Original SWAT Kats Story

A Knight for the Ages

By AkaneKitty

  • 2 Chapters
  • 3,031 Words

After dinner, one of Feral’s remarks nets an unexpected reaction from Callie. Lokii lures the SWAT Kats to see what she wants them to see.

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Author's Notes:

Ni-hao! This is “A Knight for the Ages: Part 2,” a part of the Arcana Saga.

Lokii draws the SWAT Kats’ ire. Will this get the Boys on track? Also, Feral has no idea of the affect his words had on Callie. But, the two draw even closer.

Author’s note: “Hey baby, what’s your sign?” ::snorks:: I was so tempted to put that as a Feral line. But, that would be a little out of character, even for

From Astrology.net: “Scorpios are not above using subtle manipulation to get what they want.” Bwahaha. . .remind you of anyone?

Mr. Scorpio is the only one that fits a sign to a tee when I was researching the zodiac. Beware of that stinger!

Watch for Callie’s journal to update. Hers first, then Feral’s.

As always, send any comments to AkaneKitty@aol.com. Or, drop me a line in my review section at Fanfiction.net. Enjoy!

Ja ne,

Chapter 2


Callie stirs slightly. “Umm. . .”

“Are you all right?”

Callie slowly opens her eyes. Two strong arms were holding her. “Huh?”

Feral looks at her. “Thank goodness.”

“Ulysses?” Callie straightens herself up.

“Was it something I said?”

Ulysses’ words come rushing back to her. “No, nothing. I’m fine.”

Feral releases Callie, which slightly disappoints her. “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure!”

“Then, what caused you to faint?”

Callie shrugs. “I don’t know. But, thanks for caring.”

“My pleasure.”

“So, can we continue our walk?” Callie clutches Feral’s arm. “I was really enjoying it.”



Feral looks at Callie and smiles. “Very well.”


“Is this discomfort I sense? It is to laugh!” Lokii laughs, completely oblivious to the fact Razor was aiming his gun again. “You dug your own grave.”

“No, you did!”

“Huh?” Lokii spins around in time enough for the beam coming from Razor’s gun to cut across her arm. She yelps. “Why, you little-”

“You know, I’ve grown very tired of all this Fate talk.” Razor re aims his gun. “You have more interest in this just to be following what is meant to be.”

“It is Fate!” Lokii wobbles. That gun had a strange affect.

“Someone you’ve hooked with then, I’d bet?” Razor asks. “Somebody that knows or observed our connection to the Deputy Mayor.”

“And, knows that if connection is broken, they’d might have a clear shot,” T-Bone adds, clenching his fists.

“You don’t know anything! The Knight will have his Queen.” Lokii gets a paw on a Tarot Card.

“We’ll just have to learn to tolerate each other.” Razor starts to pull the trigger. “Which makes no room for you.”

Lokii hurls the Tarot Card at Razor, who ducks and fires the gun. It barely misses.

“My Confection will make you two a distant memory!” Lokii starts to summon the spell.

“I don’t think so!”

“What!” Lokii turns, but gets a bo staff across the face.

T-Bone looks for their aide. “Garnet!”

“We meet again, SWAT Kats!” Garnet whips her staff across the spirit’s stomach. Lokii flies backwards.

“We got her now!” Sapphire appears, tossing one of her iron fans at Lokii head. Lokii ducks, but keels over in pain.

“Anybody want to play cards?” Lokii whispers, still in pain.

Jade appears behind Garnet and Sapphire. “Get down!”

“Huh?” Garnet sneaks a glace at Jade.

“Celtic Cross!”

“Hit the deck! T-Bone pushes all four down.

Winds pick of up hundreds of Tarot Cards, whirling them around a lightning speed. Razor could just hear them hitting the TurboKat.

“We will meet again, SWAT Kats. . .” Lokii slowly disappears.


“Where is that kat’s number? Ah, here it is. . .”

