Original SWAT Kats Story

The End of the SWAT Kats?!

By Bill Hiers

  • 19 Chapters
  • 50,376 Words

Chapters 17 – 19 up! While the SWAT Kats are out battling Hard Drive, Burke and Murray make an interesting discovery… (Work In-Progress)

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Chapter 3


“Pretty swell action today, huh, buddy?” Razor asked as he removed his flight helmet as he and T-Bone hopped down to the floor from the Turbokat.

“Yeah, I never get tired of putting that techno-freak Hard Drive in his place,” T-Bone concurred, also removing his helmet.

He and Razor walked across the hangar to their lockers. They made it that far before Feral leaped out at them from his hiding spot behind the console over by the far wall.


The deep voice cut T-Bone to the bone as surely as if he’d been stabbed. Despite everything, he and Razor found themselves with Commander Feral of the Enforcers standing in their secret hangar, aiming a laser pistol at them.

T-Bone, in the midst of grabbing the rubber stamp to add another “kill” mark to their Wall of Fame, dropped the stamp to the floor. Razor’s jaw fell open and his helmet joined the stamp in hitting the floor. It rolled over Feral’s feet, and the Commander annoyedly kicked it away. A huge grin came over the big kat’s face.

“I should’ve known!” he said, triumph etched into every word. “You two screwups! You were the SWAT Kats all along! The same two irresponsible hotshots I kicked out of the Enforcers years ago!”

“We, uh, we don’t know what you’re talkin’ about, Feral!” Razor tried to bluff, grinning nervously.

Feral wasn’t buying it. “Against the wall,” he said. “Sergeant, come down here; I need your assistance in arresting two criminals!”

T-Bone acted without thinking. His helmet left his hands and flew across the room, hitting Feral’s arm. He fired reflexively, the laser blast punching a hole in one of the locker doors. Razor’s, T-Bone noted with some guilt. Even as Feral staggered back, T-Bone grabbed the surprised Razor’s sleeve and was dragging him to the ladder. Suddenly, he saw the descending feet of Sergeant Brady.

“Can’t go that way!” T-Bone said and whirled back towards the Turbokat.

“Whoa!” yelped Razor, who was pulled along with him. “T-Bone, wait a minute-!”

Feral grabbed his laser pistol and got up, firing off some warning shots above their heads. T-Bone again whirled and again poor Razor was jerked around with a small cry.

“Can’t go that way, either!”

Back to the ladder where T-Bone grabbed Sergeant Brady’s belt as he was halfway down and yanked, sending the husky Enforcer officer tumbling head over heels harmlessly to the floor. The Sergeant did a somersault and rolled into Feral, knocking them both down even as the SWAT Kats climbed up and into the garage.

Razor was trying to protest, but T-Bone wouldn’t let him. Ultimately, he decided that even if he talked his partner into thinking rationally, Feral wasn’t interested in their explanations. And, he had an itchy trigger finger. Especially now that T-Bone bowled another Enforcer right into the big lug. So, for the moment, Razor resolved to go along with whatever it was T-Bone was planning and sort things out later once they’d escaped and things had calmed down.

Apparently, T-Bone’s plan involved driving, but the tow truck was a no go. In the heat of the moment, the truck’s exit from the garage was blocked by the parked Enforcer sedan. The driver’s side door was open, and, checking it, they found no keys. T-Bone’s claws came out, and he shredded the plastic beneath the steering wheel, digging wires out. In a couple of moments, he had the Enforcer vehicle hotwired, the engine roaring.

Both SWAT Kats jumped in, and T-Bone gunned it backwards, fishtailing the cruiser around just as Feral and the Sergeant emerged from below and came running out of the garage, laser pistols out. They fired at the escaping Enforcer car as it sped off across the scrapyard, narrowly avoiding the shocked Burke and Murray. T-Bone spun the wheel to avoid running the brothers over and still the pair had to jump aside into a junkpile. The rear bumper clipped a rusty engine block and then the cruiser shot out onto the country road that ran alongside the yard.

“T-Bone, may I ask what exactly we’re doing?” Razor asked, hurriedly buckling in.

“Running, what’s it look like?” T-Bone neglected to buckle his own seatbelt, gripping the wheel so tightly his knuckles popped. A panic like he’d never felt gripped the burly kat.

“And, then what?” the smaller kat asked. “Feral knows who we really are, and it’s not like we can exactly go back and deep-six both him AND the Sarge!”

“Says who?” T-Bone asked. A glare from Razor banished that thankfully only half-serious thought from his mind. T-Bone was willing to do a lot of things for his own survival, but as much as he detested Commander Feral, murder wasn’t one of them. He drew the line at that. Still, he floored the pedal, with no other plan at the moment besides getting away.

“Anyway,” he said, “we don’t need to. We got a good head start on ’em, and we got their car, too.” He smirked.

