Original SWAT Kats Story

The Felicia McFurry Saga 2

By Felicia McFurry

  • 12 Chapters
  • 20,707 Words

Dark Kat kidnaps seven kittens from MKC to give to a kat named Lin Kuei. Now, the only thing is what are they needed for?? Mortal Kombat cross-over/fusion.

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Chapter 8

The Serpent and the Ice

Another had passed since Reptile had turned traitor. He was now living with Victoria and  the SWAT Kats at the garage. Victoria had showed Reptile to the SWAT Kats and they were okay  with his staying there with them.  Since after all he was a friend of their son’s. He had  promised them that he would try to get Dusty to come back home.  But all that time, Reptile  stayed with them, he never once took off his mask. He told Victoria because he wanted to remain  secret to people because he was ashamed of what he had done, but there was another reason,  something darker, more personal. He knew he should quit lieing to her about something. He loved  her and trusted her and she trusted him so he knew he must tell her the truth.  He sighed and  walked up to her room with a saddened heart, he knew if she found out his secret that she would  break up with him.  But he knew that if he kept it from her and she found out without him  telling then she would break up with him. He felt like either way he would lose her.  You see,  Reptile was kidnapped at a younger age than the rest of his comrades.  He had told Victoria that  he  wasn’t really  their same age but he was about 2 years younger, meaning that he was about  17, which was Victoria’s age.  But he wasn’t really 17. He walked in the room, looking really  sad. Victoria was listening to her CD, “All Star” by Smash Mouth but when she saw what condition  he was in, she turned it off. “What’s wrong, love?,” she questioned as she turned around to face  him.

“I-I need to talk to you, “he softly said and sat down on the bed.

“Sure, go ahead,” she said, really confused.

“I have a question, actually,” he said.

“Shoot,” she said.

“When-when two people love each other does….,” he mumbled a word and then continued.  “…matter.”

“What? Does what matter?,” she said. “I couldn’t understand you.”

“A, “he started unable to finish it.

“Age?,” she asked.

Reptile sighed and nodded. She looked at him in disbelief.  “Oh..crud! How old are you?!”

“Well 3 minus from mine,” he said.

“You’re 14?!!,” she exclaimed. She couldn’t believe it! It felt like some horrible  nightmare happening and she just wanted to wake up from it.  She held her head, and started to  sob.  “This can’t be happening..it just can’t be..”

“Look, I know you hate me. Just go ahead and say it,” he said.

“I don’t hate you. I love you too much,” she said, still crying hard.

“Look, I knew you were older but it didn’t bother me,” he stated.

“I know..but why you didn’t you just tell me?,” she asked, really confused

“I don’t even know why,” he said.  “That’s why I didn’t want to take off my mask because  of it. I thought you would find out.”

“You don’t sound like you’re 14,” she said. “Take off your mask.”

Reptile sighed and reached over to his mask and took it off.  Victoria looked at him.   “You don’t even look like it either….”

Reptile smiled a little. “That’s what a lot of people tell me. Look I am sorry I lied to  you. But I don’t lie to you about how much I love you. I do truly love you, Victoria. You mean  the world to me, I didn’t want to lose you. I am so sorry,” he said, feeling really ashamed.   His voice quivering.

Victoria wiped her eyes and sighed and looked up at the ceiling.  Then she walked over  and sat beside him.  “I-I’ll stay with you.,” she said softly.

“Thank you..,” his voice also soft.

“I love you, Reptile. I won’t leave you like I promised,” she said lovingly.

“I love you too Victoria. Please forgive me,” he said.

“I forgive you,” she said and then hugged him. He hugged back.


Dark Kat sat in his main building. He thought of a plan. Even though he knew that  Sub-Zero was against him by his family, he still knew that Sub-Zero was still very honorable so  he could still do missions for him. He also knew that his best warriors were Sub-Zero and  Scorpion and since Sub-Zero was intimated by Scorpion then Scorpion could keep him in line.  “I  want you two to go to MegaKat City and take out the SWAT Kats and their friends, once and for  all.  Your payment will be shares of the city, once I take it over,” he said.   Scorpion and  Sub-Zero both bowed to Dark Kat, showing that they would do the task but each of them was  planning on how to get rid of the other.


A little later afterwards, Sub-Zero and Scorpion were in their own bunkers, they agreed  they would meet at midnight to discuss their plan on how to attack. Sub-Zero was sitting on his  bed, thinking about this. He wished he was like Reptile and had already left; he was also  wishing he knew where Reptile ran off to and why.  He wanted to leave here, but he had a debt  with the Lin Kuei, he owned him for teaching him for all of these years and he just couldn’t  abandon him.  Plus all of his other comrades especially Smoke.  He couldn’t leave Smoke, Smoke  depended on him.  He had to get Scorpion away from him so he was able to protect his family.   But how was he going to do that unless he showed that he did care for his family?  That would  mark him as a traitor and he would punished or even killed.  He sighed and continued to think of  what to do.


