Original SWAT Kats Story

Gravity of Love

By Felicia McFurry

  • 2 Chapters
  • 42,327 Words

Felicia gets pulled into the dimension of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but something that she does not intend happens. Could she actually be having feelings for Donatello? But what will happen to Razor if she does? Crossover.

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Chapter 2

That night Felicia did not have a peaceful sleep. She tossed and turned  seeing a horrible image in her mind. There stood the World Trade Center Twin  Towers both of the tops engulfed in an inferno. She didn’t really understand  her dream but she did remember that in her hand one of the turtle  communicators and was trying to get in contact with Donatello. For some  reason he was on one of the top floors of the South Tower. She could almost  feel her heart stopped beating when she finally got a message from  Donatello.

“Licia, I am on the 87th floor and I am trapped in the stairwell.  There is too much smoke! I can’t get down!”

In the background she could hear people behind him screaming and crying in  immense fear.

“Donatello, please get out of there..you have to.  Please you have to…,”  she replied as she stared right up at the South Tower. Suddenly, to her horror,  she heard a huge groan coming from the structure as the top started to fall down.  “DONATELLO!!!”

“Oh no!! It’s coming down! I love you Felicia! AHHHHHH!!” came Donatello’s  reply from the other end and then nothing as the sound of the huge structure  drowned out the sound.

“DONATELLO!!”she cried out again for him and then the dream faded. Felicia  sat straight up that early morning, hearing the sound of birds chirping. Her  heart was racing fast and she was breathing hard. That dream was so real!  Licia wiped the tears from her eyes as she slowed down her breathing to calm  herself down.

She was so tired last night that she went straight to bed.  Jake volunteered  to stay and to sleep on the couch to make sure she was okay. Her mind was clouded  with the thoughts of what she had been through for the past two weeks. She rolled  over and looked out of the window that was near her bed and saw her MegaKat Trade  Towers still standing there like always. She shook her head trying to clear the  horrible dream from her mind. Then she thought about Donatello, how real he felt  to her.

“It must have been a weird dream,” she said. “I mean a turtle sounding just  like Razor.”

But suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her pants pocket. She reached down and  pulled out a black pouch and inside was the ninja star that Leonardo gave  her! Her eyes went wide as she looked at it, it wasn’t a dream! But how?

“Holy kats!” she screamed looking at the ninja star.

Jake came running in, “You okay?”

She stared at Jake, now his voice was reminding her of Donatello, she  shook her head to clear her mind. “Y-yah just um had a nightmare I guess.”

Jake smiled and pulled a chair beside her bed, “Yah probably, you were so  tired last night. But I am so glad that you are now safe here with me.” He  looked over at the black pouch, looking at it quizzically. “What is that?”

She looked down at the pouch and took the ninja star from it, staring at  it, running her fingers over it softly. “It’s a ninja star, one of them gave  it to me,” she replied sadly.

Jake leaned up a little and held her other paw, stroking it softly. “You  okay Licia? Where were you at?”

“I dunno. I was in this dimension where it was just like our city but  instead there were humans. I mean they look like us but they weren’t cat  like, no fur at all. Then I was staying with these turtles. I mean they were  trained in martial arts and they gave me this.”

“Whoa..seriously? I don’t think the media is going to buy that at all,”  Jake smirked. “Well don’t worry I called your brother and told you were home  okay. But I am so glad you are home with me. I was so worried about you.  Felicia, I love you.” He leaned up closer, looking into her eyes, and gently  ran his paw over her face.

Felicia couldn’t help but smile, “I love you too, Jake.” With that Jake   leaned in and gently kissed her on the lips.

His arms ached from the extreme work Donatello was putting them through as  he did his bo staff exercises that morning, his whole body covered with  sweat. He thought maybe it would be best to release his stress about Felicia  by practicing. “Hyah!” he cried out loud as he struck the punching bag hard  with the bo staff. Thoughts of Felicia kept pouring into his mind of her  being with Razor now being happy. He couldn’t take it anymore! He struck the  bag harder and harder, crying out loud as he hit it with deadly blows. Again  and again he struck relentlessly until the stuffing fell out of the bag,  then he stopped, using the bo staff for support as he stood there, trying to  catch his breath. His whole body ached from the extreme punishment he had  put it through. But Donatello kept seeing her face, kept thinking about when  they were standing at the World Trade Center, how close he was to her. How  he almost kissed her. The memory kept playing over and over like as if  someone was rewinding it to torment him more. He let out a cry and held his  head with both hands, dropping his bo and fell up on the ground on his  knees, still holding his head. “FELICIA!!” he yelled as tears filled his  eyes once again.

The turtles were in the living room, scarfing down some pizza and watching  television when they heard their brother scream out. They looked at each  other then ran quickly to the training room.

“Donatello?!” Leo cried as he saw Donatello on his knees, holding his head.  He ran over to him and gripped his shoulders. “What’s wrong?!”

“She won’t get out of my head!” he cried. “I have to go see her!” He got  up and ran to his workshop.

“No, wait!” Raphael said as he ran after him, the others followed. They  grabbed Donatello and pulled him away from the portal machine.

“Let me go!” Donatello said as he struggled trying to break free from  them.

“You have to come to your senses, dude!” Mike said, pushing on Don’s chest  to make him stay down.

“Listen, Donatello. We know you are upset right now. But you’ll get through  this. We’ll help you,” Leo said gently as he looked at his brother.

“Yeah so don’t go all psycho on us like last time when you became that dark  turtle weirdo,” Raph said angrily, pushing firmly against Don’s arm.

The beeping of the turtlecom interrupted their conversation, Leonardo  reached down to get it and turned it on. “Leonardo, here. What’s up?” He  motioned the others to let Donatello go. Donatello stood up quickly and just  looked around, trying to calm himself down.

“Hey guys! They are having a candlelight ceremony near the Trade Center  Plaza tonight, you wanna come?” April said from the other end of the  turtlecom.

“Sure, what time is it?” Leo replied

“It starts at seven, tell Donatello to bring his friend too if he wants,”  April replied. “I should be done covering my report around five here at  ‘ground zero’.”

Leonardo cringed when April said that, knowing that Donatello had heard  her. “Well actually, April. She’s gone now.”

Donatello walked out of the room towards his workshop again.

“There he goes,” Raph remarked as he watched, Michelangelo shook his head.

“But don’t worry we’ll meet you there,” Leo said after watching Donatello,  sighing and with that he closed the turtlecom back up.

The turtles stood beside April that night during the ceremony wearing their  long pants, long sleeved sweaters, which matched the color of their bandanas  and hats. Each of them was holding a candle in their hands as they stood  there.

Raphael looked around, “Man there must be like a thousand people  here. Are you sure we should be out here like this?” he whispered to  Leonardo.

“Yes, I think we should. To honor those who lost their lives,” Leo replied  back.

“Hey dude, check this,” Mike giggled, starting to run his finger over the  flame, “I am not burning myself, it’s magic!”

Raph grinned and held Mike’s finger right on top of the flame making him  burn the top. “Yowwwwwch!!! Thanks a lot, Raphael!” he growled. Raphael  started to laugh.

“You guys, knock it off! This is serious!” Leonardo snapped harshly.

Donatello looked over at Raphael and Michelangelo but they weren’t making  him laugh as usual. He just stared at the rubble where the World Trade  Center Twin Towers use to stand. It was only a couple of days ago that he  stood on top of those towers with Felicia, being so close to kissing her. He  sighed sadly and just stared blankly at the preacher in front of the crowd  saying a sermon as rescue crewmembers stood behind him holding their helmets  across their chests.

April nudged him, “Hey, Donatello. A medical technician told me that a green  and purple angel saved his daughter from one of the towers. I am so proud of  you.” She hugged him tightly and gave him a small kiss on his cheek.

“Thanks, April,” Don said softly and then looked down for a bit before  looking back up at the preacher.

“If anyone has lost any loved ones here yesterday then I just want you to  close your eyes and ask God to take care of them,” the preacher spoke from  his sermon as he closed his bible. “Just close your eyes and ask him to look  over them and he will.”

Donatello looked at the preacher puzzled but then closed his eyes and said  softly to himself, “Please, God. Look over Felicia, make her be happy and  help me become happy.” Even though he had no clue what on earth the preacher  was talking about although he heard about it on television once, he actually  felt better after he prayed.

Three months had passed; it was now about the second week of December.  Raphael shivered as he walked into the living room, and then suddenly  stopped.

Michelangelo walked up to him. “Hey Raph! I was thinking about  going out and going sledding in the snow later on. What do you think?”

Raph looked at him and then sneezed. “Ahhh-choo!”

“Oh yuck! Major gross out!” Mike said as he looked at Raph angrily as he  started to wipe his arms.

“Geez, I hate winter!” Raph commented as he walked past Mike and then  sneezed again.

“Guess what I brought,” Leonardo chimed as he walked into the lair dragging  a Christmas tree behind him.

“Let me guess, a Christmas tree,” Raph said as he looked behind Leo,  smirking a little.

“Yeah and I am going to decorate it today after supper,” Leonardo said as  he sat the tree up against the wall, smiling proudly.

“Yeah you do that,” Raph remarked, rolling his eyes some.

“Most excellent concept, bro! Now you dudes have a place to put my presents  at!” Michelangelo exclaimed looking at the tree, his eyes wide with a huge  grin on his face.

“Oh oops..So that’s who I was forgetting this year. Sorry, Michelangelo,”  Raph grinned as he put his arm around Michelangelo’s shoulders.

“Hey don’t even joke about that, dude,” Mike snapped back with a serious  look on his face.

“Hey, guys! I have a great idea for this month!” Donatello said as he ran  in with a big smile on his face, his eyes wide with eagerness.

“Let me guess, you want us to dress up as elves for the Channel 6 Christmas  Party?,” Raph answered, chuckling a little.

“No, I was thinking about me taking a small vacation next week,” Donatello  replied, smiling.

“You taking a-what?,” Raph said looking at Don with a look of suspicion on  his face.

“I think I finally got my portal machine perfected! I was thinking about  taking a test spin myself. Next week, I am going to drop in and see Felicia  at her dimension!” he announced proudly. His brothers had looks of surprise  and shock on their faces. Donatello grinned and put his arm around Mike’s  shoulder. “But don’t worry, Michelangelo. After I get back, I’ll bring Cala  back to this dimension since the machine is working great and just in time  for Christmas.”

“Most excellent!” Michelangelo cheered with a huge grin on his face.

“Hey, Donatello, can’t you get over it already? Do you have any clue what  it will be like in her dimension? It won’t be a paradise island. Her world  is full of cats, do you possibly think you’ll fit in?” Raph said putting his  hands on his hips looking at Don sternly.

“Why do you have to be so pessimistic all the time, Raph? Sheesh. Remember  when you were hanging around with Mona Lisa-,” Donatello started but Raph  interrupted him.

“Don’t bring her up again, Donatello! She left me okay?! Does that make you  happy?!” Raph screamed, the pain of Mona Lisa entering him causing his  anger to rise.

“But I am just trying to give you an example on how I feel, Raphael. I am  not trying to hurt you,” Don said, calming down some seeing the hurt in his  eyes.

“Donatello, I mean do you have the coordinates for her world?” Leonardo  stepped in trying to change the subject.

“Well I do not have the exact coordinates for the location where I got her  but I do have the coordinates for her city. Her city is parallel to ours so  it shouldn’t be that hard to go through,” Don said looking down at the white  paper that contained the numbers and coordinates for the problem he was  working on.

“Um, I am not sure, Donatello. We should consult Master Splinter about this  first,” Leo said looking at them worriedly.

“Fine, okay,” Don replied coolly and then walked off towards Splinter’s  room with the others behind him.

In Splinter’s room, Master Splinter was sitting on the floor, meditating.  “Master Splinter, may we speak with you for a moment about something?,”  Donatello asked politely looking back at his brothers then back at Splinter.

