Spectacular Spider-Kat

By MoDaD on Nov 19, 2016 in

From Kim Dreamcatcher: How about having Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man, (or maybe he’d be called Spider-Kat in the Swat Kat world) in the SWAT Kat universe? To explain how Peter ends up in MegaKat City, either have MegaKat City be an equivalent to New York City or have Peter go to MegaKat City. There’s so many possible ways for this story to go; just let your imagination run free. For example, a Spider-Kat villain and a Swat Kat villain could team up, like maybe Dark Kat and Tombstone. Then, maybe the Swat Kats and Spider-Man would team up after acting on their own for a while, and in the end, it’s up to you whether or not they find out each others’ true identities. I just have one small request: when the Swat Kats run into Spider-Kat for the first time, have T-Bone say something like: “Hey, buddy! We wear the red and blue in this town!”