lokii finally resolves itself when the spirit finally tells Katra her plans. How can matchmaking achieve what she wants?

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Author's Notes:

Hello and Ni-hao to you all! I’m back after a long hiatus, not necessarily of my own making. After writer’s block, two years of college and playing dozens of RPG’s, I have finally made my way back to my little story.

After a nudge from creative writing class, I have decided to take my story into a completely different direction. The plot line from the first two stories hasn’t changed much, and will enhance the stories to come. To setup my first “story arc” will be a couple of little short stories, this one included.

There is an update to my FAQ, and I suggest you look at it. And, if anything seems unclear, drop me a line at AkaneKitty@aol.com. This goes for any other comments, too. So without further Adieu, here it is: Secret Plans. Here’s what’s it’s about:

A mysterious she-kat watches Manx’s golf game, drawing interest. Katra’s growing frustration with Lokii finally resolves itself when the spirit finally tells Katra her plans. How can matchmaking achieve what she wants?

Ja ne,
Kim R.

A pretty, burgundy-haired young she-kat watched a tantalizing golf game.  Tantalizing, only because Mayor Manx was playing. She tried to be inconspicuous, but the other kats and she-kats in the gallery noticed her anyways. The only ladies that paid any attention to the Mayor’s golf games were the Deputy Mayor and maybe Ann Gora.

A flurry of shouts draws everyone’s attention to a course official trying in vain to catch the Mayor’s golf cart, which had started rolling towards a water

“Esse!” the course official shouts behind him, “Drop those clubs and help me with this cart!”

A young kat, apparently Manx’s caddy, stops before the she-kat. He drops the clubs before her and joins the course official chase of the rogue golf cart.

Manx, seizing an opportunity while everyone is distracted, slinks his way to where the caddy once stood. “Esse, give me my wood. I have Young on the ropes.”

The she-kat reaches down, grabs the nine-iron, and murmurs, “I think a nine-iron would be best, Your Honor.”


“That Gina…I may hate to admit it, but she is a good pilot.”

“And it took you up till now to admit that?”

Chance, leaning up against the latest clunker to come through, scowls at Jake, who has his head buried in the bowels of the car.

“And, your little dog fight caused us to be backlogged, AGAIN,” Jake continues, his voice muffled. “Why am I fixing this car, anyway? You should be
fixing this!”

“I thought fixing cars was a dual responsibility,” Chance says, then shoves Jake out of the way and sticks his head underneath the hood.

“It is, except when your ‘crush’ causes our backlog,” Jake says, ducking to avoid the wrench Chance throws at him.

“Yeah, yeah.”

“But, seriously, don’t you think it’s strange everything died down around here?”

“What do you mean?”

“Katra started out with a big bang, but now she’s nowhere to be seen. And, we haven’t seen hide nor hair of Feral.”

“Feral being gone is a good thing.”

“For us, maybe,” Jake laughs. “But, he is the Commander. And, the Enforcers keep the peace around here on the katizen level.”

Chance pulls his head out from underneath the hood of the car, wiping the oil from his paws. “You sound like your father when he gave us that speech that time.”

“What was he supposed to say? He is a Commander, just like Feral.” Jake sighs, taking a seat on an overturned garbage can. “Your father is over the Red Barons.”

“But, he’s no Commander,” Chance retorts, slamming the hood on the car shut. It would have to wait another day. “And, that’s by his own choosing.”

“But even then, he’s a Commanding Officer.”

“And, what you’re saying is…?”

“That even though we don’t depend on Feral, others do,” Jake says quietly.  “Even Callie.”

“Callie? I’d hate to think she would depend on that kat.”

“What do you think she did before the SWAT Kats came? Wait around?”

“I’d like to think that.” Chance chuckles. “But what’s your point to this?”

“I’m thinking that Feral is planning something big. Something that will make us look like fools and there would be no need for us.” Jake turns to see
another tow truck come up the road. “Not that I’d mind…”

Chance scratches his head. “Mind what?”

Whatever Jake was going to say was cut off by the tow truck pulling into the garage. “We’ve got another car. Let’s go.”


“Damn that spirit!” Katra paced around MegaKat City old docks. “I should have never pleaded to her.”

Katra winced every time a wooden board creaked as she paced. She hated noises. Especially now that her shipment of katnip was coming in.

“Lokii always did things on ‘her’ time.” Katra stops pacing a minute to catch her breath. “Good thing I moved in a operative to protect my interests.”

“Katra, your shipment is in!” One of her subordinates runs up to her.

“Good. Proceed according to plan. And *quickly*! I want to be out of here.”

Katra had developed a good business dealing katnip. What the dealers on the street didn’t know is that Katra always altered the katnip, making it highly addictive, In order to do that, she needed chemicals. That’s why she chose MegaKat City.

“Don’t you know what you’re doing is highly illegal?” Katra hears a voice behind her.

Katra whirls around. “Lokii! Where the hell have you been!”

“Tsk.” Lokii, disguised as a school she-kat, looks at her. “Is that a way to treat an old friend?”

“Lokii, you’re supposed to be helping me.”

“I am. By getting information from my tarot cards and from my friend.”  Lokii skips off, forcing Katra to follow.

“What kind of information?”

“Your main problems are the SWAT Kats. Deal with them, and you will get rid of a major thorn.”


“But, don’t discount the Knight. He is eager to prove himself once again and is not your standard cop. He is another thorn to watch out for.”

“SWAT Kats? Knights?” Katra shakes her head in disgust. “You’re talking in riddles.

Lokii grins at her. “I’m a spirit of mischief. Of course I talk in riddles.”

“But, don’t worry.” Lokii continues. “I have a plan.”




“Yes. I just love doing it. It causes so much joy and so many broken hearts.”

“What kind of plan is…” Katra begins, but Lokii starts to laugh.

“You don’t know me very well, Katra,” Lokii says, slowly fading away.  “Mischief can be good…or evil.”

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