Splinter opened his eyes and looked at them. “Well yes of course. Go  ahead,” he said softly.

“Well you see, sensei. I got my portable portal machine working perfectly  and I thought maybe Monday I could go to Felicia’s dimension to be with her  for a week and then return. Then maybe after that during Christmas I could  bring Cala here for Michelangelo,” Donatello answered, gripping the white  paper anxiously.

Splinter looked at him, let out a sigh and then looked at the others. “Well  what do your brothers think about this little venture of yours?”

“Well as long as I get Cala when he gets back,” Michelangelo chimed in with  a big smile on his face. “And as long as this dude is careful and comes back  safely.”

Splinter let his gaze fall up on Raphael, “And what about you, Raphael?”

“Personally, Master. I think it is a wild goose chase. I mean even  Donatello said he doesn’t have the exact coordinates on where she’s at in  the city. That city is full of cats, I mean Donatello would be in great  danger if anyone saw him. I think Mr. Loverboy here needs to get his head  out of the clouds and back into the sewers.” Donatello gave him a mean look.

“Finally, what about you, Leonardo?” Splinter asked.

Leonardo rubbed the back of his head, a little nervous. “Honestly, Master.  I don’t know. I mean I know Donatello really wants to go but what if we  needed him or something? How would we know if he was okay or not once he got  there?”

Splinter then looked back at Donatello. “Some very strong points,  Donatello. Could you perhaps answer some of your pupil’s concerns.”

Donatello nodded and smiled, “Very well, Splinter. I actually thought about  some of these things. But anyways regarding Raphael, I know that it wouldn’t  be any different there as it is here for me but I am aware of that and  that’s why I am going to bring my weapon and wear one of my disguises. Also  for the contact, as soon as I meet up with Felicia and the SWAT Kats I’ll  rewire my communicator with their frequency to give me a longer range so  that way I can talk to you.”

“Boy you just have answers for everything don’t you, Mr. Wizard?” Raph  said as he crossed his arms and looked at Donatello with a look of doubt  still.

“So what do you say, Master? May I go?” Donatello asked. “Please?”

Splinter sighed and then replied, “You may go, my young ward. But you must  try to contact us and remember you are a ninja so don’t lose the skills that  I have taught you. But I have a question to ask you about your journey as  well.”

“Shoot,” Donatello said, grinning big, his heart pounding. He was actually  going to get his chance to be with Felicia.

“When you actually do meet up with them, how are you going to react when  you see her? I hate to hurt you, my student but after all Felicia does have  a boyfriend. Honestly, it is foolish to pursue women who are already taken  for you are bound to be hurt or to hurt her. So tell me do you really want  that? Would you really hurt yourself to just see her one more time,” he said  looking straight into Donatello’s eyes.

Donatello looked back at Splinter, speechless. He had no scientific  theories to answer this one. “Master, I want to be with her for one last  time and I would do anything to make it happen. I love her..”

Raphael slapped himself in the face when heard those words, Leo and Mike  gasped out loud. Splinter nodded his head. “Very well, Donatello. You may  leave for one week to be with Felicia for the last time.” Donatello bowed to  Splinter then walked out of the room to his bedroom to get his stuff ready.

Raph shook his head as he watched Donatello leave. “Master, are you sure  this is wise?”

“Sometimes we have to fall in order to learn how to walk,” Splinter said as  he looked up at Raphael.

“I’m worried, Master. If he falls in that dimension, he may have no one to  help pick him up,” Leonardo added looking over at Michelangelo sadly.

Michelangelo looked back at Leonardo and then smiled, “I’m starving! Let’s  get lunch!” He ran off towards the kitchen.

Monday came faster than the other had intended, Donatello stood in his  workshop with his trench coat and hat on, the portal machine behind him made  a humming sound as it warmed up. Donatello looked back over at his brothers  who had sad looks upon their faces and even frowned himself. Now he was  starting to have second thoughts about this crazy mission but he did yearn  to see Felicia again.  “Well guys I guess this is it..,” he said softly  looking at them, Michelangelo had already started to cry some. “Ah,  Michelangelo, I am not leaving permanently, I’ll be back next week before  you know it.” He smiled at Michelangelo and gave him a hug.

“Now be careful and remember to contact us as soon as you meet up with  them,” Leonardo said smiling at his younger brother as he hugged him.  Donatello nodded as he walked over where to Raphael stood.

“I guess you still don’t want me to go, do you, Raphael?” he said as he  looked at him.

“Nah get out of here. Who? Me? Wanting to ruin your happiness?” Raph said  as he grinned and hugged Donatello tightly. “Just don’t do anything I  wouldn’t do, brother.”

“Raph!” Don said as his eyes went wide knowing exactly what Raphael  intended for that remark.

Michelangelo started to laugh hard, holding his stomach, “Ah, dude! You  crack me up!”

Donatello walked over at Splinter, “Thanks, master.”

Splinter bowed to him. “Now remember your training my son and don’t forget  us either.” Donatello bowed back and then walked towards the portal.

“Okay this is it,” Donatello said as he pushed a button on the top console,  the portal opened, he looked back at his family. “Goodbye.” He smiled softly  and then stepped through the portal and once he went through it closed once  more. The room fell silent once again, everyone just stared at the portal  and then at each other.

“Who’s up for the arcade?” Raph said with a big smile.

“Oh me definitely, dude!” Mike exclaimed as he took off with Raphael out  of the lair for the arcade.

Splinter walked over to Leonardo and placed his hand on his shoulder, “Why  don’t you join your brothers, Leonardo?”

“I don’t know, Master. I feel so worried about him being alone in that  dimension,” Leo said sadly looking at the portal.

“I know, my son. But all of us need to be alone at some point in our lives  in order to be strong. Donatello has great ingenuity, I know that he’ll be  okay. Now go join your brothers, my son and clear your mind,” Splinter said  softly looking up at Leonardo.

Leo nodded his head and then ran to catch up with his brothers.

Donatello arrived in Felicia’s dimension near the warehouses located on the  outskirts of town. He looked around quickly but didn’t see anyone around and  ran towards the safety of the shadow in the alley and stood there. “Now to  find her.” He looked around and saw the city’s tall skyscrapers near where  he was. “May want to check there first, hopefully I can find her in a large  crowd of people.” He darted off carefully and came to an alley of two  buildings near where it appeared to be one of the main city’s streets. Cars  drove by noisily and the distinct sound of people walking down the streets  almost reminded him of home. He pressed himself tight against the wall of  the alley to try to hide from people as he looked around at the city’s  streets. On the opposite side of the road stood a huge gray looking building  which appeared to be some sort of police station. It was Enforcer  Headquarters. He heard the sound of jets and looked up and saw small white  one seater combat jets flying off the deck on the roof of the Enforcer  Headquarters. “Whoa, a police that has an air force!” Donatello remarked as  he stood amazed at how high-tech Felicia’s city was compared to his.

Felina and Feral were walking down the steps in front of Enforcer  Headquarters that day getting ready to go to lunch. “Wanna go to the donut  shop, Felina?” her uncle asked as he walked around to the front driver side  of his car and opened the door.

“Donut shop?” Felina said, her eyes went wide as she stood at the front  passenger door. “What about your diet, uncle?”

“Hey, I am watching my diet! I ate that salad for supper last night,” Feral  snapped back as he got inside the car.

“Right,” Felina said as she chuckled and shook her head. She was about to  get in when she saw a strange figure across the street in the alley. The  creature looked too suspicious for her tastes. It was wearing a huge  overcoat and looking around at the city. She paused at the door as she  leaned in closer trying to see a clearer image of the figure. To what she  saw, he was green and to her that meant one thing, Dr. Viper! She whipped  her gun out and held it towards the direction of the figure. “You in the  alley, freeze right there!” she yelled.

Donatello’s eyes went wide when he heard the yell and looked over in the  direction and saw a young she-kat enforcer holding a gun at him. “Uh-oh..”  He froze didn’t know what to do.

“Felina, what are you doing?!” Feral asked as he looked up at his niece  and then looked over at the alley.

“I swear that’s Dr. Viper or one of his goonies!” Felina said as she kept  the gun on the figure. “Now walk out of the alley right now!”

Don stood right there, he knew he couldn’t go walk out there and be  captured! He had to get to Felicia and fast but how! “Maybe this wasn’t such  a good idea..”

“I said out of the alley, now!” Felina ordered loudly again as she walked  around the car, coming towards him, the gun still in her hands, the traffic  stopped for her.  Donatello took off running, his heart racing fast. He had  to make it safety! “Oh no you don’t!” Felina muttered to herself as she  took off running after him.

“Felina! Come back here!” Feral ordered.

“Call for back up!” she called back to him as she kept on pursuit with  Donatello.

Feral grumbled as he picked up his CB from his car. “This is Feral! I need  cruiser units on the double with chopper back-up!”

Donatello’s heart was racing fast, his face filled with sweat as he ran as  hard as he could. The trench coat weighing him down some but he knew he  couldn’t take it off yet. He leaped over a metal fence and ran down another  alley. But to his horror it was a dead end! He looked around frantically but  there was nothing there but garbage cans, not even a sewer hole! “Oh  terrific,” he grumbled to himself and turned around and there stood Felina  with her gun aimed at him.

“No where else to go. Now put your hands up!,” she ordered keeping the gun  pointed at him.

“I may not be like you but I’ll still fight as hard!” Don said back as he  threw off his trench coat, reaching behind and grabbing his bo staff,  holding it in a defending position.

Felina’s eyes went wide, she had never seen anything like him. “What the  heck are you?” She lowered her gun some, also noticing that Donatello’s  voice was the exact same as Razor’s.

“I’m a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! And you’re about to get  shell-shocked!” Don yelled out as he threw his bo staff at her knocking the  gun out of her hands. Before she knew it, he kicked her hard in the stomach  making her fly against the wall.

Felina let out a cry as her back hurt from the impact but she staggered  back onto her feet. “That’s it!” she growled as she extended her claws and  jumped at him. He dove down onto his shell and caught her and threw her back  over his head making her slam back into the wall again.

“You wanna play some more or shall we start to chat again?” Don said as he  grabbed the bo staff and held it in his hands in a defending position once  again.

Feral walked up behind Donatello catching him off guard and kicking him  hard in the shell making Don cry out as he lost his balance, dropping his bo  and falling onto the ground hard. “You mega-low! How dare you hurt my niece  like that!” he growled. Donatello staggered up onto his knees, coughing a  little from hitting the ground. Feral walked up to him and kicked him hard  in the under part of his shell, Donatello let out a cry of pain as he  slammed back into the ground, his breathing hard trying to get his breath.

“Uncle, please,” Felina said as she gripped Feral’s arm. “I’m okay,  really.” Looking down seeing Donatello in great pain.

Feral looked at Donatello with a look of anger in his eyes, Felina was like  a daughter to him, and he couldn’t stand when she was in trouble. “From Dr.  Viper no doubt. You freak!”

Donatello closed his eyes shut, hearing those words even pained him, making  him think about how he is sometimes treated in his dimension by the humans.  He coughed a little as he struggled to get back up on his knees again.  “Look, I just want to see the SWAT Kats.”

“Why would you want to see those vigilantes for?” Feral asked as he stood  there.

“Look, I just have to see them!” Donatello cried out as he body throbbed  in pain, getting frustrated. He was beginning to think that he should have  listened to Raph.

“I think for right now, you are going to be in our custody until we can  think where you came from,” Feral said as he walked over to Donatello,  getting the handcuffs from his jacket pocket. Some more enforcer cruiser  units pulled up to the front of the alley, about four more enforcers walked  towards them. Donatello let out a sigh. Feral put Donatello’s hands behind  his back, “I think we should take you to Puma Dyne. They will be able to run  some tests on you.”

