Original SWAT Kats Story

9 Lives and Counting

By Felony Kat

  • 5 Chapters
  • 12,850 Words

(Unfinished) A troubled young she-kat has no idea of the destiny that has been placed before her as she begins to discover some of the answers to questions she’s had all her life. Every kat has 9 lives, and Felony has a choice on how she’s going to live this one.

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Author's Notes:

Rating: E
SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron, its characters and concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without permission.
Summary: Felony hasn’t mentioned anything to her friends Kate and Charlotte about her new found father, and doesn’t plan on it either. Chance calls to check up on them, and Felony is summoned to a meeting with her father.
Author’s Note: This part is much shorter than the first, but I feel this is the proper place to stop for this Chapter.

Chapter 2

Really Now

The sun shines brightly onto the orange-brown fur of a tom-kat that runs by a few stacks of scrap metal. His feet pound the desert dirt as he makes his way towards another tom-kat.

“Come on, Jake! You might break your old record!” the tom-kat hollers to him with a stopwatch in his paw.

Jake speeds up and, giving it all his energy, runs past the shouting tom. He slows down and then comes to a stop. “What… what’s my time, Chance?” Jake asks, bending over panting.

Chance grins. “29 minutes and 33 seconds. You beat your old time by 8 seconds, bud.”

Jake flops down on a small stack of old tires. “Heh…well at least I’m still under 30 minutes,” Jake replies and grabs up a towel to wipe the back of his neck. “Want to call it a day?”

Chance chuckles and pockets the stopwatch. “Sure. After my last run around the salvage yard, I’ve had it. Heck, watching you made me almost as tired.”

“Funny.” Jake snorts and stands, then heads to the building, which serves as their residence and workplace. “Have you talked with Kate yet about what happened last night?” Jake asks as he grabs a glass and pours some water into it from the sink’s faucet in the small kitchen area.

“Nah… I didn’t want to worry her for nothing. I’m hoping Felony was right and that Dark Kat had mistaken her for someone else.”

Jake slowly drinks some water, then looks at Chance. “Yeah, but the question is, for whom? I mean, why would he be talking to someone like Felony in the first place?”

Chance shakes his head and shrugs. “Who knows. Felony didn’t seem much for discussing things. I’d call up Kate now, but they’re practicing today. I assume nothing’s happened since I haven’t gotten any calls.”

Jake finishes his water and sets the glass in the sink. “Well, I’d try and reach her afterwards.”

Chance nods.


The three she-kats of 9 Lives and Counting are at Kate’s house in her basement, putting away their instruments from their practice session.

“Okay, so we’re opening with To the Limit, then playing the regular order, then finishing with Strayed Kat?” Charlotte asks as she unplugs her amp.

“No, no, no, Char,” Kate says. “We’re opening with Strayed Kat and closing with To the Limit.”

“Oh, whoops,” Charlotte says, giggling.

“Come on, Char, you gotta keep things more together. One mistake and we’ll look like idiots, and this new club Stan’s got lined for us won’t hire us again,” Felony says as she puts away their music sheets into a small thin case.

“Not like it would matter. Seems like we’ve played at almost all the clubs in the city by now,” Kate says, smiling.

“Well we haven’t,” Felony says and heads over to the stairs. “If we had, we would have been discovered by now.”

“Aren’t you going to go shopping with us, Felony?” Charlotte asks.

“No. Not today.” Felony starts up the stairs.

“Everything alright?” Charlotte asks.

“I’m fine, don’t worry.”

Kate and Charlotte both sigh. “Okay…”

Felony then continues up the steps and leaves Kate’s house.

Kate looks back to Charlotte who shrugs.

Just then, the phone rings. “I’ll get it,” Kate says with a sigh and answers the phone.


Felony had retrieved her car earlier that day before she went to Kate’s. She now drives down the road in her small black sedan, driving through Megakat City towards her apartment. A detour sign up ahead directs her to another street, which takes her from her regular path home. Stopping at the red light, she glances to the side and almost lets out a hiss of disgust as she’s stopped next to an old Catholic school as some kits play outside on the school’s playground.

~ St. Kathrine’s Catholic School, Megakat City, 18 years ago ~

She had retreated to the tree furthest from the playground as she always had when it was time for recess. It was better that way, because no one usually noticed her there so she wouldn’t be bothered. The nine-year-old kitten sat perched on one of the large branches in the huge oak tree, and leaned her back against the trunk. It was another hot day in the city, but the shade was cool enough for her in the tree as she waited for the supposed break to end. Recess wasn’t a break for her; it was just a prolonged period of time where she wasn’t in the safety of a nearby adult who would keep the other kits in line.

Felony and the other orphans of their particular orphanage all attended St. Kathrine’s. It had classes for kindergarten through 12th grade, and no matter what age you were, that’s where you had to go if you were from the Softpaw orphanage. Too many years had gone by that Felony had to deal with not only the other wards of the state, but the children who had homes and families who loved them. They were all cruel to her, called her names because of her looks, and she was the school’s outcast.

Her purple hair had not faded into a normal color, and she never outgrew her longer than average ears. What was worse was that some of the kits called her a demon, for when she grew angry, her orange irises overtook her black pupils, and would make her eyes glow like fire. Felony oftentimes wished she really was a demon. Then she’d have fire-powers to use and blast them all away and teach them a lesson. But, she didn’t, because she wasn’t, and so she had to tolerate the taunts and sneers of the other children.

She was just relieved that the others were somewhat scared of her. That meant they would leave her alone, such as they did now. She turned to look at the clock across the street that hung on the side of the bank. Fifteen more minutes and she could hurry back to the safety of the classroom where supervision was. Truth be told, the nuns at the school were nice to her, because Felony was one of the few who did her schoolwork, and did it well. She had shown extraordinary intelligence, and if the small school had Advanced Placement courses, they would send Felony to those.

