Original SWAT Kats Story

9 Lives and Counting

By Felony Kat

  • 5 Chapters
  • 12,850 Words

(Unfinished) A troubled young she-kat has no idea of the destiny that has been placed before her as she begins to discover some of the answers to questions she’s had all her life. Every kat has 9 lives, and Felony has a choice on how she’s going to live this one.

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Author's Notes:

Rating: E

Date: Chapter three completed 12/09/02. Revised 02/13/03.

Disclaimer: SWAT Kats and all related characters are copyright 1993-95 Hanna-Barbera.

Summary: Trouble at Enforcer HQ leads the boys out to investigate. Dark Kat is going to teach Felony her first lesson, though all he’s done so far is to annoy her.

Author’s note: Boy, these chapters keep getting more and more short, don’t they? I’ve finally gotten a bit more of an idea on how to go about the plot of the story, and this is as far as I wanted to get on this part.

Chapter 3

Watch This

The creepling seemed to be more intelligent than Felony had first thought, as it pointed out the way to its master’s lair. Felony drives along in her black sedan through the streets of Megakat City to the unknown destination which her father had requested she come to. Soon, she comes near the ocean, driving down past the warehouses and docks that lined parallel with the ocean. She is still a bit afraid of the little demon like creature, despite the fact it hasn’t done anything hostile to her. Glancing at it every now and then to get its approval for the direction in which to drive, it would either nod or chitter in its odd sounding “language” and point for her to make a turn here or there.

At last, they reach the proper location. The creepling urges for Felony to turn and park by one of the warehouses that looks old and abandoned. The particular warehouse also sat away from the rest. Felony parks behind it and turns off the engine. “You sure this is it?” she asks the creepling, who nods and hops out of the vehicle. “Okay…”

Felony quickly follows the creepling to a door, which it opens for her, letting her step inside a darkened hallway of sorts. She walks inside and reaches an open area that fills most of the warehouse. She sees crates that are scattered about the room, as well as several computer consoles that line a few of the walls. Upon closer inspection, she notes the inside of the warehouse is sturdier looking than the outside.

“At last you’ve arrived,” a booming voice comments from nowhere, startling Felony out of her thoughts. Dark Kat slowly walks towards her from a nearby spot in the room.

“Yeah… what’s with the letter and the beast? I have a phone, you know,” Felony states, looking at him as he approaches.

“The ‘beast’ is one of my loyal creeplings. If I were to leave a phone message, it could be used against me later. Not to mention the phone call could be traced.” The large kat stops in front of her and grins.

Felony smirks. “Paranoid are we?”

“Not paranoid, my dear, just cautious. Being caught and thrown in jail is such a bothersome waste of my time. Now, enough of this.” Dark Kat puts an arm around Felony and starts walking her to another part of the warehouse. “We have many things to discuss.”


The klaxon in the SWAT Kats’ hangar sounds, and Chance rushes over to the phone to answer it and flip off the alarm. “What is it, Miss Briggs?” he asks in a more rough voice.

“T-Bone,” Miss Briggs’ voice says in an urgent tone, “Someone has managed to take over Enforcer Headquarters from the main control room by using their computer system throughout the building. There are many Enforcers trapped inside, and nothing can seem to penetrate the building to get in!”

“Say what?” Chance asks her, a bit confused at her hurried statement. “Why can’t they just make a hole in the side and get in that way?”

“Its not that easy,” Miss Briggs replies. “The building has been upgraded with a security system to keep out or in any possible threat. A super alloy was used to make the building nearly impenetrable. Not only that, we’re not sure where to make a hole at if there are Enforcers still inside the building.”

“Just great,” Chance grumbles, thinking. “Well, don’t worry, Razor and I will find a way in,” Chance tries to say assuredly and hangs up the phone. “Hear that?”

“Sure did,” Jake says, already in his flight suit as he puts on his black mask and helmet to become Razor.

Chance quickly changes into his SWAT Kat gear as well, and as T-Bone, jumps into the Turbokat. “Let’s rock ‘n roll!” he says, pulling the proper levers and flipping a few switches inside the jet’s cockpit and flies them out of the long corridor of the hangar to the outside, soaring towards Megakat City proper.


The Enforcer building stands higher than the rest around it in the middle of the concrete jungle known as Megakat City. Though it isn’t the tallest in the city, it is very high up. It has to be in order to hold a long runway for several Enforcer jets and helicopters, which are used for threats in the skies. A crowd has gathered below on the street, mostly made up of Enforcers who have managed to evacuate the place when the “techno-crook” Hard Drive first began to take over the building.

