Original SWAT Kats Story

9 Lives and Counting

By Felony Kat

  • 5 Chapters
  • 12,850 Words

(Unfinished) A troubled young she-kat has no idea of the destiny that has been placed before her as she begins to discover some of the answers to questions she’s had all her life. Every kat has 9 lives, and Felony has a choice on how she’s going to live this one.

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Author's Notes:

Rating: E

Date: Chapter Four completed 08/08/04

Disclaimer: SWAT Kats and all related characters and places are copyright 1993-95 Hanna-Barbera. Felony, Catch, and Flame are created by M. E. Bartley. Please do not use without permission.

Summary: Felony watches one of Dark Kat’s plans in action, as well as the SWAT Kats’ intervention. Commander Feral proves to be difficult to handle for Hard Drive as he’s trapped in Enforcer HQ still. Can the SWAT Kats get him out and save Enforcer HQ before it’s destroyed?

Chapter 4


The SWAT Kats soon arrive in the Turbokat at Enforcer Headquarters.

“So what’s the plan of action, bud?” T-Bone asks his partner as he flies the Turbokat close to Enforcer HQ for a better look.

“We land and enter the building to see just who is behind all this,” Razor says after a moment.

“Roger that,” T-Bone replies as he attempts to land the Turbokat on top of the building where the runway is. However, upon going into VTOL mode, several shots are fired at the jet. “What the-?!”

“The defense systems must be operating on their own,” Razor said as T-Bone dodged the shots and flew forward out of VTOL mode.

“Or whoever’s inside doesn’t want us in.” T-Bone growls. “Up to you to shut ‘em down, Razor.”

“Roger that. Launching Megavolt missiles.”


Feral had finally managed to unscrew the cover to the security keypad lock box. Sliding it off, he peers into the wiring. With a grin, the Commander reaches inside and rips out all the wiring at once. He then goes to the door and attempts to open it again. This time it opens.

“Very well done, Commander. But, don’t think that you’ll be getting out of the building THAT easily,” Hard Drive sneers through the intercom system to Feral’s office.

Feral says nothing as he tosses the scissors and wiring inside. Stepping out into the hall, he pulls out his laser blaster and looks around. “I’ve got to make it to the control room,” he thinks to himself as he starts down the hall.

Hard Drive rubs his paws together excitedly, causing a few sparks to fly. “Oh this will be fun.” He chuckles to himself and starts moving the controls on the panel with his electric powers.

Feral continues down the hallway when soon is fired at. Turning around, he spots laser turrets that have popped out of the walls near the ceilings. “Crud,” he groans then rushes down the hall, firing at the lasers with his own blaster. As he hurries down the hallway, more laser turrets pop out and begin to fire at him.

Hard Drive cackles watching this through the video cameras in the halls. However, he stops, hearing an alarm beeping. “What the?” He switches one of the monitors’ camera views to the roof. On the monitor, the SWAT Kats in the Turbokat are shown firing a couple of missiles at the roof laser cannons, knocking out the defense system there.

“So, the SWAT Kats finally show up to play. Come on in, boys, and we’ll play,” Hard Drive growls. “The more the merrier.”

Feral manages to take out the camera in the hallway closest to him, as well as the nearby laser turrets. He puts his blaster away for a moment and pulls out a knife. The commander steps up to the elevator and begins prying the doors open to the elevator.

Soon, the door opens, and Feral looks inside. “Just a few floors down to the control room,” he thinks to himself, and leaps out inside the elevator shaft. Feral grabs hold of the cable wires in the center and begins slowly climbing down.


The first two Megavolt missiles Razor had fired were shot down by the roof lasers, but a third managed to make its target. The roof lasers sparked and soon shorted out as the missile shot out a major blast of electricity all around upon impact.

“Bingo!” Razor exclaimed. “Third time’s the charm.”

“Let’s get in and finish the job,” T-Bone said with a grin as he landed the Turbokat on top of the Enforcer building. The pair got out of the jet and soon made their way to a roof entrance. They unlocked the door and began heading down a stairway.

“Any idea on where to go from here, sure-shot?” T-Bone asked Razor.