“Hey!” a shout came from below Felony. She peered down to see a couple of boy kits staring up at her. “Move it, freak, we’re going to use this tree for base for our game of tag,” one of the boys announced to her.

Felony frowned and looked back up and across the street to the bank’s clock. “There’s only fourteen minutes of recess. Why are you waiting until now to use this tree as your base?” she asked flatly, not looking back down to them.

“Because our other base is being used by Sister Agnes and Sister Mary for shade. So, move it!” the second boy growled to her.

“I’m not disrupting your ignorant game by sitting here,” Felony said defensively.

“Yeah you are, you’ll jinx us all and we’ll get cut or something because of you,” the first boy said to her with a smirk.

“I’m not moving,” Felony replied.

“Oh, yes you are,” the second said and grabbed up a rock from the ground.

“Make me,” Felony stated, still not looking down at them.

The second grinned and threw the rock up towards Felony; it missed, hitting the trunk of the tree next to her shoulder.

“HEY!” Felony exclaimed, looking down at them from being startled by the near hit.

“Move it, Devil Girl!” the first shouted, and he and his companion began throwing more rocks, some small, but most about half the size of a baseball.

Felony yelped as a few of the rocks hit her bare furred legs, which her skirt didn’t cover, and she stood up on the branch and held onto the tree’s base. “Stop it!”

But, the pair kept on, and soon a few of the other kits had gathered around to watch the ‘devil girl’ get it.

Felony stood her ground and tried to dodge some of the rocks, but it was hard to, as she had to cling to the tree to keep from falling. Unfortunately, one of the rocks managed to hit her square in the forehead. She yelped and let go of the tree and fell backwards about fifteen feet to the ground.

Sisters Agnes and Mary heard her let out a scream as she fell and turned from their conversation, seeing her as she hit the ground. They gasped and quickly ran over to her. Moving the kits aside, they knelt down and looked Felony over.

Felony was lucky in that the ground had been somewhat soft, but she had been winded and gasped for air, tears streaming down her cheeks. “I… can’t… ” she started to say, but it was hard to form the words, “can’t… breathe…” The frightened kitten thought for sure it was the end for herself.

The other kittens around just stared on, some with their mouths agape.

“Mary, go call for an ambulance!” Sister Agnes shouted.

Sister Mary quickly got up and hurried into the school building.

Shortly, an ambulance arrived, and two tom-kat paramedics hurried outside and over to Felony, who had by this time regained her breath. They looked Felony over and nothing seemed to be broken, but they put her into the stretcher and took her to the hospital to have X-rays taken just to be sure. Everyone stood silently and watched them take Felony into the ambulance and drive away.

“I guess she’s not a demon after all…,” one of the two boys said quietly. He and his cohort found themselves whipped and then sent home for a week’s suspension from school. Lucky for them, Felony didn’t have a broken bone in her body from that fall.


Felony hears the ambulance siren blaring, which fades and turns into horns honking at her, which startles her from her childhood memory. The light has been green once before, and several cars have arrived behind her, as angry kats holler and honk their horns, hoping to move her now that the light is green once more. She steps on the gas pedal and zooms down the street, after emitting a few choice words at the drivers.


“Why didn’t you tell me this before, Chance?” Kate says into the phone, after hearing what Chance told her about what happened with Felony last night.

“I didn’t want to worry you,” Chance says to her. “Plus, she was almost like she was upset at me for saving her.”

“Really?” Kate asks with disbelief.

“Yeah, really. Anyway, I thought you should know. Where did she go anyway?”

“I’m not sure. If something happens, she’ll be alright… I hope.”

“Maybe you should call her now?” Chance offers.

“Yeah, I think I will. See you later, Chance, and thanks so much for helping her.”

“Later, Kate,” Chance says and then hangs up.

Charlotte looks at Kate. “What’s going on, Kate?”

“It’s a long story, but let me call up Felony first,” Kate replies after hanging up with Chance. She then dials Felony’s cell phone number.


Felony enters her apartment building and makes her way to her door. Her cell phone rings and she pulls it from her belt and answers it. “Hello?”

“Felony, it’s me, Kate.”

“Kate? Look I’m sorry for not going out with you two, but I just don’t feel like going shopping tonight.” She goes inside her apartment and gasps as one of Dark Kat’s creeplings sits perched on the back of her sofa.

“I didn’t call for that,” Kate says, then hears Felony gasp. “What is it?”

“Nothing,” Felony says quickly, shutting the door behind herself. “What did you call for?”

The creepling hops off the sofa and hands her a letter.

“Chance told me about what happened last night, how come you didn’t tell Char and I about it?!”

Felony takes it from the thing, minding to avoid any sudden attacks the demonic looking creature might raise. “Because I didn’t think it was important. He just mistook me for someone else is all.”

“Hmm… well Chance doesn’t think so. Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine Kate, don’t worry. Now if you’ll excuse me, I really gotta go.”

“Okay…,” Kate says skeptically. “See ya later.”

“Later.” Felony hangs up the phone, then opens the envelope and pulls out the letter. She quickly reads over it.

“Felony, I need you to come to me at my quarters to discuss something. Just follow the creepling I’ve sent with this letter. It will show you the way. Dark Kat”

Sighing, Felony looks down at the pinkish creepling. “Why can’t he use a phone like normal kats?”

“Blee cra regh,” the creepling replies, shrugging and waits for Felony.

Felony folds up the letter and puts it in the envelope, putting it in her pocket. “Let’s go.”

To be continued ~

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