Original SWAT Kats Story

9 Lives and Counting

By Felony Kat

  • 5 Chapters
  • 12,850 Words

(Unfinished) A troubled young she-kat has no idea of the destiny that has been placed before her as she begins to discover some of the answers to questions she’s had all her life. Every kat has 9 lives, and Felony has a choice on how she’s going to live this one.

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Author's Notes:

Rating: E

Completed: 03/31/05

Summary: Felony introduces the other two girls of 9 Lives and Counting to a new manager, Doyle Kincade. The girls’ dreams of fame and fortune soon become a reality as the first part of Dark Kat’s plan is complete.

Author’s Note: Apologies for the long wait between chapters, but the story is coming along now nicely. My muse has returned from her extended vacation it seems. And no worries, this won’t be going Mary Sue or anything though it may seem like it. ;D

Chapter 5


The day after Hard Drive tried to take over Enforcer HQ, Felony arrives at Kate’s house for practice. However, this time there is a guest with her. The guest is a large, tall tom-kat with dark gray fur so dark it is almost black and fiery orange eyes the same color as Felony’s. He’s wearing a black suit with a red shirt and black tie. Black and white wing-tipped shoes are on the tom’s feet and a black fedora with a red band sits on top of the tom’s head. He is wearing two large rings on his right hand and has a black cane with a round gold top in his left. Felony knocks on the door and, after hearing an “It’s open!” from Kate, she and the tom-kat go inside.

“We’re in the kitchen!” Kate calls out.

Felony and her companion enter the kitchen area where Kate and Char are making sandwiches. The two girls look over with surprise, pausing in their sandwich making at the counter.

“Who’s this, Felony?” Char asks, looking the tom-kat over.

“Our new manager, Doyle Kincade,” Felony replies and steps back to stand behind the tom. “Doyle, this is Kate, our drummer, and Char, our base guitarist.”

Doyle Kincade grins at the two confused girls and walks up to them, extending a hand for them to shake. “A pleasure to meet you both.”

“Um… likewise, I guess,” Kate says as she shakes Doyle’s hand first.

“Yes, nice to meet you, Mr. Kincade,” Char says as she shakes Doyle’s hand after Kate. She then lets go and looks past him to Felony. “Felony, what happened to Stan?”

“He quit,” Felony answers.

“Quit? When?” Kate asks.

“This morning. We had an argument, and he decided he’d rather spend more time with the other groups he’s managing,” Felony explains. She then walks to them to stand next to Doyle. “Forget about him, girls, he wasn’t taking us anywhere. But, Mr. Kincade here will.”

“That’s right, and please, call me Doyle,” Doyle says to the girls with a charming grin. “I’ve got a record deal all written out for you three, and we’ll begin recording as soon as you sign the proper papers.”

“Record deal?!” Char and Kate both ask with surprise.

“Are you serious, Mr- er Doyle?” Kate asks suspiciously.

“I am quite serious, Kate,” Doyle states, still grinning. “I caught your act a few months ago and decided that I wanted to have you girls get out of the club performances and into the music world. You all have such great potential, potential that Stan was wasting away. I’d been talking with him for a few weeks now, and he just agreed last night to let me take 9 Lives and Counting under my management.”

Char laughs and squeals, hugging Felony. “This is wonderful! Oh! Oh, when can we start recording?”

Doyle chuckles. “I was hoping tomorrow morning, Char. After you all sign the proper contracts, we’ll begin recording.”

“Isn’t this great, you guys?” Felony says to them as she pries Char off. “It’s what we’ve always wanted! Soon, fame and fortune will be ours.”

“Yeah, it is,” Kate slowly says as she looks from Felony to Doyle.

Char runs over to hug Doyle now and laughs happily.

A couple of months have passed since the incident with Hard Drive at Enforcer Headquarters. Neither T-Bone or Razor can figure out why Hard Drive hasn’t popped up again someplace else.

“The whole thing is suspicious if you ask me,” Razor says to T-Bone as they get out of the Turbokat. The SWAT Kats have just returned from a fruitless patrol.

T-Bone nods in agreement as he takes off his helmet. “Yeah. Hard Drive’s a bit of a coward, but he would’ve tried something else by now since he got away.”

The two SWAT Kats change into their regular mechanics’ uniforms and head upstairs.

“Milk?” Jake asks Chance as he gets into the fridge in the break room.

“Sure,” Chance replies as he grabs up the remote control. Turning on the TV, he sits down and catches the can of milk Jake tosses him.

“Oh good, Litterbin hasn’t come on yet,” Jake says happily as he sits next to Chance on the old sofa.

Chance groans and rolls his eyes a bit. “Can’t we watch something else for once? That show’s kinda dull, bud.”

Jake scoffs. “Aw come on, not like there’s anything else on now.”

“Okay…” Chance sighs in defeat and turns it to the MBC channel where the David Litterbin show comes on.

The two watch the show for awhile and Chance makes ’em both a snack. Chance finishes and sits back down, handing Jake a tuna sub sandwich. “Is it over?” Chance asks hopefully as he takes a bite of his own sub.

Jake smirks at that and shakes his head. “Nope, just in time for the music guest.” He takes a bite out of his sandwich.