The sound of the word “test” made Donatello cringe. “No way!” he shouted  as he broke free from Feral’s grip and ran straight on towards the enforcer  units.

Feral’s eyes went wide, he let out a growl and went for his laser gun.

“Uncle, don’t!” Felina protested but Feral ignored her. He aimed the gun  and fired, the laser hit Donatello straight on the back of his leg making  him fall onto the ground hard, sliding some till finally he stopped.

He laid unconscious on the ground, the back of his leg was bleeding from  where he was shot, the front side of his shell was bleeding a little along  with his arms from where he slid into the pavement. Feral and Felina walked  up to Donatello’s limp form on the ground. “Uncle, was that necessary?” she  asked.

“One day, Felina. You will understand,” Feral said and then looked over at  the enforcers. “Take him to Puma Dyne’s desert base. They’ll know what to do  with him.” The enforcers saluted him then ran over and picked up Donatello,  carrying him and laying down in the back seat of their cruiser. They got in  and drove off towards the base.

Felina sighed a little sadly, she felt sorry for the strange creature. But  it was too weird, he sounded so much like Razor, almost exactly like him!  Now she regretted for even seeing him.

“Felina, go back into headquarters and alert Puma Dyne’s base. I am going  to lunch,” Feral said and then walked to his car. She shook her head and walked  inside the building once more.

Jenson was working on some papers when he heard the door knock to his  office. “Come in.”

Felina walked in with a look of bewilderment on her face. “Jenson, you  wouldn’t believe what just happened outside,” she exclaimed as she walked up  to his desk.

“Hmm, let me guess. Your uncle was nice for once?” he smirked at her.

“No, that’s not it,” she said with a smile. “It was weird but it looked  like some creature from Dr. Viper or so my uncle thinks. But I think it’s  some sort of alien. It had a wooden staff and had a purple bandana on and it  claimed to be some sort of mutant turtle. But we took it to Puma Dyne so we  can figure out just what the heck it is. I am going to lunch now so answer  my calls for me,” she said as she waved goodbye and walked out of the office  leaving Jenson speechless.

He leaned back in his chair trying to take in what he just heard and then  he thought about something. “A mutant turtle wearing a purple bandana and  carrying a wooden staff? I wonder if that’s one of the creatures sis was  with. I better find out.” He leaned back up in his chair and dialed up on  his sister’s number on his phone.

Felicia just got out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her when she  heard the phone ringing. “Who the heck?” she grumbled as she walked over to  the phone and picked it up. “Hello?”

“Hey sis this is Jenson. I need to ask you a question,” Jenson said over at  the other end.

“Well what’s that?” she asked as she walked into her bedroom to get  dressed.

“Those um creatures that you were with for the past two weeks did one of  them wear a purple bandana and carry a wooden staff?” Jenson said as he  looked outside the window as he watched the afternoon sun set in.

Felicia’s  eyes went wide and she almost dropped the phone when she heard that. “Sis?  Sis, are you there?”

She shook her head, her heart racing fast as she felt her knees to become  weak. It couldn’t be him! “Y-yeah I am here,” her voice shaky. “Wh-why do  you ask?”

“Well because he’s here, Licia. But probably not for long,” he said softly.

She looked at the phone with a frightened look as she bawled her other hand  up into a fist. “Why, what happened?”

“He ran into Feral and they shipped him off to Puma Dyne as a research  subject,” her brother replied.

“I am going to kill Feral!! Where exactly is Donatello?!! I am going to get  him!” she screamed, breathing hard as anger started to rise high in her  body.

“Are you kidding? That’s Puma Dyne desert base! You’ll never get in with  all of the traps and guards!” Jenson said, his eyes went wide, starting to  regret the fact that he told his sister.

“Well if you give me access to the base then it won’t be much of a  problem,” Felicia said, trying to calm herself down, she ran over quickly to  her chest cabinet keeping the cordless phone against her ear.

“Do you have any idea what will happen to me if I get caught giving you  access? Only high ranking enforcers get access and if I got caught, then  I’ll lose my job and probably go to prison!” he said becoming angry himself,  bawling his hands up into fists, hitting the desk some with his hand.

“Do you have any idea what will happen to you if you don’t do this for me?  You’ll lose your sister,” she screamed back at him, getting frustrated,  putting on her Ricochet’s outfit at the same time. “I’ll wait on the side of  the road about three miles away from the base meet me there in about twenty  minutes and if you don’t show then I am going alone,” and with that she hung  up the phone and continued to get dressed.

“Crud!” Jenson yelled as he slammed the phone down. He got up, grabbing  his keys off his desk and walked out of his office. He hurried as fast as he  could to his car.

About twenty minutes later, Jenson pulled up to where he saw his sister   waiting for him on her black sport motorcycle. “I don’t know why the heck I  let you drag me into these messes,” Jenson grumbled as he got out of his car  and walked over to her. He stood there and then looked down the road seeing  the entrance to the base. “Okay, look. Let me go in first. I’ll try to get  access to most of the levels of the base. It actually has an underground  facility, which is where they probably have him. When you get down there go  up a ramp and then you’ll see a white door. Go through the white door and  I’ll meet you there with a lab coat. The lab coat will allow you to get to  the bio rooms as long as you don’t go shooting your way in there. Wait for  about fifteen minutes before you go in after I do so that way so they won’t  suspect its me.”

“Thanks, brother,” she said softly, hugging him gently.

“But remember once we meet up then that’s it. I have to leave so that way  they won’t suspect me. You will be on your own,” Jenson replied with a  smile. He walked back over to his car and got in. “See you in a little  while.” Ricochet watched her brother’s car go down towards the base, smiling  softly.

“Hang on, Donnie. I’m coming for you,” she said gently, gripping the  motorcycle handles with her hands.

Donatello groaned as he started to slowly waken. A bright light kept him  from opening his eyes completely, he groaned, his right leg was throbbing  badly in pain. He felt cold, his whole body covered with goose bumps, he saw  two figures in front of him. As his eyes started to focus, he saw that they  were two kat bio technicians wearing completely white uniforms with white  masks.

“He’s waking up,” one of them stated as he looked over at his partner.

“Whe-where am I?” Don said, he looked over and saw a small steel table with  small surgical tools resting on them. He saw one of the figures had a small  surgical knife in his hands. “Wait a minute! I am no test subject!” He  jumped up quickly off the table but almost lost his balance as his right leg  shot sharp pain. He stumbled a little but then gained his balance.

“Come here!” one of them shouted as he ran towards Donatello but Don  kicked him swiftly making him fall back against the table. “No way!”

“Get the sedatives!” the bio-technician shouted to the other as he ran  over to get the small sedative injections.

Donatello ran quickly to the door and pushed the button but to his horror  it wouldn’t open! “Aw great,” he muttered as he looked at a small code box  beside the door. Both of the technicians grabbed his arms, holding him.  Donatello struggled firmly but one of them injected the sedative into his  arm. “Ah!”

“Got it!” the technician said to the other as he released Don. “He’ll be  out in a minute.”

Donatello felt the whole room spinning, he held his knees trying to keep  himself up but his head throbbed as he felt his vision becoming blurry. His  knees buckled underneath him and collapsed to the ground, his breathing slow  down as he fell into the unconsciousness once more.

Felina stopped at City Hall before going to get lunch and walked inside to  see Callie up in her office. Once she got there, she said, “Deputy Mayor.”

Callie looked up from her desk and smiled, “Hey Lieutenant Feral! What did  you need?”

“I need to use your communicator really quick. I need to alert the SWAT  Kats about something,” Felina replied as she walked in.

“Sure, what did you need to tell them?” Callie asked as she walked over to  her purple purse to get out the communicator.

“Well actually it’s kind of top secret for right now. No offense,” answered  Felina as she took the communicator from Callie. She smiled softly and then  walked out of her office and into another empty one. She pressed the button,  “Hey guys come in.”

Inside the hangar, Jake and Chance were washing the TurboKat when they  heard the alarm go off indicating that someone was trying to reach them.

“It’s Callie,” Jake stated as he looked over at the alarm.

Chance nodded and walked over and pushed the receiving button. “Yes, Miss  Briggs?”

“This is actually Lt. Feral. Is Razor there?” Felina replied.

Jake walked up to where Chance was with a puzzled look on his face. “This  is Razor.”

“I wanted you to know that something very weird has been going on. Today my  Uncle and I caught this bizarre creature, which he suspects is from Dr.  Viper but he acted too intelligent for Viper’s mutant. He looked like some  kind of big turtle but he had your voice, Razor,” Felina said as she looked  around to make sure no one was listening in since this was confidential  information.

“Whoa! That is weird. Thanks for telling us,” Jake replied. “Let us know if  you find out anything about it.”

“Right, well he’s at Puma Dyne’s desert base for testing but I suspect that  something is going on. Anyways Felina out,” she turned off the communicator  and gave it back to Callie before leaving.

Jake stood there being silent, thinking as he looked down at the ground.  “What are you thinking, sure-shot?” Chance said knowing that Jake was  troubled by something.

“Just something that Licia told me when she came back from being missing  for a couple of weeks. She told me she was with these turtles, I wonder if one  of them came to our world,” he said looking at Chance.

“Maybe. But it’s weird that he has your voice! That’s spooky!” Jake’s  friend said.

“I’m going to call Felicia. She should know about this and maybe she can  help us on this issue.” Jake walked over to the ladders and went upstairs to  use the phone. Chance watched him and then walked back over to finish  washing the jet.

Jake dialed the number but no one answered which started to trouble. He  grumbled and walked back downstairs. “Buddy, she’s not there again. Can we  head over there? I am getting worried again.”

Chance sighed as he washed the rest of the soap off the jet. “Women.”

Jenson reached the biolab level of the facility as he walked through the  white door. He looked around and noticed no one was around; it was so quiet  that it actually kind of spooked him out. He took his walkie talkie out of  his pocket and pressed the talk button, “Hey sis, come in.”

Ricochet picked up her CB from her motorcycle. “This is Ricochet.”

“I am in position. Don’t just shoot your way in too much. I will need to  get out of here some how before Feral shows up,” Jenson replied as he kept  looking around making sure no one was walking down the hallway.

“Hey this is me you’re talking to,” she grinned. “Ricochet out.” She put  the CB down and revved her bike up before she sped down the road towards the  facility.

“That’s what I am afraid of,” Jenson groaned as he turned the walkie-talkie  off. He sighed and rested against the wall.

Bryce sighed as he stood at his post at Puma Dyne labs. He had been a guard  now for nearly a year but he was starting to hate it.  To him, it was so  boring. His ears perked when he heard the sound of a motorcycle approaching,  with curiosity he walked towards the main gate to inspect the situation.  There in front of him coming at full throttle was a black sports cycle and  some sort of she-kat dressed in black on it.

Ricochet jumped quickly off the bike, doing a back flip before landing on  the ground feet first allowing the bike to continue on its course towards Bryce.  He let out a yelp and jumped out of the way as the bike turned over on its side  and slid into the wall. Before he could realize what was happening, Ricochet  kicked him hard in the chest making him slam into the wall. He let out a cry of  pain and slid down to the ground, unconscious from the impact.

She smiled as she walked over to him, dusting her hands in pride. “Well  that was easy.” As pride clouded her mind, she didn’t realize that there was a  second guard at the same post, he kicked her hard in the back making her fall  to the ground.

“Tsk Tsk, lady. You shouldn’t have done that,” the guard said as he  approached her. He was much bigger than Bryce. “Ah did that hurt, baby?” He  grinned and then walked towards her.

Ricochet reached into her small carrying case on her side where she kept  her DM5K automatic machine gun. She rolled onto her back and aimed the gun  at him. But he quickly kicked her out of her hands. He growled and picked  her up by the collar of her shirt, carrying her into the guard’s station.

“Did your mama ever teach you how to treat a lady?” She squirmed trying  to get out of his grasp.