The smirk was wiped from his face as a laser blast flew by, and in the sideview mirrors the two beheld the most unwelcome sight of their own tow truck following them. Brady was driving, Feral leaning out the passenger window, firing after them with his gun.

Razor shot T-Bone an annoyed look. “You left the keys in the ignition again, did you…?”

T-Bone offered a sheepish grin. “Uh, well, it’s not like that thing can catch up to us in this baby. I mean, these Enforcer cruisers may be rolling dynamite factories, but they sure can move. So, unless Feral finds the you-know-what in the tow truck, I doubt he’s gonna catch us anytime soon.”

Ahead, another cruiser sat parked on the roadside. In the driver’s seat, Officer Jablonsky sat aiming a radar gun at passing vehicles. To his annoyance, they were all well below the speed limit. Beside him, Officer Lyman, his partner, was prattling on about Lieutenant Feral, the Commander’s niece. Specifically, what type of underwear she wore.

“Bet it’s a thong,” Lyman said with a leer. His partner frowned and eyed him. “Come on, man! Tough she-kat like that’s GOT to wear black lace and be into black leather and stuff!”

“That’s the Commander’s niece you’re talking about,” Jablonsky warned him. “If he ever heard you talking about Lieutenant Feral that way, he’d strangle you. And, besides, anything he did to you would be merciful compared to what SHE would do if she found out.”

“I’m tellin’ ya, man, she digs me!” Lyman insisted.

Suddenly, they heard the roar of an approaching motor and saw a command sedan go flying past doing 100 according to Jablonsky’s radar gun.

“Yikes!” Jablonsky said. “That was the Commander’s car!” The tow truck flew past, and the two could clearly glimpse Commander Feral in the passenger seat. “But, that was the Commander! What’s going on?”

Dropping the radar gun, Jablonsky started the cruiser up and pulled onto the road, headed off after the other two vehicles, while Lyman got on the radio and called in to Enforcer Headquarters.

In the tow truck, Feral fired off a couple more shots at his own car and slid back inside. “Can’t this hunk of junk go any faster?” he roared. “They’re already pulling away from us! And, in our own car!”

“Sorry, sir!” Sergeant Brady said. “This is the vehicle’s maximum speed!”

“Blast it!” snarled Feral.

He angrily pounded the dashboard with his fist, and, suddenly, a control panel popped up into view, previously hidden. He and Brady examined this, and, after a moment, Brady pushed one at random, and, suddenly, the two Enforcers were thrown backwards into their seat cushions as the tow truck flew forwards, propelled by powerful rocket boosters.

This did not go unobserved by the escaping SWAT Kats, who braced themselves as the rocket-propelled tow truck flew up and rear-ended the Enforcer cruiser, crumpling the back end and knocking the already speeding car forward a ways.

“What the heck?” cried T-Bone. “Is Feral reading my mind or somethin’?”

“T-Bone, may I suggest we think this whole ‘escape’ thing through a little further…?” Razor said with a sigh.

As they neared the bridge which connected the little peninsula to Megakat City, the loud roar of rotor blades filled the air as three Enforcer choppers appeared overhead and began closing in. Glancing back, Razor could see the other cruiser in the distance behind the wildly speeding tow truck. Whipping his head around, he could see still more Enforcer vehicles setting up a roadblock at the bridge entrance. It quickly occurred to him that they weren’t going anywhere.

“T-Bone, we had a good run, but for the moment, we have to give ourselves up!” he told his partner.

T-Bone gritted his teeth in fury. But, he realized Razor was right. They were trapped. Short of driving into the bay, there was no way out. The Enforcers were winning by sheer numbers, boxing them in from in front and from behind. Finally, he squeezed his eyes shut and hit the brakes, spinning the wheel to the left suddenly. The Enforcer cruiser swung around sideways and skidded to a halt. Neither SWAT Kat resisted as the Enforcer commandos from the roadblock approached with laser rifles up and ordered their surrender.

As they were being hauled out of the car and put into handcuffs, the tow truck came flying up the road, out of control. Everyone turned and yelled in surprise. Sergeant Brady swung the wheel, and the truck narrowly avoided hitting the kats gathered in the road, flying off the road, ramping off a small hill and finally splashing down noisily into the bay. It sank rapidly. A moment later, Commander Feral and Sergeant Brady broke the surface.

Two commandos each were left to hold onto T-Bone and Razor; the others ran and waded into the water to assist their floundering Commander. They were joined by Jablonsky and Lyman when they arrived finally. The commandos helped Feral ashore; Jablonsky and Lyman got Brady. Both were soaking wet but unharmed.

“Are you all right, sir?” a commando asked.

“I’m fine,” Feral said. Dripping wet, but nonetheless grinning, he stalked up to the two handcuffed SWAT Kats. “In fact… I don’t think I’ve ever been better…”

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