Scorpion was in his own bunker which is located right across from Sub-Zero’s.  He had  his girlfriend, his also second in command, Peron.  Peron was about his age for all she could  tell with short blonde hair that came to about her shoulders.  She was wearing a black and  yellow outfit similar to Scorpion’s colors.  “Are you really going to work with Sub-Zero?,”  asked Peron and then added. “You know he can’t be trusted.”

“I don’t need to trust him,” said Scorpion. “He can give me what I want.  I know  Sub-Zero has connections with the SWAT Kats and he knows where they are located. I can find out  from him everything I need in order to get rid of them and get MegaKat City. Sub-Zero can make  that happen.  Then he’ll die for all of his deception.”  Scorpion grinned.

“I’ll help,” Peron said with pleasure.

Scorpion nodded and then got up.    “Let’s go talk to him, see if I can get some  answers,” he said and then walked out of the door. Peron followed him as they walked towards  Sub-Zero’s bunker.


Sub-Zero was in deep thought when Scorpion and Peron walked in and he was at first  startled by them.  Without even a greeting, Scorpion just plopped down in a chair and said, “So  what do you know?”

Sub-Zero nonchalantly just shrugged, not really wanting to pay attention. He didn’t want  to work with Scorpion but he knew if he did not act like it then Scorpion would get suspicious.   Peron just stared at him, she knew that something had to be up. Sub-Zero sighed and got up.  “Look, Scorpion. I am really tired right now, why can’t we just do this a little later?,” he  asked, looking right at him trying to keep a straight face. He knew he had to get out of there  and warn his family of the attack.  Though he wanted no part of it.  Scorpion took a long glance  at Sub-Zero, becoming suspicious but showed no sign of it.

“Agreed,” he said and then turned leaving Peron awestruck.  She shook her head to snap  out of it and then turned to follow him.  Once they left, Sub-Zero let out a sigh of relief.  He  got into his bed and decided to stay there for a hour just in case Scorpion *was* suspicious of  him.

Once they reached out of the bunker, Peron marched right in front of Scorpion. “Just  what the heck are you doing?!,” she demanded. “You know he was lieing right?!”

“Of course I knew that!,” Scorpion shouted but trying to make sure that Sub-Zero  wouldn’t hear them.  “Now will you keep quiet!”  His voice lowered now to a whisper once he knew  that Peron was keeping quiet. “He will probably go to them to warn them and when they do I will  attack.  I will get rid all of them, if he lives then I’ll just report him to Dark Kat. Now,  come on!” He took off running to get away from the bunker so Sub-Zero wouldn’t see them but  close enough for them to see if he leaves or not.


A couple of hours later, Scorpion saw the door of Sub-Zero’s bunker opening. Sub-Zero  stepped out and then turned to shut the door quietly.  Then he checked both ways and stood there  for a couple of seconds to see if anyone was out, then when he thought the coast was clear, he  took off towards the fence. Once he reached the fence, he climbed up it and jumped over to the  other side. Then took off running into the night. Scorpion grinned, and tapped Peron’s shoulder.  He nodded to her and took off running after Sub-Zero, with Peron trailing.


That night at the garage, everyone was asleep, but Jake woke up when he heard the door  downstairs creak. He got up and put on some pants and then creep downstairs. He walked into the  kitchen and then looked around…no one.  Suddenly he heard Sub-Zero say, “Hey, dad.” Jake  smiled warmly.

“Hey, son,” he said and then hugged him.  “What are you doing here?”

“I came to warn you,” Sub-Zero stated when Jake released him.

“Warn me?,” Jake asked, confused.

Sub-Zero nodded. “Dark Kat sent Scorpion and I to come after you.  I told Scorpion to  wait so I could be able to warn you but he may not believed me so I need you guys to get away  from here. Go up and get mom, and sis.”

Jake nodded and ran upstairs.

Minutes later, Felicia ran downstairs wearing a pair of jeans and a top with Victoria  also wearing jeans but with a tank top.  But someone else was following them.  Sub-Zero couldn’t  make out who it was until that kat reached downstairs. He was shocked at the kat. It was Reptile.   “Reptile? What are you doing here?,” he asked.

“I-I am.., “Reptile started to say but he was unable to him.  “I’ll tell you later.”

Sub-Zero smiled and nodded. He was just glad that Reptile was okay.  “Why are you here?,”  Reptile then asked.

“I was sent by Dark Kat to come after my own family, along with another ninja but I  couldn’t do it,” said Sub-Zero. “No matter how loyal I am to the clan.”

Reptile looked at him confusingly. “Well if you didn’t come after us, then who was it  also suppose to do it?”

“I was!,” a voice shouted behind them.  They are all turned and saw Scorpion standing  there.

Sub-Zero looked at Scorpion and growled.  “Sub-Zero, you are a traitor. How nice.  Now  hand over your sister.”

“No!,” Victoria shouted and took off running into the salvage yard, scared.

“Victoria!,” Felicia shouted and became frightened.  Sub-Zero saw her and took off  running after Victoria.  Reptile growled and got into an attack position.