The guard growled at her comment and slapped her hard in the face then  shoved her hard towards the corner of the building where a bunch of boxes stood.  She hit the boxes and groaned feeling the pain  shooting in her body from the impact. “Guess not,” she muttered. She looked  over and to her surprise and luck, there laid Donatello’s bo staff. They  were keeping it there since they thought it wasn’t actually important. She  grinned and gripped the middle of the staff keeping it close to her inner  body to hide it from the guard’s view.

He looked at her with suspicion, noticing her staying there awfully quiet.  He walked towards her to make sure she wasn’t going to give him a surprise  attack. Right when the guard was in range to use the bo staff, Ricochet  whipped around quickly using the end of the staff to hit him hard in the  stomach. The guard let out a groan as he bent over from the impact, holding  his stomach. Ricochet staggered back up on her feet, grinning big. “Batter  up!” she cried as she hit the guard as hard as she could with the bo staff  making him fly some hitting the wall hard, falling down knocked out. She ran  back outside, grabbing her gun, using the arm sling to put it around her  back. She gripped the bo tighter.

“This thing might come in handy! Don’t worry Donnie, I’m on my way!”

She ran to the elevator that would lead underground and went down the  underground facility. When the doors opened she found herself to be in some  sort of open place, which served as a storage unit. Ricochet ran towards the  ramp but to her horror there were three guards on the top floor from the  ramp and two guards at the base of the ramp. The guards at the bottom spotted  her.

“Sound the alarm, we have an intruder!” one shouted to the guards on the  top floor. She saw the ones on the top running away towards the alarm  switch.

“Great,” she mumbled as she ran towards them. She hit one hard in the  stomach with the bo staff end then when he bent down, she nailed him quickly  in the head. “Lights out!” Then she turned around quickly hitting the other  on the side of the head hard.

She ran up the ramp but saw two of the guards from the upper level running  towards her. Letting go of the bo staff allowing it to drop to her feet, she  whipped her gun around fast shooting them quickly in the knees making them collapse  but not killing them. Picking the bo back up, she continued up the ramp, kicking  both of the fallen guards in the head knocking them out before she ran to the final  guard. The guard had hit the alarm switch for it blared loudly in the storage  room. She knew now that she had to be quicker for the enforcers would be there soon.

“Too late, girlie! You’re trapped here now!” the guard said with a grin as  he held his gun to her.

“Then I’ll have to deal with it!” she growled back, letting out a grunt as  she threw the staff at him, it knocked the gun out of his hands quickly.

“Why you little-,” he said as he ran to her, knocking her hard to the  ground. He then jumped on top of her but she used her feet to propel him  over her making him slam into the wall. She got up and ran over to him  quickly, kicking him hard in the head. Looking around noticing that there  were no more guards in sight, she said, “Aww no more.” She picked up  Donatello’s bo staff and went through the white door.

Jenson grinned as she saw his sister walking through that door. “Well, I’m  impressed. Not much shooting at all.”

“Well not too great,” she panted, trying to get her breath. “I screwed up.  One of the guards hit the switch in that room.”

Jenson’s eyes went wide. “Oh great! I really need to get my tail out of  here! Here is the lab suit,” he said handing her the lab coat. “Quickly, put  it on!”

Ricochet nodded, slipping on the lab coat, removing her mask. “What about  my weapons? I am not leaving them here!”

“There is an empty room over there. Put them in there. Now I am out of  here. Good luck,” Jenson said, pointing to the room and then ran quickly  through the white door while Felicia ran towards the empty room to store her  weapons.

Leonardo stared at the portal screen motionlessly; it had been almost eight  hours and no contact from his brother. “Still no contact from Donatello?”  Splinter asked as he walked into the room followed by Michelangelo and  Raphael.

“No, Master and I am worried,” Leo sighed as he stared at the main screen.  “We know the general location of Donatello but no communication yet.” He  pointed to the screen on the monitor, which showed a small blip bleeping at  place that looked like some sort of large facility.

“Well we can’t just stand here, dudes! We have to save him!” Michelangelo  stated as he looked at the screen with a worried look on his face.

“I’m with you there, Michelangelo. But if we go in there then we may never  get back since no one here could operate the portal and what if the city was  under attack or something again?” Raphael replied as he stood there with  his arms crossed.

“Raphael’s right, though as much as I hate to say it. But Donatello is on  his own for right now until we can figure something out,” added Leonardo as  he sighed and turned away from the portal.

“Hold the phone! Now I have an idea! What if one of us went through the  portal? I mean Leo, we really need you to stay here just in case something  does go wrong in the city. I’ll go through and find Donatello!” announced  Raphael before he also muttered, “Boy, am I glutton for punishment or what.”

“A wise decision, Raphael,” Splinter commented as he walk towards him and  placed his hand upon his shoulder. “You show great leadership qualities. The  time is of the essence, we need you to go there now and get your brother  back for I sense great danger is going to befall him.”

“Right,” Leo said as he turned the switch on. “Go on, Raphael but make sure  you don’t get in trouble either.”

“Good luck, compadre,” Michelangelo added.

Raphael waved and stepped through the portal, disappearing from the room  leaving only two turtles and their master.

Razor looked down from the TurboKat noticing that Feral had the whole base  surrounded with enforcer units. Callie had called the SWAT Kats at Felicia’s  house letting them know that there was a break in at the Puma Dyne base  outside of the city and that the enforcers were already there.  “Looks like  Feral has the whole area neutralized, buddy,” he said to T-Bone.

“Roger and I guess it’s up to us, to knock down the front door,” T-Bone  added as he landed the TurboKat near the base. Once they arrived, they  jumped out and walked towards the front of the base.

“What are you SWAT Kats doing?,” Feral said, his eyes went wide. “The  enforcers will handle this, go back! They may have hostages!”

“Don’t worry, Feral. We’ll draw them out for you,” T-Bone shouted back as  he and Razor ran inside. They looked around and saw the two guards  unconscious at the front gate, Razor ran over to them and checked their  pulse.

“They’re still alive, buddy,” he said looking back at T-Bone. “Come on,  let’s head downstairs.” He looked over at the elevator and ran off towards  it, with T-Bone right behind him.

Raphael appeared in the biolab level at the underground facility, he looked  around and noticed the place to be extremely quiet and almost empty! “Whoa  this reminds me of the Technodrome except no foot soldiers! They should  really decorate around here,” he commented as he quietly walked down the  hall, having no clue where he was going. Suddenly he heard footsteps and  jumped behind back against the wall away from the main hallway. As the  footsteps got closer, he reached into his belt and took out one of his sais,  preparing for an attack. He saw a she-kat wearing a lab coat walking down  the hallway looking around at the different doors. He jumped out and grabbed  her pulling her to the side away from the hallway, holding his sai up to her  neck. “Okay, now just tell me what I want to hear and you won’t get hurt,”  he said but then he realized it was Felicia. “What the heck?”

“Raphael? What are you doing here?,” Felicia said as she rubbed her neck  where the sai had pushed against once he let go of her.

“Trying to find my brother.  He didn’t contact us. Do you work here or  something?” he said looking at her outfit.

“Shh, keep quiet. Listen your brother never made it to me, he got captured  by this bio-facility and now I have to get him out of here,” she said  looking around.

“Good! Because I am going with you,” Raphael added as he put his sai back  into his belt.

“Actually it would be best if you didn’t. I can get into the lab that has  him, but I need you to make sure the area around is clear,” Felicia replied  as she pointed to another white door across the hall indicating that was the  room that she needed to get into. “About three doors down on the right,  there is an empty room with my gun and Donatello’s bo staff, go down there  and get them for me. I should be back by then.” Raphael nodded and walked  quietly down the hall, Felicia watched him and sighed. She pressed the door  open button on the wall and walked inside the room.

The room looked almost like an office, there was a path going straight  towards another door, but in this room there were two guards on each side of  the path. She took a deep breath and then walked down the pathway trying not  to look suspicious. One of the young looking guards approached her, he was a  silver tabby. “Hey! How’s it going?,” he asked politely.

“Hey,” Felicia replied nervously and kept walking towards the other door.  It was different compared to the others, to her it looked like a room for  higher security, which she figured it was where they were keeping Donatello.  On the door there was a small window slot at the top, and at the other end,  she saw a guard standing there looking out right at her.

He walked up to the door and spoke through the speaker.

“So you got here at last. Everyone’s been waiting for you.” The door  opened and she walked in, she noticed that the room was smaller, there two  guards in the room: one at the front of the door and one in the back in the  hallway which led to a clear window plated room in the middle of the room she  was in. In that small room, she saw two kat bio-technicians leaning over a  table in front of them. She looked carefully and saw that it was Donatello.

“Hey it’s an impostor!” the guard in the back yelled seeing her.

The one at the door looked out her with a surprised and angry look on his  face.

“Seize her.”

“Seize this!” she yelled as she reached under her coat to her Ricochet’s  outfit feeling the ninja star still in her pocket. She took it out and threw  it quickly at the guy in the hall, the star jammed up into his gun making  him unable to shoot. Then she swiftly kicked the guard near her in the chest  causing him to fall over. The guard in the hallway growled out as he charged  at her. She stepped quickly to the side putting her foot in his way, he  tripped over her foot and crashed into the wall, falling on top of the other  guard. Felicia ran over and grabbed the door guard’s gun and ran back over  to the two guards who were staggering to get back up. Using the blunt end of  the gun, she hit both of them in head really hard making them unconscious.

“Sweet dreams.” After retrieving her ninja star, she continued on her  course to the dark hallway, which lead to the operation room. Using the code  access card that her brother gave her, she gained entrance to the room. To her  horror, Donatello was laying on the operation table, unconscious, the front  part of his shell and his arms were terribly scratched up and his right leg  was wrapped around with a bandage.

“Okay you bio-lowlifes step away from him right now!” she growled out.  “Not another move or you bet your tail I will fire.”

“What the heck do you think you’re doing?” one of the bio-technicians  remarked.

“This is a top-secret enforcer experiment!” the other protested.

“Besides you don’t have the guts to shoot us, girlie!” the first added.

“Now leave so we can figure out who this mutagen accident is.” He started to  walk to her.

“Mutagen accident?!” she shouted, anger boiling up in her. “That’s it!” She  shot that technician in the shoulder, he cried out in pain, gripping his  shoulder and then fell down to the ground.

“Kats, my arm!” he screamed.

“You psycho!” the other technician shouted, seeing his partner lying on  the ground.

“I guess you want some too,” Felicia said as she ran to him, delivering  some punches, but the technician grabbed her hands and then kicked her swiftly  in the stomach.  She flew back against the glass, hitting it hard and then  sliding to the ground. “Whoa, that didn’t work.”

“Not so tough now are you?” the technician laughed as he walked to her,  gripping her by the neck, choking her against the glass.

Felicia coughed as she squirmed trying to get free.

Donatello’s eyes fluttered, waking up, hearing the commotion going on. He  looked over to his right and beside his table he saw the technician  strangling Felicia up against the glass wall. He growled and reached over  reaching one of the sedative injection shots. With a quick movement, he  stuck the technician in the arm with it. The tech released his grip on  Felicia and slid to the floor unconscious.

Licia’s eyes were wide with wonder and then looked over and saw Donatello  looking at her. “Donatello!!” She ran to him and hugged him tightly.

“Ah, not so tight. I am sore,” he said, smiling softly.

“We have to get you out of here fast! Do you think you can walk?” she  said looking through the glass hoping that the guards in the other room didn’t   hear the commotion.

“I can try,” Donatello groaned as he tried to sit up, his entire body  aching.

Felicia grabbed his arm trying to help him, “Hurry, Donnie!”

Raphael was walking back from the room that had Ricochet’s weapons. He  carried the bo staff in his hand and used the sling to put the DM5K around  his shell. He heard voices approaching and started to freeze. He dove back  behind another wall and waited for whoever was coming. The SWAT Kats passed  Raphael looking for any sign of the intruder, suddenly Raphael jumped behind  them. “Okay, you weirdos, turn around right now!”