“And now, tonight’s musical guest,” Fuzzy announces on the TV, “9 Lives and Counting!”

Chance nearly spits out his sandwich at that. “No way! Did he just say what I think he said?”

“Yeah,” Jake answers, patting Chance on the back. “Say, isn’t that the group your friend Kate is in?”

Chance nods and the two toms watch as 9 Lives and Counting perform. Their jaw drops on hearing the song as well. The girls are singing a rock song about the SWAT Kats! A positive one which the crowd seems to like very much as they cheer some during the performance and stand to applaud after the girls have finished.

“You heard this song before, bud?” Jake asks Chance.

Chance shakes his head. “No, I haven’t. Heck, I’m surprised that Kate hasn’t called and told me of their newfound success.”

“Least the song concerning us is decent,” Jake says, chuckling.

Chance looks smug at that as he grins. “Yeah, though it’s better than decent. It’s awesome.”

After the David Litterbin show is over, the girls say bye to Doyle and exit MBC studios. Felony says she needs to go get something and tells Kate and Char to go on home. After Char and Kate leave, Felony walks back to the building, but goes down the alleyway in the back where Doyle greets her.

“Like the song?” she asks Doyle flatly.

Doyle chuckles. “Not really, but your fans did, and, hopefully, the SWAT Kats will as well.” He steps up to a black limo where he opens the door for her. Felony gets inside and Doyle goes in after her.

“They better; I just couldn’t do hardly anything with a song praising the SWAT Kats. Good thing Char and Kate help me write the lyrics to some of our songs.” Felony folds her arms as she sits across from Doyle.

“Such disdain you have for them, my dear daughter. Is it due to my influence?” Doyle asks her. He rubs one of his two large rings on his right hand with his left. The rounded ruby stone begins to glow slightly.

“Please,” Felony replies with a laugh. “The SWAT Kats are just as useless as the Enforcers are. They were never there for me when I needed them anyway…”

The ruby glows brightly now, as do Doyle’s eyes. “I see.” He grins then suddenly winces as if he were hurting. His body changes form as he grows slightly larger than before. His clothes tear at the seams and Doyle snarls in pain. His dark gray fur changes color to purple, his eyes glow entirely orange now like fire, his face becomes more twisted and his ears grow longer and more pointy.

Felony watches this and, when Doyle is completely transformed, she hands him a heavy hooded black cape with red trim that was on the seat next to her. Doyle, or rather now Dark Kat, grins once more and puts the hooded cape on over himself as his clothes have torn some in several places. The ruby ring stops glowing.

“Does that… always hurt, pops?” Felony asks him curiously.

“Enough to where I have little desire to do it often,” Dark Kat replies.

Felony notes the limo stopping outside of that old warehouse Dark Kat is using for a lair.

“Come. I’ve got some money for you and your band mates I’d like to give you before you go home for the evening.” He exits the limo and both Dark Kat and Felony go inside the warehouse. Felony looks down as the creeplings come to greet them both. Dark Kat ignores them and goes into an office like room to change into his usual robes.

Felony kneels down to one of the creeplings and pats it on the head. Suddenly, a burst of electricity blasts out of one of Dark Kat’s computer monitors in the room. Felony stands with a gasp and looks towards it. The electricity forms a kat shape, and soon the shape becomes solid.

Hard Drive laughs a bit, seeing Felony. “I see someone’s had quite the make over,” he says with a grin to Felony. “Or a plastic surgeon had a cruel sense of humor when he played this prank.”

Felony smirks now and puts a hand on her hip. “Hard Drive,” she says, recognizing him from pictures she’d seen before either on TV or by Dark Kat himself.

“That’s me, babe,” Hard Drive says and walks over to Felony. The creeplings around watch Hard Drive carefully. “And, you’re definitely not Dark Kat.”

“Good eye,” Felony says with a grin. “He’s in his office now. He’ll be out shortly.”

“Well then, that gives us time to talk a little bit, doesn’t it? How about we start with you telling me your name.”

“Felony,” she replies, still grinning, looking him over. “Felony Kat.”

Hard Drive quirks his brow at that. “Kat?” he asks, reaching his hand out to shake hers. “As in-?”

“As in my daughter,” Dark Kat says from behind Hard Drive.

Hard Drive withdraws his hand before even touching Felony’s. He turns and looks up at Dark Kat. “I don’t see much family resemblance, but she’s…” he trails off, failing to find something witty to say this time.

“She’s about to leave,” Dark Kat finishes for him. He pulls out an envelope from his robe and holds it out for Felony to take. Felony goes over to Dark Kat past Hard Drive and takes the envelope. “Inside is a check for recent sales,” Dark Kat says to her. “I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the amount as will your band mates.”

Felony nods and smiles, looking at the check. “Very much so, pops.” She closes the envelope and smiles at Hard Drive. “Later Pops. Sparky.” She chuckles and exits the warehouse.

Hard Drive watches her go with interest, until Dark Kat speaks again.

“I have another mission for you, Hard Drive. One that I expect you to fail this time,” Dark Kat says, frowning at Hard Drive.

Hard Drive turns quickly around to face Dark Kat again. “Yes, yes, of course. Tell me what it is and I’ll do it, Dark Kat.”

 ~To be continued.

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