Hard Drive laughs with excitement as he finishes sealing off the building with its own suped up security system. Sitting in the main control room, his surge coat is hooked up to the computers, allowing him access to the system. Sure, there are codes and passwords to get past, but this super hacker easily took out all of them.

“Alright, now that I’ve sealed up the place, let’s see who’s left to get rid of and use as hostages,” Hard Drive chuckles as the monitors flip through different areas of the building. “Hmmm… a few Enforcers here, a couple there… ah ha!” One of the monitors shows Commander Feral in his office holstering his gun and clipping a few extra energy packs to his belt for his blaster. “Oh, this is too good. I love me.” He grins smugly and flicks a few buttons on the control panel with a few flickers of electric energy.

Ulysses Feral grumbles as he arms himself to try and take down whomever it is that has gotten control of his Enforcer building. He only has his large laser blaster and some extra energy packs in his office, but they should do well enough against the threat. The commander rolls his sleeves up as he walks to his office door. “Now to get out of here…,” he thinks to himself. One of the security system’s functions was to lock all the doors in the building to keep any terrorists or the like from getting access to anything in the building.

He himself oversaw the plans for the system, and he was glad that it worked. However, he never expected it to work against himself. The commander pulls out his wallet from his back pants pocket and takes out his ID card. He slides the card on the top through a small black box. The light on the box goes from red to green, and the door opens up for him.

“Oh no you don’t,” Hard Drive’s voice is heard over the intercom speakers in Feral’s office. The door suddenly slams shut in the commander’s face before he can exit. “You think I’d make things easy for you?” Hard Drive laughs. “Think again!”

Feral growls, recognizing the voice and slides his card again to try and open the door, but the light remains red, and the door remains closed. “Hard Drive… I should have known YOU’D be behind this.”

“I’m pleased to know that my reputation for being a genius precedes me,” Hard Drive responds, laughing.

“What do you want?” Feral huffs as he goes to his desk to find something to pry the door open with. He finds a pair of scissors and hurries to the door.

“Hmmm… where DO I begin?” Hard Drive chuckles. “I think I like this place. Maybe I’ll stay around awhile. In the meantime, YOU my dear Commander are going to give me what I want.”

Feral tries to pry the door handle next to the electronically locked lock with the pair of scissors, but both blades are too weak to do anything. He notes the security box and uses the tip to one of them to use as a screwdriver. “And, what is that?” he asks as he begins the tedious task of unscrewing the outside cover to the little box.

Hard Drive smirks, seeing him on the monitor. “By not making it out of this building alive.”

Feral nearly laughs at that one as he gets the first screw off the small card ID box. “Hard Drive, I thought you knew me better than that after all our run ins over the years. I don’t give up, nor will I go down easily.”

Hard Drive props his feet on the control panel, grinning. “Which is what I hope for, Commander. The more fun it will be for me.”


Felony sits in a limousine with Dark Kat. They drive through the city down one of the expressways. “So, what does any of this have to do with us?” she asks Dark Kat after seeing the Katseye News report about the Enforcer building being taken over by an unknown kat terrorist.

Dark Kat chuckles at her as he mutes the volume on the small television screen. “This is just a demonstration for you, a lesson if you will.”

“Lesson?” Felony raises an eyebrow and tilts her head to the side slightly. Though he’s told her a lot of her past and some of his, she still can’t quite figure him out. He speaks riddles to her, giving half answers, causing her to feel a bit inferior and ignorant. She doesn’t like feeling like that, and is getting a bit irritated at her newfound father. “Pops, can’t you just tell me what’s going on without playing around?”

Dark Kat grins at her, studying her posture, her mood, her reactions to things. He needs to see what she will have to improve upon, what her strengths and weaknesses are. One of her weaknesses seems to be patience. “Felony, you need to be more patient,” he says, smirking at her. “And, be more relaxed.”

Felony huffs in response and folds her arms. “Whatever. At least tell me where we’re going.”

“We’re going to get a closer view of the action,” he states, motioning to the television monitor with a paw.

“Is that wise?”

“Now who’s being paranoid?”

Felony smirks at that. “Turn it up then.”

Dark Kat chuckles and turns the volume up again as the limousine heads towards Enforcer HQ.

 ~ To be continued ~

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