The SWAT Kats turned around and saw a giant turtle wearing a red bandana  about their same height looking right back at them. “Whoa what the heck is  that?” T-Bone asked looking at Raphael.

“Dunno, T-Bone, but he has Ricochet’s gun!” Razor said looking at Raphael  angrily.

“Geez. Is this like a twilight zone?!” Raphael said when he heard Razor  speaking. “Donatello? I hope that is not you!”

“Donatello?” Razor asked T-Bone as he looked at him. “I don’t know who the  heck you are. But what have you done with Ricochet?!” He aimed his  glov-a-trix at Raphael.

“Whoa! Whoa! I am not the bad guy and Ricochet right now is trying to save  my brother!” Raphael shouted. “Come on” He ran towards the room where  Felicia went in, the SWAT Kats followed him.

Felicia walked through the white door with Donatello’s arm across her  shoulders trying to help him walk. The two guards in that room ran up to  her. “Hey! Where are you going with him?” one of them shouted, holding the  gun at her.

“I am taking him to biolab 10 for a check up,” Felicia said quickly.

“Only high authority can give an order. We’ll have to check with the  technicians first,” the other guard replied and looked over at his comrade.  “Craig, go and make sure it’s okay with the technicians.”

Craig nodded and ran into the room that Felicia just came out of. Felicia’s  face almost turned white, she knew her cover was blown now. He ran back into  the room, “Charlie, the technicians are unconscious along with the two  guards in that room! She must been an intruder!”

Charlie grabbed Donatello from her, throwing him on the ground hard, he  then grabbed her arm holding it very tight. “You’re coming with us, missy!”

Raphael and the SWAT Kats opened the door, their eyes went wide as they saw  Felicia struggling from the two guards and Donatello was on the ground.

“No!,” she yelled as she squirmed, trying to push him away.

Charlie growled and smacked her hard in the face making her cry out in  pain. “Leave her alone, you creeps!,” Donatello shouted at the guards,  trying to get back up on his knees, his leg throbbing terribly in pain.

“Shut up, you laboratory freak!,” Craig said back to him as he kicked him  hard in the right leg, making Donatello cry out.

“That’s no way to treat a lady!” Razor yelled at the guards as he launched  a bola missile. It broke out some rope as it wrapped around Charlie’s legs,  causing him to fall.

“And that’s no way to treat my brother!” Raphael yelled also as he threw  his sais at Craig. The sais pinned Craig to the wall by his uniform. Raphael  ran over to the guard. “Hey give me back my sais!” He then knocked the guard  out and retrieved his sais, making Craig fall to the floor. Raphael ran back  over to help his brother up. “You okay, Donatello?”

Donatello nodded his head as he stood back upon his face. Razor ran over  and helped up Felicia. “You okay, Licia?” he said.

“I am fine,” she said as she held her side a little, her body was bruised  badly from the battles that she had coming into the facility.

T-Bone shook his head, keeping his arms crossed. “Why are you here,  Felicia?”

“Yeah, some person broke in here and we are trying to find them before the  enforcers bust up the joint,” Razor added looking at the new visitors.  Donatello’s eyes went wide hearing Razor talk; it was almost like he was  listening to a tape recording of him talking!

“Oh, crud! I am almost forgot!” Felicia sighed as she took of her lab coat  and tied her mask back around her face. “Um, Razor, no one broke in except  for me.”

“What?!” both of the SWAT Kats exclaimed, their eyes wide with shock.

“Look, I had to save Donatello here. They were going to make him an  experiment!” Ricochet protested looking back over at Donatello, smiling a  little.

“Oh terrific,” T-Bone mumbled. “This was a set up! The enforcers are out  there and if we come out with these two here they will think we stole them!”

“Well we better come up with a solution and fast! The enforcers will be  here in any minute!” Razor said as he looked around.

Donatello noticed a small grate near the side of the wall, it was large  enough for any of them to go through. “I think I have it!”

“What did you say, Razor?” T-Bone asked as he looked at his partner.

“I didn’t say anything,” Razor replied.

“I did. I said we could take the sewer route,” Donatello continued. “I mean  you two could go back and just say you couldn’t find the perpetrators,  meanwhile the rest of us go through the sewers to find our way out.”

“Excellent idea! I forgot that you sound just like me!” Razor smiled. He  handed Ricochet a communicator. “Licia, be careful. We’ll track your  position with this.”

Ricochet nodded and smiled softly at him. “Roger.”

Razor smiled back at her and leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips.  Then he looked over at his partner, “Let’s go, T-Bone.” The SWAT Kats ran  back towards the direction they came through.

Donatello breathed deeply, trying not to let the kiss bother him and then  joined his brother to get the sewer grating off. “Great, more sewers!”  Raphael said as he jumped down first then Ricochet jumped down after him,  followed by Donatello who put the top back on so no one would notice.

The SWAT Kats passed a unit of enforcers on their way out, the enforcers  took no notice to them but Feral did as soon as they ran out of the base.  “Where do you think you two are going?” he demanded.

“No sign of the intruder, Feral. We are going to scan the area in our jet,”  Razor quickly said as he and T-Bone jumped back into the TurboKat.

Feral grinned watching the jet taken off, “Ha! They are wimping out on me  for once!” He then turned and faced another unit of his enforcers. “Everyone  inside!”

Razor looked down at his radar screen at the tiny blip and said, “Looks  like they are coming out near Thirty-first Street.”

“Roger,” T-Bone replied as he banked the jet a little to the right to go in  that direction.  Razor sighed as he looked out of the canopy cockpit,  staring down at the city as sunset started to fade in. “You okay, buddy?”  T-Bone asked when he heard Razor sighing.

“Yeah, just a little worried. I mean the enforcers are going to be after  her soon for stealing that turtle,” Razor replied as he sighed again and  then turned his attention back to the radar screen when he heard the jet  landing.

Once the jet came to a stop, Razor opened the bomb-bay doors of the jet and  rolled the Cyclotron out, he looked over and saw the two alien turtles and  Ricochet climbing out of the sewer hole. “Okay, you two can ride with  T-Bone. Rico, you ride with me,” he said as he got in the driver seat of the  motorcycle, revving the engine some.

“Yeah, hurry up before the enforcers spot us taking you!” T-Bone added.  Donatello and Raphael ran quickly and went in the bomb-bay doors to get  inside the jet while Rico hopped in the passenger seat of the Cyclotron,  holding tightly.

“Meet you at the hangar, buddy,” Razor shouted to T-Bone over the loud  engines of the jet, then he revved the bike up once more before squealing  off down the street. T-Bone did a vertical take-off and then hit the  thrusters, making the jet scream through the sky towards their hangar.

Once the hangar came into sight, T-Bone put the landing gear down, and the  flaps out to make the jet slow down as he decreased the thrust of the  engines. Raphael and Donatello looked out from the canopy, seeing a salvage  yard. “Whoa, your base is a junkyard?” Raph asked, feeling like it was going  to be just like the sewers.

“It’s a salvage yard,” T-Bone corrected as he pushed a button on his  control panel making the trap door to the underground tunnel come open and  he flew inside.

“Whoa this is cool!” Donatello exclaimed, being so amazed by everything.

Once the jet stopped, T-Bone and the turtles jumped out meeting Razor and  Ricochet who just pulled into the hangar too. Donatello walked around the  hangar, admiring Razor’s missiles and the large screen display. “Geez, did  you make these?” he asked putting his hand on one of the missile bodies.

“Well yeah,” Razor smiled as he took off his helmet and bandana. T-Bone  walked towards his locker to change into his overalls.

“This is neat! An advanced LCD screen!” he exclaimed as he walked over to  the display monitor.

“Oh no look out, geek talk,” Raph said as he covered his ears; Ricochet  giggled by his comment.

“Hey, Razor. Would you have an extra communicator on you?” Donatello said  looking up at Razor getting off his knees after he had inspected the control  panel of the display monitor.

“Yeah, why?” Razor replied looking at him confusedly. He walked towards his  worktable to retrieve the extra communicator.

“Well I thought later on I could rig it up to where I tap into my frequency  on the turtle communicator so I could contact my other two brothers,”  Donatello replied, taking the communicator from him, examining it.

“Sure but right now I think we need to just relax a bit,” Razor stated as  he walked towards his locker, changing to his overalls as well.

“I hear ya, I am going to get me some milk,” Chance added as he went up the  ladder to the kitchen level of the garage.

“Milk? Man I am hungry! You got anything to eat around here?” Raph said as  he looked over at Jake, holding his stomach a little.

“To eat? Um, what do you eat?” Jake said, fearing it would be bugs or  something.

“A pizza would be nice!” the turtle replied with a big smile on his face.

“Pizza? Um sure, let’s go upstairs to watch television, I’ll order you  one,” he said, taking Felicia’s paw as he went upstairs to the kitchen level  to join his friend with the two turtles following him.

Once upstairs, Donatello and Raphael walked inside the living room, seeing  Chance on the couch watching television. “Go ahead and sit down, guys,”  Felicia said smiling softly as she sat down on the floor, pointing to the  two chairs near the couch.

Jake walked into the room, carrying a phone book. “Let’s see.um pizza,  pizza…I found it!” he said, holding his finger towards the number. “I’ll  get a tuna pizza.” He walked towards the phone on the wall.

“Tuna?!” Raph exclaimed, his eyes went wide.

“Fish? Yuck!, Donatello said making a face.

“You don’t like fish?” Jake said looking at him puzzled.

“Nah, um could we just get a plain cheese pizza?” Raph said. “I guess I  could go with that, no matter how weird.”

Jake sighed and walked back towards the phone. “Fine.” A few minutes later  after he ordered the pizza, he sat beside Chance on the couch to watch the  news. “Turn it up, Chance.”

“This is Ann Gora again with a huge news break! About an hour ago, there  was a break in at the Puma Dyne Labs located out of the city where the  enforcers were holding a mysterious mutant creature. There are no leads on  where the creature is but the enforcers do have a suspect. After  interviewing several of the guards who were knocked out from the attack, all  of them confirmed that it was in fact the vigilante, Ricochet.  So far the  enforcers have no motive on why she would pull such an attack but Commander  Feral has placed APB on here along with the SWAT Kats since he is positive  that they were also involved with this crime. We will have more information  for you tomorrow on the 6am news. This is Ann Gora, have a good night,” she  said.

Jake sighed and snatched the remote control off, turning the TV off quickly.  He sighed and leaned back against the couch, rubbing his head with his hand.

“Aww, why Licia did you do that?”

“Hey! I had to! The enforcers were going to use Donatello as a test  subject!” she retaliated, getting a little offended.

“Do you have any idea what kind of trouble you are in now?!” he said  getting frustrated. “Why didn’t you call us or something first?”

“There was no time! I had to save him! Hey, Jake, you save people and so do  I!” she replied looking at him angrily, bawling her hands up into fists.

Donatello cringed, hearing Felicia and Jake fight for he knew that he was  the reason why.  He sunk a little in his chair.

Raph looked over at him, “This is just like Jerry Springer!” he whispered  to him, smirking a little.

“But I don’t break into places!” Jake growled. “You know? The enforcers will  be out looking for you!”

“Don’t worry, they won’t find you, Jake! I’ll go back to my apartment in  the morning!” she screamed as she stood up and stormed upstairs, slamming  Jake’s bedroom door.

“Crud!” Jake said as he held his head. Chance just looked at him,  speechless.

Donatello closed his eyes, he knew that it wasn’t right for him to be here,  he was messing up everything. “Hey Jake, I am going to downstairs to work on  that communicator.”

“Sure, I’m going up there to talk to her,” Jake added as he got up from  the couch and walked upstairs towards his room.

