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Kiss of the Roses

By AkaneKitty

  • 1 Chapter
  • 1,390 Words

Feral’s reaction to Manx’s decision disappoints Callie. But, Callie has her ways. Ann gets a juicy piece of gossip and sets about proving it. Also, Kandi taunts Callie, but…

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Author's Notes:

Ni-hao! This is “Kiss of the Roses,” a part of the Arcana Saga.

Feral’s reaction to Manx’s decision disappoints Callie. But, Callie has her ways. Ann gets a juicy piece of gossip and sets about proving it. Also, Kandi taunts Callie, but. . .

Author’s note: See if you can guess who called Ann. It’s one of three possibilities.

Special Quirky Author’s Note: Never write after watching Shoujo Kakume Utena episode 33. Why? Well, I strive to write a fic similar to that episode.

Also, last fic before Thanksgiving. Resuming after. That is, if Dead Week on campus doesn’t get to me.

As always, send any questions or comments to AkaneKitty@aol.com or drop me a line in my review section at Fanfiction.net. Enjoy!

Ja ne,

“Do you know? Do you know? Do you know what I wonder?”

“Finally! My dream has come to pass! I have found my Knight on a white horse!”

“Wait a minute! I found a Knight on a black horse for you! That’s who you told me you dreamt of!”

“You heard wrong! My dream is of a Knight on a white horse! And, I have found him!”

“Humph. I give up! If you want your Knight on a white horse, you’ll have your Knight on a white horse!”

“. . .Hmm. . .Why let a Knight go to waste? I’ll just put the two together, and. . .Voila! A Knight on a gray horse!”


“Kat’s Eye News. Ann Gora speaking.”

“Just thought you’d like to know. The Commander and the Deputy Mayor are going to start dating real soon.”

Annie gasps, dropping the phone. She hastily picks it back up. “Where did you find this information?”

“It doesn’t matter. All I know is that, if this goes according to the plan, it would garner a lot of votes for the Deputy Mayor if she decides to run.”

“For mayor?”


” How?”

“The Commander and the Deputy Mayor already have the western katizens in their paw. And, since the population is growing. . .You can surely guess.”

“Why should I believe any of this?”

The voice laughs. “Ask your friend about it.”

The line goes dead.


“So, our esteemed mayor wants votes, eh?”

“Looks like it.”

“How did he find out about the Fall Season?”

“Beats me. But, Manx can be quite resourceful when it comes to votes.  There is going to be an election next year.”

The winds pick up a stray strand of Feral’s hair. Casually, he tucks it back into place. “Well, he can count me out of his voting scheme. I’ll have nothing of it.”

Callie looks at him. “Huh?”

“This city deserves a better mayor.” Feral turns to look out over the city. “I don’t want to aid the jerk any more than I have to.”

“So, you don’t want to do the Fall Season together?” Callie says slowly, trying to squelch her disappointment.

“If it’s going to help Manx get votes, no.”

“Not even with me?”

Feral pauses. “That’s a loaded question.”

“Is it?” Callie joins Feral in looking out over the city. “For your information, Ulysses, I was considering doing the Fall Season with you before the
outside interference.”



“It still isn’t right. Manx would still benefit.”

“Who says he has to?”

“You’re running for mayor?”


Feral pauses again. “Well. . .”

“Besides, I wouldn’t want to call Dad and tell him you refused to do the Fall Season and all,” Callie says innocently. “That would insult my family, you

“That’s not fair, Calico,” Feral sighs. “And, you know it.”

“Consider it payback for the Turmoil fiasco.”

Feral chuckles. “How many times have you ‘convinced’ me to do something you wanted?”

“Not that many,” Callie says.

“That’s because you’re not on the other side of the stick.” Feral turns to face Callie. “All right. You win. But, I have one small request.”


Feral smiles a bit. “Enjoy yourself.”


“Enjoy yourself,” Feral repeats, looking into Callie’s eyes. “I’d like this to be real as possible.”

To Feral’s surprise, Callie smiles back.

“I will.”


A couple of hours later. . .

Callie works in her office, finishing off a report.

“Enjoy yourself, huh?”

Callie stretches in her chair, relaxing. “If it means watching the stars again.
. .”

“My, how contented we look!”

Callie cringes, knowing whose voice it is. “I did not ask you to come in here!”

“Too bad.” Kandi strolls into Callie’s office.

“What do you want?”

“I was just checking to see if Manxy took me up on my ‘suggestion’.”  Kandi pulls a nail file out.


“Don’t you think it’s a great idea for you and the Commander to do the Fall Season together? Think about all those votes!”

Callie narrows her eyes. “You suggested that?”

“Of course.” Kandi files her nails.

Callie smiles. “Thank you so much!”


“What a wonderful suggestion that was!” Callie beams. “Now, I don’t have to worry about my decision!”

“Worry about what decision?” Kandi demands.

“You’ll see.” Callie returns to her work. “Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have work to do.”


“It’s going to be a lovely night around MegaKat!”

“So, we suggest all of you go out and look at the stars. It should be easy to pick out the constellations!”

“But, it is not the time for the Autumn constellations. Knights will have to wait on those!”

Feral takes one paw of his steering wheel to turn his radio down. “The Autumn constellations are Calico’s favorite.”

“I wonder if that Planetarium will be finished soon?”



Anshi slips the last rose into a vase she had found.

“Oniisama has good taste.”

A knock on the door interrupts Anshi’s thoughts. “Just a minute!”

Anshi walks across the office and answers the door. “Gora-san?”

“Hello, Anshi,” Ann says. “Is Callie in?”

“Not at the present time. But, she should be back in shortly,” Anshi replies.  “Do you want to wait?”


Anshi steps back and Ann walks into the office. Anshi returns to her task, while Ann watches.

“What lovely roses,” Ann comments. “Your work?”

“Not this time.”

Her curiosity roused, Ann tries looking for a card among the roses. “Any idea on who sent them?”

“It’s not my place to say, Gora-san.”

“Oh, really?”


Ann starts to say more, but is interrupted by the door opening. She turns toward the door. “Callie! I was just talking about you.”

“Really? What about?” Callie walks into her office, heading toward her desk.

“I was trying to pry who sent you those roses out of your assistant,” Ann replies.

Callie deliberately takes her time sitting down behind her desk. “Oh.”

“Are you going to me who?”

“If I tell you, you won’t believe it.”

“Try me.”

“No thanks.” Callie turns on her computer.

“Well, then, I’ll hazard a guess.” Ann pauses. “Commander Feral.”

Callie doesn’t react.

Ann continues. “I also hear that you and the Commander are going to start dating soon.”


Ann groans inwardly. Callie could be tough. “And, I hear that you might run for mayor.”

“You have big ears.”

“So, are the rumors true?”

Callie looks at her and smiles. “No comment.”

“Come on, Callie! You can tell me!” Ann says. “We’ve known each other long enough.”

“True. And, you’ll find out soon enough,” Callie replies. “I can’t say much now. I hope you understand.”

Ann smiles. “I do. I’ll see you later, then.”

Ann walks herself out of Callie office, closing the door behind. “If you think I’m going to wait like the rest of the world, Callie, think again!”

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