Original SWAT Kats Story

The Lost World

By Adam Davis

  • 3 Chapters
  • 4,593 Words

(Unfinished) Callie Briggs is in trouble — this time while visiting a secret research site, and of course, the SWAT Kats follow as Feral rushes in to save her.

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Author's Notes:

The Lost World (This is NOT the sequel to Jurassic Park)

Chapter 1


Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs stared out her window at the island. She had been told that the project was finished. She doesn’t smile though. The island is mysterious, almost frightening. It’s a dark island, and it’s always shrouded in fog.“We’re ready to make our descent, Miss Briggs.” The pilot said.

She nodded. The helicopter starts it’s descent, disappearing in the fog.

“How will you land if you can’t see?” Callie said “It lifts before we hit bottom.” The pilot said. “You exited?” “Of course! It’s not every day that a discovery like this is made!” “This is your first time?” “No, I was here about three years ago, to check on the work, see where my money was going.” “You funded the project?” “Actually, the mayor did. He just has this thing about flying over water. That’s why I’m coming back. ‘He’ was supposed to dedicate it, but, he talked ‘me’ into doing it for him.” “How do you dedicate something no one else knows about?” “Never mind that. Just concentrate on landing.” The helicopter broke through the fog, and they saw a lush, tropical valley. Rock walls rose on each side, disappearing into the thick layer of fog. Call watched the ground rise up to meet the helicopter. It set down, and rotors slowed.

“Well, here we are.” The pilot said. Callie climbed out of the helicopter. The air was humid. All the heat and moisture was sealed in. A perfect environment for the project. That’s why they had chosen it. A white Land Rover was coming down the road toward them. It stopped about thirty feet from them.

“Dr. Lynx!” Callie said as she saw him. “Call Briggs, how good of you to return for the dedication.” He said, leading her to the car. She gave a final wave to the pilot as he left the ground, then got in the truck.

They soon reached the compound. A guard stood alert by the gate. The compound was surrounded by High fences that were marked:


The guard disarmed the gate, allowing them to pass through, but closing just behind them, as if something were to sneak in. They stopped at the main office. Dr. Lynx helped Callie out the truck. She stepped inside the cool, air conditioned building and sighed in relief.

“Spent too much time in the office huh?” Dr. Lynx said, following her. “I guess so.” “We’ll wait here for the guide. He’ll give you a tour of the facilities.”

On the other side of the compound, workmen were unloading a sedated animal that had been injured. The first workman stepped inside the blackness of the cage.

“All right, let’s gets this critter out!” He shouted.

Suddenly they heard a loud shriek, then the workman started screaming. They heard him getting thrown around inside the cage. This carried on for a few moments, then immediately stopped. The remaining workmen stared in horror. Then they heard the thin g walking toward them, out of the cage. They ran as fast as they could, though they could hear it coming after them. It caught another workman. He felt himself being pinned to the ground. The last thing he felt was a fiery pain along his spine before the world went black.

Callie and the doctor sat in the office lobby, still waiting. Suddenly three terrified workmen burst in. Callie stood up.

“What’s wrong?” Lynx said. “You know the animal the vet was waiting for?” “Yeah.” “Well it got out!” “Oh no, get help, and hurry!” The door bulged. They heard the loud shriek outside. It was breaking through. They all ran in different directions. Lynx grabbed her by the arm and pulled her inside a closet with a steel door. They could still hear the animal outside. They were trap ped in the closet…


The phone rang in Commander Feral’s office. “This is Feral.” He said. He heard a shaken, raspy voice. It was Lynx, and he sounded terrified. “Lynx!” Feral shouted into the phone. “You know calling from the island is prohibited!” “I- I know sir!” He said. “But we have an emergency sir!” “What kind of emergency?” “The animals are out!” “You’ve got to be kidding! Is Miss Briggs still down there?” “Unfortunately, yes. She’s here with me.” “Okay, I’ll get help down there as fast as I can. Lay low until we get there. And remember, erase every record of this call.”

The tyrannosaurs bellowed, and continued to push the trailer over the ravine. Jake and Chance stared wide-eyed at the movie screen. Chance grabbed another handful of popcorn, but couldn’t put it in his mouth. He was so mesmerized by the movie that he had forgotten to swallow what he was already chewing. Then he heard Callie’s portable beeper.

