Original SWAT Kats Story

The Felicia McFurry Saga 2

By Felicia McFurry

  • 12 Chapters
  • 20,707 Words

Dark Kat kidnaps seven kittens from MKC to give to a kat named Lin Kuei. Now, the only thing is what are they needed for?? Mortal Kombat cross-over/fusion.

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Chapter 10

Panik Control

Lin Kuei approached Dark Kat’s throne room with a smile on his face.  “Cyrax is complete, Dark Kat,” he said.

Dark Kat nodded his head in acknowledgment and then rose up from his chair. He walked  towards Lin Kuei with a satisfied look on his face.  “Very well, Lin Kuei.  Maybe a few more of  these indestructible warriors that you proclaimed could be of more for me,” he said. He wanted  to get back at the SWAT Kats so bad right now.

Lin Kuei grinned and then replied,” If you want more of these cybernetic warriors, then  that will cost you even more.”

Dark Kat suddenly grabbed him the neck, suffocating him.  He looked right into the Lin  Kuei’s eyes. “I take what I want!” Lin Kuei started to cough in protest.  “And I want something  more,” he added and then released him.

Lin Kuei looked at Dark Kat, frightened and scared.  “I did what you wanted. I made you  very strong ninjas plus a cybernetic warriors,” he pleaded.

“Then you will go back and make you more cybernetic warriors from Smoke and Sub-Zero. I  have no use for Smoke and Sub-Zero has betrayed me a lot.  When the job is complete then you  will paid a lot. But not before you bow to me,” he said and held out his hand.  Lin Kuei looked  at Dark Kat and then kissed Dark Kat’s hand. He turned and went back to his working quarters.   He would send Cyrax after Smoke and Sub-Zero that night to capture them.


That night, Smoke had roomed with Sub-Zero. He had wanted to comfort his friend who was  suffering a huge loss.  He was on the top bed of the bunk bed and Sub-Zero was on the bottom.   “Sub-Zero, how do you do it?,” Smoke had asked.

“Do what?,” Sub-Zero questioned.

“Go against Dark Kat and you are still living?,” he asked. “I mean..Reptile..he defied  him and look what happened..”

Sub-Zero sighed. “I dunno, Smoke.  Sometimes I feel responsible for what happened to  him.  I just don’t understand why he was staying with my family.”

“We’re the only ones left,” Smoke said softly mostly to himself.

“I know,” Sub-Zero said.

“Do you think that we’ll make it? I want to be free, Sub-Zero. I don’t want to be here,”  Smoke said.

“Neither do I,” Sub-Zero said.

“But I can’t go against  Dark Kat. I don’t want to leave Rain,” Smoke said.

“I know. I can’t leave you,” Sub-Zero said softly and then sighed and rolled over onto  his side.

Suddenly they heard the door to their sleeping bunker, swing open and hit the wall hard.  They heard heavy footsteps approaching them, whirring sounds with them.  Sub-Zero and Smoke  froze, not knowing what it was, since it was Dark Kat in their bunker.  Suddenly Smoke rolled  over sprang up and hit the light switch. He and Sub-Zero turned to see a yellow, cybernetic  warrior, approaching them.  It was Cyrax.  Both of their eyes widen with fear.  “What do you  want?,” Smoke asked. Sub-Zero jumped down to join his comrade, just in case Cyrax would attack.

“I’ve been programmed to capture you and Sub-Zero,” Cyrax replied in a mechanical like  voice, full of death, pitiless.

“In order to do what?,” Sub-Zero asked, getting ready into his defensive position.

“To make you like me. You’ve been chosen to become cybernetic warriors,” Cyrax replied.   “Resistance will be futile.”

“Oh yeah. Then resist this!,” Smoke yelled and charged at Cyrax. He did a high kick to  Cyrax, but Cyrax dodged and then hit Smoke hard on the ground. Sub-Zero growled.  Sub-Zero threw  some ice spikes at Cyrax but Cyrax broke them.  Smoke looked over at Sub-Zero with a panic look  on his face.  Sub-Zero looked back at him with the same expression.

“Let’s get out of here!,” Sub-Zero shouted and turned to run towards the other door at  the end of the bunker.  Smoke was trailing.  When they were almost there, suddenly the door open  and there stood the Lin Kuei and Scorpion. Sub-Zero and Smoke stopped dead in their tracks.

“Oh crud!,” Smoke said and looked back to see Cyrax approaching them.

“Now what?,” Sub-Zero asked.

“Only one thing to do,” Smoke said and he used his power to create a smoke screen. The  smoke started to fill the bunker making visibility at a very low percent.  Sub-Zero and Smoke  started to fight their way towards the door.  They could hear Dark Kat and Scorpion coughing.   They saw a light in the smoke and realized that was the door.  They were going to make it! They  knew it!  But they were unaware that Cyrax could still see them because of his tracking device  that was built in him.  He jumped at Smoke who was trailing and pin him to the ground. Smoke let  a groan when he hit the floor.

Sub-Zero heard him but couldn’t see what was wrong.  “Sub-Zero get your tail out of  here!, ” Smoke had shouted.

“I can’t leave you!,” Sub-Zero protested. He knew that Smoke was in trouble.

“Leave now!,” Smoke ordered. Sub-Zero hesitated and then ran towards the door, he  escaped into the night. As soon as he left the bunker, he ran up the hill.  When he reached the  top, he dove into the wood and then crouched down.  He was panting, he was scared not because of  them trailing him, but for Smoke.


Moments later, he saw Dark Kat, Lin Kuei and Cyrax coming out of the building.  Cyrax  was holding onto Smoke tight, they were leading him to another building, across from their  bunker.  Sub-Zero trailed them from the top of the hill, making sure they couldn’t see him and  he was silent.  He wanted to free Smoke, but he knew if he did try then he would be capture as  well and his friend wanted him to make it.  They took Smoke into the building and then closed  the doors.  Sub-Zero watched the doors closed and then dropped to the ground.  He was  devastated. He had lost his last best friend. Smoke didn’t deserve this, he was causing trouble  for Dark Kat, not him.  He covered his face with his paws and then started to get the stress out  of his head.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard Smoke’s cries of pain and help from the  building.  He wanted to take the pain away from him but he couldn’t. He couldn’t bear his  friend’s pain any longer. He gave one last look at the building and said, “I am sorry, Smoke.”

Then he left and ran away. No more, would he come here. He would remain on his own for awhile  but still protect his family. But not only would he protect them from Cyrax but now even his  best friend, Smoke.

To be continued…..

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