“Roger that,” Razor replies. “I’m picking up several surges of electricity on the 28th floor. Gotta be our kat.”

“What makes you say that?” T-Bone asks. “You think the system is malfunctioning or somethin’?”

“Maybe,” Razor states. “Whoever’s responsible might’ve wreaked havoc on the Enforcer’s security system by either breaking it, or maybe even overloading it.”

“Heh, with all the electrical surges, sounds like our old pal Hard Drive’s involved,” T-Bone comments.

“That’s a good possibility too,” Razor agrees.


“Seems like they’ve managed to get into the building,” Dark Kat says, frowning. The limousine he and Felony are in has parked a few blocks down from Enforcer HQ, and the two are still watching via the television.

“Think they’ll get past Hard Drive?” Felony asks, looking at him.

“They had better not,” Dark Kat says. His eyes glow slightly, reminding Felony of two small flames. Felony returns to looking at the television.


Commander Feral finally reaches the desired floor. He now leaps out to one of the walls where the elevator doors are and grabs hold of a ladder built on the side of the shaft for maintenance. He climbs up and pries the doors open, then climbs out into the hallway.

Meanwhile, in the control room, Hard Drive is getting rather angry. “Fools! All of you! None of you are going to stop me, none of you!” He flicks out some more electricity from his surge coat and moves a few levers and has a few buttons be pressed and light up.

Razor and T-Bone have made it to the desired floor. As Razor reaches out to open the stairway door, it opens automatically allowing the pair to exit.

“Looks like we’ve got an invitation,” T-Bone muses. “Should we accept?”

“Might as well,” Razor says as he readies his glov-a-trix.

“Roger that,” T-Bone says as he also readies his.

The two exit the stairwell and go into the hallway. The door closes behind them, and all seems quiet in the dimly lit hall. Cautiously, the two kats move ahead.

Commander Feral is in the same hallway, on the opposite end. Hard Drive watches them all via security cameras.

“That’s right… keep going… hmm… perhaps it’s time for you all to take a nap,” Hard Drive says, grinning once again. “A permanent one!”

The hallway begins to slowly fill up with a strange green-yellow gas that comes out of air vents near the ceiling.

“Oxygen masks, now!” Razor exclaims.

He and T-Bone quickly put on their flight masks so they can still breathe.

However, Commander Feral has no such item on him, and mentally curses to himself to have this feature removed. He grabs a handkerchief from his pocket, and covers his mouth. Running down the hall, he manages to arrive at the control room. The gas slowly drifts down from above.

Hard Drive laughs from inside the control room. He turns on an intercom in the hallway, and his laughter fills the hall. “What’s the matter, Feral? Do you want a gas mask? Hmmm? Seems as usual, the SWAT Kats are more prepared than you are.”

“Hard Drive?” Both the SWAT Kats say, looking at one another. They then hurry down the hall.

“Looks like you were right, T-Bone.” Razor says.

Feral tries to bang on the door to get into the control room, but to no avail. Razor and T-Bone reach him shortly after, hearing Hard Drive’s taunting voice.

“Commander!” T-Bone shouts as they reach his side.

Razor pulls off his own mask. He holds his breath while letting the now kneeling Feral breathe in the fresh oxygen.

T-Bone meanwhile looks around for a way in. He motions Razor to the small electronic keypad by the control room’s door. Razor nods, and, once Feral signals he’s got enough air for the moment, Razor puts his mask back on. The SWAT Kat then raises his glov-a-trix to the keypad, where a small lock pick sort of device pops out from the top. It scans, then soon opens the door.

T-Bone holds the door open as Feral and Razor hurry inside. The large tabby goes in afterwards, where the door quickly shuts. The trio look around the control room, but Hard Drive is nowhere to be seen.

Feral sits at one of the consoles, and starts typing in a sequence. The gas in the hall is sucked into the vents it came out of and disperses all around the hall, and the bit that got in the room is also sucked away.

An alarm then sounds inside the room. “What’s that?” T-Bone asks as he removes his mask.