“Whoa this is freaking me out, hearing them both sounding alike!” Chance  said, looking over at Raphael.

“You ain’t kidding,” Raphael replied, smiling a little.

Donatello got up from the couch and walked towards the hole in the  kitchen, which lead down to the hangar. He heard Jake trying to make Felicia  let him in and then he heard her screaming at him, telling him to go away. He  sighed sadly and went downstairs.

“Women,” both Chance and Raphael replied as they held their head, getting  frustrated from all of the fighting and arguing. Chance turned the  television back on.

“Hey too bad Jake is missing his show,” Chance grinned, turning it to the  station showing the Late Night with David Litterbin show.

“Whoa! He looks like David Letterman! Now this is freaky!” Raph said,  sitting closer towards the television, seeing how similar the SWAT Kats’  world was to his.

It took Donatello only about twenty minutes to rewire the communicator to  match his frequency on his turtlecom. “This is Donatello calling! Come in,  turtles! Come in!”

Michelangelo reached into the oven to get out the pizza he was making, but  suddenly Leonardo ran into the room. “Michelangelo!!”

Being frightened from Leo’s sudden shout, Mike raised up quickly from being  startled, hitting his head hard on the oven. “Oww!!” He got up, rubbing his  sore head. “Watch it bro!”

“Donatello is calling!,” Leonardo announced as he ran to where Mike was,  taking out his communicator. “Leonardo here. Hey Donnie!”

“Hey guys! Just wanted you to know that Raphael and I are here safely with  the SWAT Kats,” replied Donatello.

“That’s good! We were so worried for you, dude! Hey how long are you  staying there?” Mike asked next, still rubbing his head, feeling a knot to  form from the impact.

“Actually we are leaving tomorrow,” Donatello replied with slight sadness  in his voice, he kept thinking of how angry Felicia was with Jake.

“What? Are you sure, Donatello?” Leonardo asked, holding the communicator  tighter in his hands. At first, Donatello was all excited on going and now  he was just about anxious to leave. “Is Raphael not enjoying it?”

“Probably. The dude can’t live without his House of Ha-Ha,” Michelangelo  commented.

“No, no. He’s fine. But anyways, set the portal in the morning for  automatic opening around 5pm. I’ll contact you if anything changes.  Donatello out,” he quickly said and turned off the communicator before his  brothers could reply. He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. He knew if  he stood there talking to them, they would have tried to talk him out of  leaving so early.

Leo sighed and put the communicator back in his belt. “I don’t like this.”

“Me neither. I thought Donatello was so up into seeing his dudette,”  Michelangelo commented as he reached in to retrieve his pizza from the  stove.

“I just hope he gets better about this mess or there will be no living with  him,” Leonardo sighed as he walked out of the kitchen.

Donatello walked back upstairs, seeing Raphael sitting on the couch by  himself. “Hey, they said we could sleep down here tonight while Felicia  sleeps with Jake,” Raph said as he leaned back against the couch. “Did you  contact the others?”

“Yeah, I told them we were coming home tomorrow around five,” Donatello  replied as he glumly sat down in the chair beside the couch.

“What?!,” Raph shouted almost, sitting up quickly.

“Shh, keep it down,” Donatello snapped as he looked up the stairs, hoping  that no one heard him.

“Have you told them yet?,” Raph whispered.

“Not yet but I’m going to tell Felicia tomorrow. I am ruining things for  her here. I should have never came here,” he said sadly as he leaned back in  the chair.

“Hey I warned you, Donatello. But no don’t ever listen to Raphael,” Raph  replied as he lay down on the couch, yawning tiredly.

That morning around eleven, Raph was sitting on the couch again flipping  through the channels till he finally found a stand up comedy program. “Ha!  Now that’s more like it!,” he exclaimed, grinning big as he leaned back some  against the couch. “I could get use to this place.”

Donatello couldn’t help but smile a little at Raphael watching the  television set, it almost reminded him of home. He heard Jake and Chance  working loudly in the garage as they were trying to put a set of new tires  on a vehicle. “Man, I can’t wait till they leave so I can actually hear the  television!” Raphael commented, groaning a little as he turned up the  volume on the TV.

“Raph! This isn’t your place!” Donatello snapped angrily then he looked at  his brother with curiosity. “What do you mean they are going out?”

“Oh, Jake mentioned that he and Chance had a call to go to. Some lady broke  down and they told her that they would be there in about thirty minutes or  something,” Raphael said, starting to channel surf again.

Don got up and looked up at the stairs, knowing Felicia was upstairs  probably getting dressed. “Well I better go upstairs and tell her that we  are leaving this afternoon,” he said as he walked up the steps.

“I wouldn’t do that if I was you,” Raph grinned.

Felicia was upstairs in Jake’s room, staring at the mirror as she brushed  her hair out. She had on a pair of jeans and a long sleeved pink top. She  heard the door opened and turned quickly to see who it was, suspecting it  was Jake. “Jake, I told you..” But then she saw it was Donatello and she  just froze, standing there at the mirror about ten feet away from him.

Donatello looked at her, breathing a little harder, his heart pounding  rapidly; he closed the door. “I have come to say goodbye. Raphael and I are  leaving today around five,” he said softly.

Felicia’s eyes went wide when she heard him say that, she felt a strong  urge of longing for him but she tried to push it away. Her heart started to  pound hard in her chest also, she bit her lip a little.

“I realized that I couldn’t be here with you. You have too much going for  you, and you’re so lucky to be where you are. I can’t take it away from you.”

Felicia nodded sadly and looked at him, tears were starting to fill her  eyes. “And when should I expect to see you again?”

Donatello sighed, this seemed to be harder than he realized. “I don’t think  I’ll be coming back.”

“Never?” she replied quickly, breathing harder, bawling her hands into  fists trying to make herself relax.

Donatello shook his head. “Tell the SWAT Kats that I really enjoyed meeting  with them and seeing your dimension.” He smiled a little and then turned to  walk back out of the room.

Felicia couldn’t stand it anymore! If she let him walk out of the door then  that would be it and she couldn’t let him leave her!


He turned around and looked at her, she was breathing hard, tears were  starting to come out of her eyes. “Yes, Licia?”

“I still owe you that kiss from the World Trade Center,” she said, looking  at him pleadingly.

He looked at her, with a look of confusion. For he knew for certain that he  must have mistaken on what she said.

“I’m telling you to kiss me,” she said again.  Starting to cry a little, she  stepped forward.

At that moment, he knew it wasn’t a mistake! How badly he wanted to kiss  her.  He walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her pulling her close  to him and then they kissed. Let their emotions guide them as they kissed  each other passionately.  Tears streamed from their eyes. Felicia wrapped her  arms around his neck to keep him close as they embraced.

Jake opened the door to tell Felicia that he was about to leave for that  call but to his horror he saw her in the arms of Donatello and they were  kissing! Both Donatello and Felicia heard the door open and they broke the  kiss and looked at each other and then at the door seeing Jake staring at  them with a look of distraught upon his face. Jake could almost feel his  heart breaking at that entire moment, he gripped the door handle, breathing  hard trying to grasp the situation. He then looked back up at them with fire  in his eyes.

“Uh-oh,” Donatello muttered as he stepped away from Felicia, he had no clue  on what to do.

“Jake..,” Felicia said softly as her voice broke up, tears formed in her  eyes, she knew how deeply she hurt Jake and she didn’t know what to do  either.

“I can’t believe this…,” Jake said looking at Felicia with deep pain in  his eyes, as he walked towards them slowly, he looked over at Donatello  angrily. “Why did you do this to me?!!” Before Donatello could react, Jake  punched him really hard in the face catching him off guard, making him fall  down on the ground. Felicia let out a cry seeing Donatello fall down in  pain.

“Jake! Don’t!” she yelled out, in fear for Donatello but yet didn’t know  what to do. She loved Jake and she didn’t want to attack him.

Donatello slowly started to get up, his head throbbing in pain from the  punch. Jake stared down at him, his chest heaving from breathing hard, his  hands bawled up into fists. “I should have seen it coming! You tried to take  her away from me at first but you failed and then you came back to get her  again! You mega-low mutant freak!”

Felicia’s eyes went wide seeing the dangerous amount of anger in Jake  Clawson. “Jake, please! Calm down!!” she screamed.

That was it! The number one thing that Donatello hated was when people  struck him down because he was a mutant. He got up quickly and looked at Jake  with anger in his eyes as well. “Mutant freak am I?!”

“Don, don’t!” Felicia yelled, getting angry now for this whole entire  commotion.

“You think you are going to hurt me again? Try it, you wimp!” Don growled  through his clenched teeth, putting up his fists.

“Fine!” Jake replied as he extended his claws and jumped at Donatello.  Donatello fell onto his back and grabbed Jake’s wrists to keep him from  scratching, both of them squirming trying to break free to attack. Donatello  rolled on top of Jake, holding him down still with his hands but Jake kicked  him swiftly in the underside of his shell hard making him fly off of Jake  into the wall. The wall cracked slightly from the hard impart of his shell.  He slid down, sitting down some, rubbing his head which throbbed immensely  now from the punch and the wall. Jake growled and ran towards him, kicking  him again hard in the shell. Donatello grabbed Jake’s foot and slung him  towards the right hard making him hit the floor hard beside him.

“That’s it! No more Mister Nice Turtle!” Donatello growled as he retrieved  his bo staff from the backside of his belt, holding it tightly with his  hands.

“STOP IT!” Felicia screamed at them, couldn’t stand for both of them to be  in pain and she couldn’t do anything to stop it because if she stopped one  then the other would think she liked him better.

Raphael heard Felicia scream and then heard a loud thud coming upstairs.  “What the heck is that?” He looked over at Chance who had the same worried  look on his face.

“Let’s check it out,” Chance replied, getting worried himself as he got up  from the couch and ran quickly up the stairs to Jake’s bedroom.

To Raph’s and Chance’s horror there in the bedroom was Jake lying on his  back, coughing as Donatello was on top of him, pressing his bo staff against  Jake’s neck hard almost strangling him. Felicia stood there in horror with  tears streaming down her face.

“Oh great,” Raphael mumbled, almost knowing for sure what was happening.

“What the heck are you guys doing?!” Chance yelled as he ran over pulling  Donatello off of Jake. Raphael joined him and wrapped his arms tightly  around Don’s waist to keep him from moving as Chance helped Jake up and held  him a little. Fire sparked in their eyes as Don and Jake looked at each  other, squirming from their restraints, wanting to attack again.

“Jake! What’s gotten into you?!” Chance yelled. “Calm down!”

“He’s taking Felicia from me!” Jake yelled back as he jerked away from  Chance and then just stood there trying to make himself calm down.

Chance looked at Raphael, shocked, then over to Felicia.

“Felicia? What’s going on?” Chance asked her, his voice getting softer  now.  She looked at the others and then walked swiftly out of the room,  storming quickly down the steps.

All of them in the room heard Felicia revving her motorcycle outside till  she sped away from the garage.

Jake sighed hard and yelled, “KRUD!!!” Tears formed in his eyes as he started  to break down right there, crying hard.

Raph sighed and stood in front of Donatello with a look of anger and  disappointment. “What’s gotten into you Donatello? I can’t believe you did  this!”

“Me? He started it!” Don snapped back, looking over at Jake angrily, now  afraid that even he now had lost Felicia since she ran off.

“Well I don’t blame him,” Raph chuckled a little in spite of his brother.  “You have been acting like a spoiled brat lately with all of this selfishness and  you needed to get smacked!”

“What?! Wait a minute, Raphael! I am not a spoil brat and you don’t know  what I have been going through. So don’t even start with me,” Don growled  back at his brother as he shoved him slightly to get him away.

But this started the flame between Donatello and his brother for Raphael  hated to be shoved. “Whoa, now hey now Mr. Brainac. Don’t take this out on  me. You’re the one who is getting an attitude lately.” He shoved Donatello  hard back some in retaliation.