A lone figure dials a phone number, and listens. “I’d bet you’re wondering if it’s real. The Commander and the Deputy Mayor.”

“I’m going to give a grand showing. You’ve heard about the Awards Banquet, right? Be there with your cameras rolling.”

“You’ll get all the proof you need. . .”


“Would you look at that? It’s going to take me weeks to get the dings out!”

“Eh, it’s not that bad, is it?”

“You’re kidding. The last time Lokii did something like that, I had to replace the whole panel.”

Razor looks at the panels in dismay as T-Bone and Jem talk.

“Perfect timing, you three.” T-Bone says to the she-kats.

“Thanks.” Garnet retracts her bo staff. “Lokii has been hard to track lately.”

“Why’s that?”

“Don’t know. . .But, you seem to have figured her out.”

“I wonder who she could have conspired with?” Sapphire speaks up. “Lokii seems to separate from kats when she starts to have fun.”

“Who knows.” Jade says, then giggles.

“What?” Garnet asks.

“I’m getting snatches of feelings and thoughts from our Queen and Knight.” Jade giggles again.


“The Queen is *very* happy. The Knight’s slightly confused.”

“By the way, the Deputy Mayor fainted into Feral-sama’s arms.” Sapphire adds. “We think Lokii had something to do with it.”

“No wonder she was eager to show us that. . .” T-Bone mutters. “What else?”

“Umm. . .The Queen is thinking about a certain phrase. ‘ I do hope to be your Knight, someday. . .’ I wonder what that means?”

“Who said that?” Razor regions the group.

“Can’t tell. . .Feral-sama is thinking of scorpions.”

Garnet looks at Jade. “Scorpions?”

“Hai. He saw his sign in the sky and started thinking about it.”

“He’s a Scorpio?” Razor asks. “That explains a lot of things.”

“Scorpios are intense, deep, and don’t forgive easily.” Jade rattles off.

“That’s him, all right.” T-Bone mutters.

“Well, I doubt Lokii will show up again.” Garnet smooths her ponytail.

“Leaving so soon?” Razor asks.

“Yeah. We’ll be around, though.” Sapphire says. “Lokii might have finally dug her own grave.

“What do you mean?” T-Bone says.

“According to legend, there is a Spirit Chaser called Shino.” Jade says, closing her eyes in concentration. “Shino is supposed to keep time altering spirits like Lokii in line.”

Razor blinks. “Really. . .”

“Greymalkin, the kat-in-the-box, is supposedly a victim of Shino. They say most are afraid of him.” Garnet finishes. “But, who can say if they’re true?”

“By waiting.” T-Bone walks over and puts his paw on Razor’s shoulder. “Come on, bud. I’ll help you get the dings out.”

Razor smiles. “You’re on!”


“Scorpio’s chasing Orion again. . .”

“So I see.” Callie glances up at the sky.

Feral pauses. “The thrill of the chase. . .”

“Do you enjoy the chase, Ulysses?” Callie looks at him.

Feral smiles a bit. “Well. . .”

“Well, I won’t make it too hard, then.” Callie drags Feral along.

“Are you sure you’re all right?”

“Of course I am! That’s a lot of concern for me.”

“Calico, I liken you to Helen of Troy.” Feral says, looking at Callie. “Kats would start wars for you.”

“Oh? Callie stops to face Feral. “Would you be one of them?”

Feral is silent for a minute. “I would.”

Callie blushes. “Ulysses. . .”

“Calico, I. . .”

“I’d wish you’d call me Callie.”

“Old habits die hard.”

“Especially when it comes to you. Stubbornness. . .”

“. . .is a virtue.” Feral finishes, extending his paw to Callie. “Dance with me.”

Callie blinks. “Here?”

“Why not?” Feral shrugs.

Callie hesitates, but gives Feral her paw. Feral draws Callie close to him.



“Are Knights required to be good dancers, too?”

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