Update – April 2020

By Kristen Sharpe on Apr 5, 2020 in News

Again, my apologies for an obscenely late update.  Submissions were few and far between this past year, but one story has waited over a year for posting!

But, several additions have come in since December.   So, happy reading, everyone!


All submissions need to be submitted for review.  (See the Submissions link up top.)  We don’t have the resources to police a fully automated system and keep it free of bots, trolls and the like.  For the same reason, all comments are also moderated by the Archive Host.

Also, if you are submitting a co-authored story, only one author needs to submit the story, but both authors need to contact the Archive with permission to post.  Additionally, please bear in mind that co-authored stories will also only be removed with the consent of both authors.

Please let us know of any errors.  Comments and suggestions are welcome.