Donatello looked at Raphael becoming angry. “Don’t do it, Raphael…,” he  warned, his voice becoming lower.

“Or what?” Raphael looked back. “You want to go at it, brother?” Balling  his hands up into fists.

Jake sighed and looked at Chance hearing the two turtles now arguing. He  knew that this wouldn’t definitely help the situation at all.

“Hey guys! Just wait! Right now, our main concern should be to look for Licia.  Okay? We’ll talk about all of this later,” he said as he stepped forward and  Chance did too. Jake then turned around to look at his partner. “Look, I am  going out to find Licia. Right now this isn’t the time for her to be out  like this.” He turned and walked down the steps heading towards the hangar.

Don’s eyes watched Jake walk down towards the hangar and then started to  walk out of the bedroom door himself. “I need to go find Felicia too.”

Raph quickly grabbed his arm. “Hey! This isn’t a place where you can walk  around normally yourself, Donatello. We don’t need you to be captured again  because maybe next time we won’t be able to save you.”

“I’m the one who started this mess and I’m the one who has to fix it!” Don  said determinedly as he jerked his arm away from Raph and continued to walk  down the flight of stairs.

Raph looked over at Chance, “Would you like to adopt a brother?”

Chance grinned at him and shook his head.

Raph sunk down in the couch, covering his eyes with his hands as he heard  Chance laugh hard from his favorite show Scaredy Kat.

“This show cracks me up!” Chance proclaimed as he wiped the tears from his  eyes from laughing so hard.

His turtle companion just glanced up at the clock with a disgusted look on  his face. It was around one that afternoon which meant that Razor and Don  had been gone for nearly two hours that day with no contact! The marathon of  Chance’s show was not helping since Raphael found the show to be meaningless  and boring.

“What’s keeping, Donatello? Why should I have all of the fun?”  Raphael muttered under his breath.  To make matters worse, he had less than  four hours to find his brother as well because all he needed was to return  back to New York empty handed.  He stood up quickly, sighing hard as he knew  that he would have go out and find Donatello again in this city!

“Hey, where are you going?” Chance asked as he looked up from the  television.

“I need to go out and find Donnie because if I don’t then I am going to be  up to my shell in trouble. But when I find him, he will be up to his shell  in trouble,” Raph said as he started to walk out of the garage.

“Raph, wait!” Chance said as he stood up quickly and walked over to him.  Out of his pocket he took a small triangle shape communicator. “If something  does happen you can use this to contact us.”

Raphael nodded his head as he took the communicator from Chance. “Also  contact me if he comes back here.” With that, he ran out of the garage  towards the city.

Razor groaned as he started to make his way back to the hangar. No single  trace of Felicia what so ever and he almost had three run-ins with the  enforcers. His ears were drooping as he thought about what he had witnessed  earlier. How could she do that to him? Then he thought about what could have  happened while she was away in his dimension. Thoughts flowed through this  mind about the possibilities about everything he was thinking about.

“I bet he planned this,” he growled through his teeth as he took a back road  to the garage so that way he wouldn’t be followed. “I won’t lose you, Felicia. No  turtle is going to take you away from me!” Then the image of Don and Felicia  kissing came into his mind again. “Damnit!” He increased the thrusters on  the bike as he hurried to get home.

Another close call! Don sighed as he hid behind a wall that led into an  alley. It was too hard for him to find Felicia; there were enforcers  everywhere! Luckily no one was able to spot him yet but then again, he  wasn’t able to spot Felicia yet. He had no clue on where everything in this  city was.

“Come on, Donatello. You have to think. Where exactly would Felicia go?” Don  asked himself as he scratched his chin a little but then he caught a glimpse of  something. He stepped a little over to the right and looked straight up and there  in front of him stood the MegaKat Trade Towers! “I am about to be brilliant again.”  He smiled as he looked around and quickly dashed over to the back of one of the  trade centers. Pretending it was New York; he went up the same tower that he and  Felicia went on earlier and the exact same floor.

To his amazement, Felicia was exactly where he thought she would be. She was  standing near the window, her back to him, with her hand pressed against the glass  looking out into the window.

“Felicia…you okay?”

She turned around quickly with a surprised look upon her face. Her eyes  were red from the huge amounts of tears that she shed. Donatello sighed,  knowing that he hurt her tremendously and he had no clue on how to fix the  situation. “Donatello, please leave me…”

“Listen, I am sorry. I should have never came back here and it was foolish  of me. I wish that there were some equation that I could figure out on how  to reverse this mess but love is not some math problem and that’s why I am  failing at it. Look, I just want you to forget about me, Felicia and live  your life like you never met me. Okay?” he looked at her as he approached  her slowly; the tears on her face made him want to shed some as well as he  felt his eyes begin to fill with them.

“It’s not that simple, Donatello!” Felicia yelled in frustration.  “Everything in this city will remind me of you: Razor, the skyscrapers, even  these towers.”

Don closed his eyes when she mentioned the twin towers, images of what happened  months ago flashed into his mind and he quickly pushed them away.

“Anymore, my life here in this world has been so gloomy. I lost my parents and  my best friend plus everyone is after me for something. I just want to go back with  you, Donnie.”

“No you don’t,” Don replied sternly as he looked straight into her eyes,  grabbing her hand and holding it tightly. “Live down in the sewers like some  caged animal not able to go out and live life the way you would like to.  Scientists always after you because you are a freak to them. No, Felicia,  you don’t want to go back to New York City with me. You belong here with  Razor like I belong back there with my brothers. You have something going  for you, probably get married and have kittens.” As Donatello said this, he  was beginning that what he was saying was the exact same thing that Splinter  tried to tell him earlier.

Felicia could help but blush and giggle when Donatello said which she was  actually thankful that he said because it made her smile. “Yah, I guess  you’re right.” She sighed and then looked back out at the city. “Did they  ever find out what happened that day in New York?”

Donatello sighed as he shook his head sadly. “Not really but they have a  suspect in mind. Some terrorist group with their leader called Bin Laden I  think. That was a horrible day. All of those people… they don’t know for  sure how many died but they know it is in the thousands rank.”

Felicia closed her eyes and thought about the dream she had earlier  regarding on what happened on September 11, 2001 and how Donatello had  perished. Pushing it out of her mind, she reached for Don’s hand and  squeezed it tightly. “Maybe I should go back to the garage…Jake’s probably  worried about me.”

Donatello nodded as he followed her, “Yeah and Raphael is going to kill  me.”

“Boy am I going to kill, Donatello!” Raphael muttered as he walked down  the alleys of MegaKat, peeking around corners for any signs of the SWAT  Kats, Donatello or Felicia. “This is the last time we let him have a  girlfriend.” He walked down the alley but came to a dead end. “Great…this  keeps getting better and better.”

He turned around to head back but in front of him stood a eight-foot tall  green, slimy, fungus creature with tentacles.

“Um hi.”

The fungus creature started to approach him, growling.  It lashed out its  tentacles at Raph, trying to capture him.

“Down boy!,” Raph shouted as he stabbed one of the tentacles with his sai,  making the creature cry out in pain.

Suddenly out of nowhere, Raph was struck on the shell hard making him fall  to the ground. He looked up and behind him and saw a four-foot creature that  appeared to be half cat and half snake, wearing a white lab coat.

“How dare you hurt my preciousssss..,” the creature hissed through his teeth  as he approached Raph with a menacing look on his face.

Raph jumped up and faced him, holding his sais in a defensive position.

“Okay, ugly. Who the heck are you?”

“The name’ssss Dr. Viper and you are coming with me. You look like  interesting test subject for my newest experiment,” he gleamed.

“Ha! You must be joking,” Raph grinned as he twirled his sai a little  sarcastically.

The fungus creature wrapped his tentacle around Raph’s waist tightly,  pulling him to him quickly making Raph drop his sais and his communicator  that T-Bone got him on the ground from the force.

“Well okay, I guess I’ll come with you,” Raph said glumly.

Viper walked over to a manhole and lifted the cover off. “Take the prisoner  with us,” he commanded his fungus creature as he jumped down into the sewer.

Raph’s eyes went wide. “Great, still can’t get away from the rotten sewers.  Maybe if I type my heels together and chant the words ‘There’s no place like  home’, I’ll wake up and this will all be just a dream.” He let out a cry as  the fungus creature followed Viper carrying Raph with him.

About fifteen minutes later from leaving the MegaKat Trade Towers,  Donatello and Felicia reached the garage.

When Jake looked up and saw both of them walking in, his ears drooped and  looked away.

“I found her,” Donatello said softly, not knowing on what to do since Jake  was probably really ticked off at him.

Jake sighed out really loud and hard and then got up from the couch and  walked up the stairs towards his bedroom.

Felicia’s eyes went wide as she saw Jake’s reaction.  She looked over at  Donatello with a state of shock and then followed quickly after Jake. She knew that  this was her time to talk to Jake about this entire mess.

Donatello shook his head and approached Chance on the couch, nervously. He  had no clue whether if Chance would attack him or not and Chance sensed this.

“Don’t worry, I am not going to bite your head off,” Chance smiled at Donatello  which gave him some relief.

The garage was too quiet and to Donatello that meant that Raphael wasn’t  there. “Where’s Raph?”

“He went out looking for you about ten minutes after you left,” Chance said  as he flipped through some channels on the television.

“He’ll probably come back in a bit and start giving me heck about it,” Don  groaned as he sat there on the couch, leaning up a bit, looking down at the  ground. His mind clouded on this entire mess, he was wondering on what was  going to happen between Felicia and Jake because of him.

Felicia gently tapped on Jake’s bedroom door, her heart pounding. “Come  in,” came Jake’s reply. She slowly opened the door and walked in. Jake was  standing at the far end of his room, looking out the window with his back to  her.

Felicia walked in a little closer to him only about five feet away.  “Jake…”

“I’m going to ask you not to lie to me,” Jake replied, his voice so sharp  and so soft.  It sounded so much not like him that it scared her. His hands  were at his sides with his hands bawled up into fists and slowly contracted  his fists. “When you were gone to his world for those two weeks were you  with him?”

“No, Jake,” Felicia said sadly, wanting to go up to him but for some reason  it felt like there was a barrier between him and her. The barrier was called  trust and she knew that he felt like he couldn’t trust her at the moment.

“Do you love him?” Jake said as he turned around slowly and looked at her,  there was so much pain in his eyes that she couldn’t bare to look into them.

“I-I don’t know..,” she replied softly, her voice breaking up as she  started to cry again. Jake sighed as he rubbed his head with his hand and  walked over towards the wall. “I gave Donatello one kiss where I have kissed  you lots of times, Jake. You know how much I care for you.” She looked at  him, frustrated with the whole event.

Jake’s anger couldn’t let him chuckle a little in disbelief as he walked up  to her. “Oh really? Then look on me as you looked on him!” He looked at her  sternly with such sharp anger.

Felicia’s eyes went wide and her mouth gaped open for she knew deep down that  she couldn’t do it.

He sighed and walked over to his bed and sighed, cupping his face with his paws  as he sat there.

“Jake, you know I want you. I don’t know why this happened but I want to be  with you. He’s leaving soon anyways.” She walked up to where her love sat  sadly.

Jake sighed as he took his paws off of his face and looked down at the  ground, closing his eyes. “You just want me back because he’s leaving you.”

Felicia shook her head and sat down beside him. “No, I wanted him to leave  as always because I want to be with you, Jake. Please, I love you…forgive  me,” she persisted as she wrapped her hands around his arm. “Please, Jake…”

Jake sighed softly and couldn’t help but let tears roll down his cheeks.

“Licia, no matter what. You know I’ll forgive you because I love you too..”  he said as he leaned over and softly caressed her face with his paw. She  gently took that hand and kissed it softly as she looked deep into his eyes  with tears too.

