Original SWAT Kats Story

The End of the SWAT Kats?!

By Bill Hiers

  • 19 Chapters
  • 50,376 Words

Chapters 17 – 19 up! While the SWAT Kats are out battling Hard Drive, Burke and Murray make an interesting discovery… (Work In-Progress)

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Chapter 10

Boarding the Fear Ship

“Been a long time since I’ve been in an Enforcer jet,” said T-Bone.

He and Razor were in the cockpit of one of the many two-seater Enforcer jets currently headed across Megakat Bay towards the approaching vessel from Anakata Island. In retrospect, he didn’t miss it much. The jet was underpowered and too small for his tastes. He’d much rather be flying the Turbokat, and he told Razor as much.

“We need the Turbokat for a distraction,” said Razor.

The Turbokat currently was in the lead with Feral flying. And it showed, thought T-Bone. Feral, used to the smaller Enforcer jets, was doing all right, but he was still flying pretty slowly. He wasn’t putting the jet to its full potential.

“Remember,” added Razor, “Dark Kat has to think it’s us in that thing.”

“Right, right,” said T-Bone, grumbling.

All at once, they heard Feral’s voice on the radio. “Approaching Dark Kat’s ship. Hope this plan of yours works, SWAT Kat!”

“Relax, Feral,” said Razor. “Now, I recommend we open up on that thing as soon as we’re in range. Without any parlay. I doubt Dark Kat would give us the same consideration, so I say we just let ‘im have it.”

“Just be careful,” said Feral. “Don’t hit anything vital. I don’t want to destroy that thing. Yet.”

“Don’t worry,” said T-Bone. “We aren’t gonna blow that thing with Lieutenant Feral aboard.”

“Right,” said Razor.

Their plan was simple. Put Dark Kat on his toes again by using the Turbokat to reveal they were alive again. And, while he was focused on the jet he thought contained them – when in fact it contained Commander Feral and Sergeant Brady – they, in an anonymous Enforcer jet, could slip in unnoticed and board Dark Kat’s ship. It had taken a lot to convince Mills to let them attempt this, but in the end he’d agreed. One last hurrah, as T-Bone had put it. They’d gotten their masks, jumpsuits and gear back and returned to the hangar under Enforcer escort and gotten the Turbokat, and been well under way in less than an hour.

As the squadron of jets approached the Fear Ship, the Turbokat, with Sergeant Brady in Razor’s place, fired the first volley of missiles, which hit the hull of the mammoth craft. Razor would’ve liked to have fired first, and indeed his finger itched, but he knew he had to control himself. As for T-Bone, Razor was amazed his partner hadn’t pushed the stick forwards and raced ahead of the other jets to attack recklessly head on yet. T-Bone’s self-control so far was amazing.

The other jets, including T-Bone and Razor’s, followed suit, and soon the Fear Ship was being pelted with laser fire. The bigger craft responded with artillery batteries and laser blasts of its own. The air was soon filled with explosions, flak and chunks of flying metal. In their lone, hopefully unnoticed jet, the SWAT Kats flew over the Fear Ship, towards the back.

As they flew past the Fear Ship, Razor observed from its sheer size and the amount of unmanned gun emplacements installed that Dark Kat put a lot of time and effort into this thing. It probably had enough firepower to destroy Megakat City all by itself, much less a few Enforcer jets. Even the Turbokat. Fortunately, their plan wasn’t to destroy it from the outside. Just to get in. And, while certainly no match for Dark Kat’s weapons, the Turbokat and the Enforcers were providing just the distraction the SWAT Kats needed.

During the battle, many Enforcer jets were destroyed. Razor had hoped the Enforcers would’ve backed off and retreated by now. They fought on relentlessly. Especially Feral. One laser blast nicked the Turbokat’s wing, sending it flying out of control, but Feral managed to regain control as the jet nosedived towards the ocean. Watching it swoop off, trailing smoke, T-Bone grumbled.

“Feral’s footin’ our repair bill,” he said. “That never would’ve happened without him flyin’.”

But, ultimately, the Enforcers’ bravery did not supersede their intelligence. Once the SWAT Kats were in the clear, and after the symbol of their defiance of Dark Kat, the Turbokat, was damaged and possibly almost destroyed, Feral gave the order for a retreat.

“Back to base. We’ll prepare citywide defenses in case you SWAT Kats are unsuccessful.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence, Feral,” said T-Bone.

“Just covering all my bases,” said Feral. “Megakat City comes first.”

“Right,” said Razor, “and don’t worry. Even if we can’t stop Dark Kat from inside that thing, we’ll definitely get Lieutenant Feral outta there. You’ve got my word on that.”

There was no response from Feral but a grunt. Razor supposed that was as close to a thank you as they’d get in the meantime. Suddenly, their world was thrown completely out of control. A lucky hit from one of the Fear Ship’s defense batteries struck the Enforcer jet’s tail, sending them into a spiral. Although T-Bone struggled, he couldn’t pull them out of the dive they were in.

“We’re goners unless we bail, buddy!” T-Bone said as he watched the ocean rushing up to meet them.

Even as they were seconds from death Razor found this ironic. If they were in the Turbokat, T-Bone would’ve stubbornly tried to rescue the plane. But, with them in an “expendable” Enforcer craft, he was, for once, the first to suggest bailing out. Fortunately, they’d always intended to do this. The canopy flew off and they ejected in their seats. The jet continued without them and became the latest addition to Megakat Bay’s undersea graveyard of wrecked planes.

The SWAT Kats began to plummet after it, but did not deploy their ejector seats’ chutes. Instead, they unbuckled themselves mid-fall and activated their jetpacks, which they’d been wearing for the entire ride and which had made the already cramped cockpit more uncomfortable. They immediately rocketed up through the air and headed off after the Fear Ship, which had passed over them during their descent.

As they caught up, T-Bone said, talking loudly above the wind, “I hope this works.”

“It should,” said Razor, also yelling. “We’re a lot smaller than any jet, so I doubt we’ll show up on their radar.”

“Unless Dark Kat is smart enough to program his computer to pick up anything as small as a bug. Then we’re screwed.”

“Well, we’ll know soon enough,” said Razor.

As they neared the rear of the ship, they felt the hot wind coming off the massive engines propelling it through the air. Razor led the way, having gotten a good look at the top of the thing as they’d flown over it, the pair zipping over the engines and over the top back portion. Disengaging their jetpacks, they thudded onto the hard metal. While it was certainly moving at impressive speed, the Fear Ship was considerably slower than a jet, allowing both vigilantes to stand atop it, the wind biting into them and making their jumpsuits and tails flap like flags, but not knock them down or even throw them off balance.

They approached a small utility hatch Razor had seen during their flyover a minute ago. He tried to turn the wheel to open it, grunting, but it seemed stuck. He was just about to employ the use of his Glovatrix when T-Bone tapped his shoulder. Razor looked at him.

“Allow me,” said T-Bone, giving a regal bow.

“Be my guest,” said Razor, stepping back.

Rubbing his hands together, T-Bone grabbed the wheel and turned it to no avail, then, blinking, tried it the opposite way. It gave and in seconds he’d spun it ’round and popped the hatch.

“Guess we were turnin’ it the wrong way,” he observed.

“After you,” said Razor.

“Brains before beauty,” said T-Bone.

“Real funny,” replied the shorter SWAT Kat, and he then leaped down into the open hatchway and into the great unknown, T-Bone jumping down after him.

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