“Crud!” Feral growls and slams his fist on the control panel. “Hard Drive’s rigged the controls to lock up after I got rid of the gas!”

“Let me take a look,” Razor says, moving up to the control panel.

Hard Drive’s face appears on each of the monitors in the room. He laughs and says, “Thought it’d be that easy to defeat me, did you?”

“Why you little coward!” Feral snarls.

“Temper, temper, Commander,” Hard Drive says, sneering. “You sound as if you’re about to explode… oh wait, you are going to explode! Nyeh heh ha ha ha ha haa!” A cartoon bomb appears on the screens now, a timer on the inside of it ticking down time from two minutes.

“That doesn’t sound good, Razor…” T-Bone says worriedly.

Razor huffs, then presses a button on his glov-a-trix. A few wires shoot out of it, and plug into the control panel. “Know any of the commands to shut this down, Commander?”

Feral paces behind Razor. “I used to, but he’s probably changed them by now. Try these.” Feral spouts off a few code words and override numbers, but none of them work. Time continues to count down, as the bomb timer reaches one minute.

“Gotta see if my glov-a-trix can find the right codes while I try to shut this off…” Razor says as he works as quickly as he can.

T-Bone and Feral can do nothing but watch. When the timer reaches 6 seconds, the alarm stops, and the system shuts down.

“Bingo!” Razor exclaims, and all three sigh with relief. “Now to get the system cleared… There.” He pushes back from the control panel, and the lights brighten like normal.

“Alright!” T-Bone exclaims happily, and he and Razor give one another high fives.

“Good work,” Feral says gruffly, but appreciative. He even smiles a little at Razor.

“No problem, commander, but eh, you might wanna rethink this whole security system,” Razor smirks, and he and T-Bone exit the room as all the doors have opened up once again.

Feral scowls once more.


“Blast it!” Dark Kat shouts from the limousine and slams his fist onto the small television set. The Turbokat was in the process of taking off but the screen blacks out and cracks a bit down the center from the top. Felony flinches. Dark Kat sighs and turns off the now broken TV. “But, I suppose I did expect this.” He looks at Felony now, talking in a calmer voice. “The SWAT Kats, no matter what obstacle, no matter what ingenious plan, trap, or attack I set upon them, always manage to come out on top. It’s infuriating.”

“So… then what was the point of this?” Felony asks cautiously.

“The point, my dear daughter, is to show you how formidable the SWAT Kats are. However, they’re not invincible. Over the years I’ve learned some of their weaknesses. Weaknesses that I hope to use against them.”

“Which are…?” Felony asks, looking at him oddly.

“One is they do not wish to kill their enemies, though I’m sure they’ve thought about it once or twice,” he chuckles at that. “Two is they do not wish to harm innocents. And three, like most toms, they have a bit of a soft spot for the damsel in distress. Deputy Mayor Briggs is usually that damsel, as they’ve come to her rescue countless times.”

“So what, then you’re going to kidnap her and use her as bait or something?”

Dark Kat laughs. “No. That’s been done before. However, I do have another she-kat in mind.”

“Who’s that?”

“Why you, of course.”

“Me?” Felony sticks her tongue out a moment. “No way! I’m not going to swoon over those two heroes. I have my pride.”

“No one said you had to ‘swoon’, Felony. You just have to… flatter them a little. Get their attentions and learn more about them. If we’re lucky, perhaps you could even find out who they really are.”

Felony huffs. “So, this is what you wanted me for? I’ve got things to do you know.”

“I’m well aware of your schedule, Felony.” He leans back in his seat. “I guess you don’t want that band of yours to be famous any time soon then.”

Felony’s ears perk up at that. “Famous? You can make us famous?”

Dark Kat grins. “Of course. I have many connections, Felony. Think of it, 9 Lives and Counting will be everywhere. You’ll have your CD in stores, play at concerts instead of clubs, and the money that will come in on merchandising alone…”

Felony grins now. “Money you say… when can we get started?”

“Right away. We’ll get you famous first, so the SWAT Kats will be aware of who you are. Then we’ll begin work on my plans for the SWAT Kats’ demise,” Dark Kat says, his eyes glowing evilly.

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