“No! Not now!” Jake whispered. “Come on.” Chance said, finally swallowing.

They got up, and pushed their way through the crowded theater, and out into the lobby. Chance peeked into the restroom, no one there.

“It’s clear.” He said. They stepped inside. “Yes Miss Briggs?” Chance said “T-bone, I need your help.” “What is it Miss Briggs?” “I need you two to follow Feral when he leaves this afternoon.” “Where is he going?” “I can’t tell you right now. Just follow him, no matter what he does.” “All right. Hey! Where are you?” “You’ll find out.”

Chance looked at Jake, and the tyrannosaur bellowed inside the theater.

“Let’s go find Feral.” Chance said. “Where?” Jake asked. “Probably at the airport.”


A small airport sat in the middle of a field. Two helicopters sat outside. It was an unusual place for an air port, and it almost seemed abandoned. Commander Feral entered the small airport lobby. He saw Lt. Feral standing by the phones. She saw him. “Over here!” She said. He walked over to her. “Have you rounded up the enforcers?” He said.

“Yeah, there waiting in the helicopters.” “Let’s get moving then.” “Can I ask a question?” “What is it lieutenant?” “Why are we here at this small airport in the middle of nowhere?” “I’ll explain everything when when we reach our destination.”

The helicopters flew out over open water. They had left land an hour ago. And would soon be reaching the island. Feral watched the ocean pass underneath the chopper. He turned to Felina, who was reading a book.

” What is that?” He asked. “It’s a book uncle.” “I know ‘what’ it is. What is it about?” “It’s about a submarine crew that gets stranded on a prehistoric island.” “Is that right?” “Yes, it’s really very exiting.” “Uh-huh.” He said. Boy, was she in for a surprise.

Then he heard that all too familiar noise. “Oh no.” He said to himself.

“Hey Feral, I heard you need some help.” T-bone said over the radio. “Not from you!” Feral replied. “How did you find out anyway?” “We have ways.” Razor said. “You two fall back, we don’t need your help!” “No way!” T-bone said. “We’re like bad street performers, you can’t get rid of us!” Feral didn’t say anything. Felina looked amazed.

“You’re not going to try to get rid of them?” “No. As much as I HATE to say it, we may need their help.”

The island rose into view. It was a mysterious looking place. It was a dark, fog shrouded island. The first of the helicopters disappeared into the mist. Then Feral’s chopper descended. T-bone looked a little nervous. The fog was extremely thick, and the infra-red wasn’t working.

“You going in?” Razor asked. “Yep.” He said. “It’s party time.”

The turbokat dropped slowly through the fog.

“Lousy view.” Razor said. “We should break through any time now.” T-bone said.

Razor watched as the fog cleared, revealing the valley below. There was something creepy about this place, but he didn’t know what it was. He looked down. He could see that Feral and the others had already landed. T-bone set the turbokat down, and cu t the engines. Feral had already reached them. He watched them intently as they climbed.

“Are you two sufficiently armed?” “You’re asking if ‘we’ are sufficiently armed.” Razor said.

Feral did wonder why he asked them that. He knew by know that they were always armed to the teeth.

“You two listen carefully.” Feral said. “I am the leader of this outfit, you will do as I say, understood?” “Whatever.” T-bone said, amused. “All right everyone! Let’s get moving, we’ve got a hike ahead of us.”

The walk wasn’t easy. The terrain was swampy, and they were up to their ankles in muddy water. Tropical birds squawked overhead. A spider the size of a dinner plate climbed a tree as they passed. Farther ahead, the floor was less swamp-like, but took a steep incline. Razor’s legs hurt from so much walking uphill. He stopped to rest. A moment later, Feral stopped his group. Razor yawned. Then something caught his eye. He stood up, trying to see it better. Then he recognized it. T-bone stood up beside him. “What is it, buddy?” He asked.

Razor pointed in the direction of the thing he saw. T-bone saw it, and his eyes widened. Now everyone was trying to get a look at what they saw. Moments later, a dinosaur emerged from the foliage. Everyone gasped and stepped back, all except for Feral, who just stepped back. This dinosaur was joined by more of it’s kind. They were titanosaurs, a whole herd of them, walking right in front of them.

“What is this place?” Razor said…

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