Scorpion just stood there, grinning. He expected this and had something planned.  He  just needed to keep them occupied.


Victoria reached the end of the salvage yard and collapsed to the ground, crying. She  was terrified and out of breath. Suddenly she felt an arm around her, it was a young she-kat  wearing a black and yellow outfit.  It was Peron.  “You poor child, are you okay?,” she asked  comforting. “You look terrified.”

Victoria nodded, trying to catch her breath.  “Someone is after me.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll hide you,” Peron said, smiling warmly. “Follow me.”

Victoria nodded, having trust in the young she-kat.  Peron started to lead her away from  the yard, while making sure Victoria wouldn’t see her, she took her right arm and reached behind  her back. She took out a small dagger that she had hidden and stabbed it in right in Victoria’s  back. Without even screaming, Victoria fell on the ground, dead.  Peron stood over her,  grinning.  “That is a message to Sub-Zero for betraying Scorpion,” she said and then dropped the  dagger on the ground and turned to walk back in the yard. Little did she know that Sub-Zero had  saw this and was furious.  When she turned the corner to walk in, Sub-Zero grabbed her by the  neck and threw her against the yard’s wall. Fire was basically in his eyes, he started to freeze  her neck, suffocating her. She died within seconds and her limp body fell to the ground.   Sub-Zero stood there and then said, “That is a message to Scorpion to not mess with my family!”   He walked back over Victoria and collapsed to the ground beside, tears swelling in his eyes.

Scorpion was running out of the yard, thinking that Peron had enough time to get  Victoria and knew he couldn’t fight 3 people at a time.  He stopped in his tracks when he saw  Peron’s dead body on the ground, her throat frozen solid.  Scorpion growled in rage and saw  Sub-Zero near his sister’s dead body.  “You’ll pay for this!!! You TRAITOR!!,” he shouted to  them and took off running into the night.  Sub-Zero ignored him, but knew Dark Kat would punish  him big time for this. But it didn’t matter now, his sister was dead and he felt so guilty.  He  picked up his sister’s body and cradled it in his arms and walked back to the garage.

When Sub-Zero walked to the garage, with his sister’s dead body in his arms.  Felicia  immediately fell to the ground, weeping.  Sub-Zero stood there, speechless. He didn’t know what  to say, he felt so responsible for all of this.  He felt like he had dishonor his family, he  knew he couldn’t stay here even if he wanted to.  Sub-Zero gingerly laid her body on the ground  and then stood back up. He looked everyone, tears in his eyes and saw the tears in theirs.  “I’m  sorry…..,” he said very softly. He turned and then took off running, he didn’t want to come  back.

Reptile watched him leave and then knelt down beside Victoria.  He took Victoria’s paw  in his and kissed it.  “I love you, beautiful,” he said.  He stroked her hair gently.  He felt  so bad and so alone.  He stood back up and looked up at the starry sky.  Tears falling gently  from his eyes.  “I sided with Victoria to defeat Dark Kat, and Victoria’s dead.  I am a traitor  with no allies,” he said, his voice shaking, when he breathed.  “I just wanted to be free,  that’s all I ever wanted in the first place.” Reptile turned into reptilian form and became  invisible and ran off.


Later on at Dark Kat’s hideout.  Scorpion had reported Sub-Zero and Reptile to Dark Kat  and told of their betrayal. Dark Kat had said he would deal with them.  He knew how to get  Reptile for his betrayal. Sub-Zero would come later.  He was really furious though by Sub-Zero  messing up his plans. He had called Scorpion and Sub-Zero to his building.  They approached, not  looking at each other, Dark Kat was sitting in his chair.

“Well you’ve been busy,” Dark Kat said to Sub-Zero trying to remain calm.

“I did what I had-,” Sub-Zero started. But Dark Kat interrupted to him. He got up from  his chair, obviously angry.

“You’ll speak when I’m ready!,” he shouted in rage. He walked towards them. “Not only  did I found out that Reptile has betrayed me, but you as well. Scorpion you may leave now.”  Scorpion turned and walked out. Then Dark Kat turned his attention back to Sub-Zero.  “I have a  traitor, Sub-Zero.”

“Only one?,” Sub-Zero asked mockingly.

“Who could it be?,” Dark Kat asked, smiling.  “One who has the power to come and go  unseen.”

“Took you long enough to figure it out, but Reptile’s only one.  There are more..,”  Sub-Zero stated calmly. “All around you.  You’re alone, Dark Kat. No one you can trust.  No one  to do your dirty work.”

“Yes.  And by exposing this traitor, Reptile, you let my enemy, Razor live.  I have a  dilemma:  Do I have commend you or do I punish you?,” Dark Kat asked.

“Commend me and see to it that it never happens again,” Sub-Zero stated.

“Dare you give me orders, Sub-Zero,” Dark Kat said challengingly.

“No, only advice,” Sub-Zero said firmly, then turned and walked off. Leaving Dark Kat  grinning, watching him.

To be continued…

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