He shook his head and smiled softly as he leaned in and kissed her lips  gently.

Donatello sighed, he was even more worried now at the moment that Raphael  still hadn’t returned only if it had only been ten minutes since he had  gotten back himself.  “Something’s wrong,” he said softly to himself as he  looked over at the wall and his face almost turned white! He had less than a  hour before the portal was going to open and he was missing his brother!  “Chance, we have to find him or my brothers are going to kill me if I return  home with one missing.”

Chance nodded, even he knew something wasn’t right. “Right. Go down to the  hangar and wait for us. I’ll go upstairs and get Jake and Felicia.”

About five minutes later the TurboKat was off in the air with the SWAT  Kats. Ricochet and Donatello were riding in the cargo bay.

“Razor, I gave Raphael one of our communicators, maybe you can trace his  location with that,” T-Bone said as he looked around to make sure that there  were any enforcer chopper units in the sky.

“Excellent idea, T-Bone. Tracing on his location right now,” Razor said as  he pressed a button on console. A small blip appeared on his radar screen.  “Bingo! I found him! T-Bone break thirty degrees south.”

“Roger! Banking hard!” T-Bone replied, as he broke hard. When he did  Ricochet in the cargo bay kind of fell against Donatello, she smiled at him  nervously and got back off, not saying a word to him.

T-Bone put the TurboKat in Vertical Landing Mode as placed the TurboKat on  the roof one of the building to near the alley where Razor traced the  communicator.  He then helped Donatello and Ricochet get out of the cargo  bay. “Okay I traced it down there in that alley,” Razor said as he pushed a  few buttons on his glov-a-trix and then walked down the stairwell on the  side of the building down to the alley with the rest of the group following  him.

Donatello didn’t like what he saw, in front of him on the ground were  Raphael’s sais and some green glob located near them. He looked confused on  what he was seeing. Razor bent down and picked up the communicator and also  saw the green glob but he had seen it before and knew exactly where it came  from. He looked over at T-Bone with a worried look on his face. Even T-Bone  knew what had happened.

Ricochet saw the looks on the SWAT Kats’ faces. “Razor, what is it?”

“I think Viper got him,” Razor said as he touched the green slime gently  and then wiped it away. “And judging by the location of it, he went through  the sewers to get away. Probably going back to his hideout at MegaKat  Swamp.”

“Oh great,” Donatello muttered. “We probably have less than thirty minutes  to get him back.”

“Don’t worry. Let’s go pay Dr. Viper a visit,” T-Bone smiled as he put on  his glov-a-trix. He walked over to the manhole and picked up the cover and  tossed it aside.

Their ears perked when they heard the wailing sound of enforcer sirens  approaching the alley. “This is Commander Feral! Stay where you are SWAT  Kats! We have you surrounded,” came a voice at the end of the alley through  a megaphone.

“Uh-Oh,” Donatello gasped as his eyes went wide.

“Quick! Everyone in the sewer!” Razor shouted as he jumped down with  Ricochet following then Donatello.

Feral quickly ran over to the manhole but saw no trace of the SWAT Kats or  the turtle. “Great! We lost them.”

“That’s too bad,” Steele replied. “And I just washed my shoes.”

“Shut up, Steele,” Feral growled as he pushed him down. He walked back to  his cruiser, fuming.

Donatello didn’t like what he saw when they came out of the pipe tunnel  that lead into the MegaKat Swamp. It looked like a whole different world to  him. The atmosphere was so hot and muggy, and it seemed to be darker there.  There were a lot of frogs and bugs hollering and some other creatures that  Don didn’t even want to know what they were. In the middle of the swamp was  a huge tree! The biggest that he had ever seen! It was clearly big as a  building and he had the assumption that this was where Dr. Viper stayed. The  SWAT Kats lead him and Ricochet towards Viper’s hideout.

“Yuck! I hope that I don’t get any bug bites,” Donatello complained as  he trotted through the swampy water, feeling things slithering around his  feet. “So um, whoa..um what do we do once we get inside?”

“Well I am thinking right now. Actually T-Bone and I have never done this  before,” Razor replied as he turned and smiled at Donatello which made him  feel uneasy.

“That lizard mega low probably has the place surrounded with his plant  mutants,” T-Bone commented as he peered inside.

“Yah I already had a run in with them one time, T-Bone. Trust me. It’s not  pleasant,” Razor said as he looked inside the window that T-Bone was looking  into. Remembering about the time when he had to save Callie from MegaKat  Tower when Dr. Viper tried to take it over with an enormous spore pod.

Ricochet and Donatello looked at each other glumly.

“Well any ideas, sureshot?” asked T-Bone as he looked over at his partner  with a frown on his face as well. They really couldn’t see what all was  inside since the windows were very dirty and clouded with grime.

“We are probably going to have to do this attack in waves if we are to  rescue Raphael,” Razor stated as he took his attention away from the window   to face the group.  “T-Bone, you and I will go in first. Then Ricochet, you  and Donatello follow a few minutes after so that way we can get the drop on  Viper. We won’t expect Rico and another turtle so this should work,” Razor  said looking over at Donatello still with a look of distrust. Thinking to  himself that all he needed was Donatello to come on to Rico again when he was  gone and mess this up.

Donatello noticed the look on Razor’s face and it kind of offended him. “Hey  don’t worry about Ricochet. I am not going to do anything!”

Not wanting to see another heated battle between the two, T-Bone quickly  grabbed Razor’s arm. “Come on, buddy. Let’s go.”

Razor followed T-Bone.

Donatello sighed sadly and looked at Ricochet.

Raph squirmed against his restraints in Dr. Viper’s lab. He was lying down  on a table with his hands and legs buckled down to the table by metal  clasps. But he didn’t like the look of the place at all. Fungus and vines  grew all over and it was so dark that he felt like in some horror movie. The  sound of chemicals bubbling didn’t make him feel any better one bit.

“Hey lizard breath! What are you doing over there?,” Raph shouted as he looked  up a little seeing Dr. Viper at a counter with his back to him.

“Patience my good reptile friend. I am simply mixing the right katalystssss  together to make you my new helper,” Viper grinned evilly at Raph as he  settled the bottle down on the counter.

“Forget it, Snake puss! I’ll never join you!” Raph retaliated.

“I don’t think you will have much of a choice. These chemicals will make  you more stronger, bigger and viciousss. Plus you will be loyal to me,” Viper  laughed holding the vile of mutagen in his hands.

“I have to remind myself to give Donatello a stern talking to if I survive  this,” Raph said with a scared look on his face.

The SWAT Kats were on the floor above the lab looking down from the  banister.

“You got a clear shot, buddy?” T-Bone said softly over at Razor  who was aiming his glov-a-trix at Viper.

“Roger! The target is locked…deploy!” he shouted as he shout a missile.

The tiny missile hit the vile of mutagen out of Viper’s hands and onto the  floor.

“What?! Nooooo!!!” Viper screamed in horror.  He looked up at where the  shot came from and saw the SWAT Kats standing there grinning at him. “You  will pay for this!! Seize them my plant-animals!”

Four yellow looking blobs started to fly up towards where the SWAT Kats  stood. They were about two feet in length and one foot wide. They had no  eyes but only huge mouths with sharp teeth and were able to shoot acid. They  growled viciously as they flew.

“We got company, T-Bone,” Razor said, his eyes went wide.

Both of them knew that if the acid got on them, it could cause some  serious damage.

“Great, those dumb flying cabbages from last time!” T-Bone grumbled.  “Activate our shields. We might need them.”

They pushed a button on their glov-a-trixes and out popped metal circular  shield connected to their arm devices.

“Incoming!” Razor shouted, as his eyes went wide. He ducked and held the  shield over his head. T-Bone followed suit just in time as the acid hit  their shields, but it was melting them some!

“I don’t like where this is going!” T-Bone shouted over at his partner.

Donatello looked over at Rico’s watch that she had on. “Oh no! We have only  have five minutes before the portal will be generated to bring us back! I  have to go in now!” Don shouted as he got up and ran in the direction that  T-Bone and Razor went in.  Ricochet followed him.

Viper laughed as he watched the SWAT Kats on their backs with their shields  over their faces trying to protect them from the acid. The flying  plant-animals hovered over the SWAT Kats like bees trying to shoot them at  any direction.

“No use in squirming, SWAT Kats. Sooner or later you won’t have those shields  to protect you.”

“But worry about yourself, Dr. Viper!” Ricochet screamed as she kicked him  hard from the back making him fall down.

Donatello ran over to where Raphael was to unbuckle his metal restraints.  “Bout time you got here,” Raphael smiled as he got up from the table.

“No time to thank me,” Don said as he took out his bo. “Now let’s help  them.”

“Right,” Raph said as he took his sais out from his belt.

“TURTLE POWER!!” both of them screamed as they used their grappling hooks  to get to the higher level where T-Bone and Razor was. Once they got there,  one of the creatures turned its sights on Raphael. It growled out as it flew  at Raphael head on.

“Get out of my face!” Raph shouted and kicked the creature hard making it  hit the wall and slide down unconscious.

“Four!” Don shouted as he hit two of the creatures with his bo into the  wall hard.

“Bingo! Two for one!” Razor smiled as he got up from and quickly hit the  last creature with his shield hard into the wall.

“Now do you trust me?” Donatello asked and looked over at Razor.

Razor nodded his hand put out his hand, which Donatello shook.

Suddenly their Ricochet cry for help, all of them rushed to the banister  and saw Viper on top of Ricochet, strangling her neck. “You miserable  she-kat! They killed my babiessss!!” he screamed in rage.

“Rico!!!” Razor shouted.

“I’ll get her!” Donatello said as he took out his grappling hook and threw  it down towards a table leg to make it hook upon.

Suddenly there was a blue flash and a portal appeared. Viper looked over at  the portal in fright, not knowing what it is but still keeping his hands on  her neck. Ricochet’s eyes went wide, knowing that this was it. Donatello had  to go.

“Our ride’s here, Donnie!” Raph shouted and pointed to the portal.

Donatello’s eyes went wide when he saw the portal as well. It couldn’t be!  Too him it was too soon! He didn’t have the chance to help Felicia bye and  also tell her how much he really loved her. He looked at the portal and then  back at Ricochet.


“We have to go now!” Raph said as he tugged on Don’s arm.

“Don’t worry. I’ll save her! You have to go home okay?” Razor said looking  at him. At first Donatello was a little too skeptical. What if Razor just  wanted him to leave so he could have Felicia to himself? “Do you trust me?”  Razor put out his hand.

Donatello smiled, seeing that Razor liked him as friend. “Yeah.” He shook  his hand. He followed Raph down to the bottom level where the portal was.

“Let’s get Viper!” Razor said with a grin as he adjusted his glov-a-trix  some.

“Roger! Rock ‘n’ roll!” T-Bone shouted as he and his partner jumped down  to the bottom level to get Viper.

Donatello and Raphael went through the portal and then vanished.

The cool air of the night blew against his body, as Donatello stood at  Ground Zero of the World Trade Center with his trench coat and hat on. Even  though he didn’t really lose anybody that day, he felt like he lost Felicia  forever like he lost the Towers forever. Tears slowly slid down his face  moistening his skin. He had told his brothers that night that he wanted to  be alone and they respected him for it. He shoved his hands in his pocket  and shivered a little from the December weather.

“I guess this is goodbye, Felicia…I wish I got the chance to tell you how  much I really felt about you. But I know this must be best for both of us. I  hope you have a happy life,” he said softly to himself, his voice breaking up  some. “I-I just wish I had some sign to let me know that everything was going to  be okay..”

He closed his eyes softly and stood there. He re-opened them when he heard  talking in head of him. There were some firefighters placing the American  flag on the antenna of the North Tower of the World Trade Center that had  collapsed. Donatello couldn’t help but smile a little. He knew just like his  country that everything would be okay.

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